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Wednesday, Oct 25, 2000

Promoter Byan Madden Passes Away At 42

From HOOKnSHOOT promoter Jeff Osborne:

Promoter Byan Madden Passes Away At 42

"I feel like this is the show…I got a lotta money wrapped up into this but it’s going to be worth it…I can’t wait", Bryan Madden said to me just last Thursday about his show on November 3, 2000.

Just weeks ago, Bryan Madden wrote an article on a dear MMA friend passing that made you really think about losing someone who’s not only a friend, but potentially a husband, wife, brother, sister or other family member.

It’s ironic that last night, that Bryan passed away at the age of 42 after being hospitalized with severe asthma. It was a reoccurring situation that Bryan had many times pulled out of in the past but this time, he didn’t make it.

Unfortunately, I can relate to this story as my wife (as some may know) has a serious form of asthma that has almost taken her life on several occasions. There is nothing more devastating to me than seeing her having an attack and thinking the worst. Leaving me and my three-year-old daughter alone is the most frightening thing I could ever think of. My prayers go out to Lee Ann.

It’s hard to put into words on what is going through my mind right now. Bryan had put on tremendous shows and would get little respect for his work.

His SFC (Submission Fighting Championship) set the standard for those in Illinois to follow including a lucrative deal with Budweiser that even I, admittedly, was jealous of. Sellout after sellout after sellout, Bryan had some incredible shows and would uncover tremendous talent along the way (Jermaine Andre, Steve Berger and a host of others) and no one hardly gave him press.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on his personal or private life but I do know Bryan worked extremely hard in getting his product and shows out there and his wife was always supportive and involved. He always treated me, my wife and friends incredibly.

The sad part of this whole thing is that she is faced with a "show must go on" situation and a ton of responsibility that goes with it.

We’re asking the fighters to please email RSF93@aol.com or HOOKnSHOOT@aol.com before counting this show out. I’m 100% positive that Bryan would want the show to happen (he was so proud of the Berger vs. Yves Edwards match) but Lee Ann will need time to sort things out and see where things stand.

At the present time, given Bryan’s preexisting medical condition, we believe that Bryan may have became uninsurable. We may need to call for a little help from everyone if this is the case. He has given the sport and his friends so much, it’s only fair that we give a little back.

Meanwhile, we should wish the best for Bryan and his family.
God bless.
Jeff Osborne

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