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Tuesday, Nov 13, 2001

Pse/usa/ifc Presents

From the event’s promoter:

Shogun logo

The Shogun card is finalized for December 15th 2001 at the Honolulu Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. There will be 12 matches, with 6 featuring Hawaiian fighters.

1) Main Event Fight (170-184.9lbs)

Egan Inoue

(Grappling Unlimited)
Dennis Hallman

(Victory Athletics)
2) World Featherweight TITLE (125-134.9 lbs)

Baret Yoshida

(Grappling Unlimited)
Caleb Mitchell

(Cesar Gracie)
3) Welterweight Contender Fight (155-169.9lbs)

"Shogun" Kawakatsu

(Pure Bred Omiya)
Robbie Lawler

(Militech Systems)
4) Heavyweight Fight (205-264.9lbs)

Andre "the Silencer" Walker

Wesley "Cabbage" Coreirra

(Grappling Unlimited)
5) Lightweight Fight (145-154.9lbs)

Yves Edwards

Doug Evans

6) Welterweight Fight (155-169.9lbs)

Duane "Bang" Ludwig

Thomas "Wildman" Denny

7) Featherweight Contender Fight (135-144.9lbs)

Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto

(Pure Bred Omiya)
Philip Perez

8) Heavyweight Contender Fight (205-259.9lbs)

Tori "The Terrordome" Windward

(Grappling Unlimited)
Paul Buentello

9) Middleweight Fight (170-184.9lbs)

Martin Armendarez

(Cesar Gracie)
Tony Fryklund

(Militech Systems)
10) Featherweight Fight (135-144.9lbs)

Makoto Ishikawa

(Pure Bred Omiya)
Dave Velasquez

11) Welterweight Fight (155-169.9lbs)

Cruz Gomez

Abe Rodriguez

(Grapp. Unlimted)
12) Heavyweight Fight (205-259.9lbs)

Dennis "the Menace" Tadio

(Grappling Unlimited)
Christian Wellisch


From the event’s promoter:

Ironheart Crown III
November 10, 2001 – Hammond, Indiana

With nearly 3000 people in attendance, this year’s Ironheart Crown exceeded the production’s previous events by a large margin. The quality of fights has also continued to improve. There were four exciting title bouts on the card. Additionally, first-time fighter, Stephan Bonnar of the Carlson Gracie Team, made a name for himself with an incredible debut which earned him this year’s Ultimate Athlete Award. Here are brief results of the show.

Lightweight Tournament Semi Final #1
Miguel Torres vs. Nick Mitchell – Torres by unanimous decision after 10 min

Lightweight Tournament Semi Final #2
Dave Nowacyzk vs. Steve Reyna – Reyna by submission (armbar) at 2:39 of the 1st Rd.

Middleweight Tournament Semi Final #1
Joe Paun vs. James O’Connor – Paun by unanamous decision after 10 min

Middleweight Tournament Semi Final #2
Herman Reyes vs. Jake Ambrose – Reyes by split decision after 10 min

Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final #1
Stephan Bonnar vs. Brian Ebersole – Bonnar by submission (guilotine choke) at 0:51 of the 1st Rd.

Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final #2
Josh Krueger advances to final (Chris Albandia didn’t pass prefight physical exam due to illness.)

Exhibition Match
Kyle Hensgen vs. Jeremy Morrison – Hensgen by submission (armbar) at 2:11 of the 1st Rd.

Lightweight Tournament Final
Miguel Torres vs. Steve Reyna – Torres by medical stoppage (broken toe) after 1st Rd (5 min bout).

Middleweight Tournament Final
Joe Paun vs. Herman Reyes – Paun by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:25 of the 1st Rd.

Heavyweight Tournament Final
Stephan Bonnar vs. Josh Kruger – Bonnar by submission (armbar) at 2:55 of the 1st Rd.

Ironheart Crown Lightweight Championship Title Bout
Henry Matamoros vs. Shannon Ritch – Matamoros by submission (armbar) at 0:47 of the 1st Rd.

Ironheart Crown Middleweight Championship Title Bout
Jay Buck vs. Brett Al-Azzawi – Buck by submission (guilotine choke) at 3:53 of the 2nd Rd.

Ironheart Crown Heavyweight Championship Title Bout
Jim Theobald vs. Steve Lauretto – Theobald by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:30 of the 1st Rd.

Ironheart Crown Openweight Championship Title Bout
Vaughan Palelei vs. Milan Timkovic – Palelei by submission (guilotine choke) at 1:49 of the 1st Rd.

2001 Lightweight Champion: Henry Matamoros
2001 Middleweight Champion: Jay Buck
2001 Heavyweight Champion: Jim Theobald
2001 Openweight Champion: Vaughan Palelei

Fight of the Night: Jay Buck & Brett Al-Azzawi
Heavy Hands: Jay Buck
Master of Submission: Henry Matamoros
Ultimate Athlete: Stephan Bonnar

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