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Wednesday, Jul 27, 2005

Pride/dse President, Nobuyuki Sakakibara,coming To Seattle!

From AMC Pankration:

Coming to Seattle!

PRIDE Rule Director and Official Trainer, MATT HUME, will be testing a new amateur format for PRIDE matches. Hume will be conducting these matches in cooperation with Charles Pearson and Aric Wiseman’s already successful AXE fighting event on July 30, 2005 at Edmonds Community College in Edmonds, Washington. The evening will be divided between the current UFCF rule matches and the new experimental PRIDE amateur rule matches. Dream Stage Entertainment / PRIDE President, NOBUYUKI SAKAKIBARA, and top PRIDE executives will be on hand to observe these matches and see first hand why the Pacific Northwest has consistently produced many great fighters over the years.

Line Up:

UFCF Pankration

  • Bryce Hamilton vs. Nick Cantrell UFCF Pankration
  • Derek Knox vs. Jeremiah Paterio UFCF Pankration
  • Haymon Song vs. Seth Marker UFCF Submission Wrestling

Experimental PRIDE Amateur rule matches:

  • Brian Porier vs. Dustin Nicolson PRIDE amateur rules
  • Jason Sampagna vs. Steve Skidds PRIDE amateur rules
  • Adam X vs. Brian Shaw PRIDE amateur rules
  • Chris Jensen vs. Kale Bradford PRIDE amateur rules
  • Jordon Schwedas vs. Franco Santiago PRIDE amateur rules
  • Jeremy Utz vs. Casey Fortin PRIDE amateur rules
  • Brady Grimnes vs. TBA UFCF Kickboxing
  • Wyatt Basham vs. Galen Bush PRIDE amateur rules
  • Jake Draves vs. Tyrone Glover PRIDE amateur rules
  • Ian Loveland vs. Paul Morris PRIDE amateur rules

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