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Friday, Jul 06, 2001

Quick Words With Amaury Bitetti

Quick words with Amaury Bitetti
By Eduardo Alonso

      Brazilian Top Team member Amaury Bitetti first appeared as one of the most promising BJJ black belts to compete in NHB. After a good start in his career, Amaury faced some tough challenges and struggled a bit to get his career back on track. Responsible for some legendary battles, like against Don Frye at the UFC, Bitetti is a tough fighter who still has a lot to give in the NHB rings worldwide. FCF had the opportunity to meet him at the last MECA event in Curitiba, where he worked as the referee for the event!

Amaury Bitetti
FCF:   Amaury, What are you expecting from this event [MECA 5]?
Amaury Bitetti:   It’ll be wondeful! There are only good fighters in the event. We have the guys from Rudimar, with some very tough athletes, and all the others, like the people from Leitão (Ruas Vale Tudo), and from the Top Team. So I think it’ll be a good event, with great wins and great KO’s.

FCF:   Is it hard to deal with the pressure of working as the referee for the biggest NHB event in Brazil?
AB:     For me it’s great! I already worked as a referee once in Paraná [A state of Brazil], I did 10 fights straight there, so I’m used to it! I’ll let the fights go on, and If I feel that one athlete can’t continue I’ll stop the fight, no problem.

FCF:   You already have a great BJJ background, and now you have been training a lot of Muay Thai lately. What can we expect from you in the future?
AB:     As of now I don’t have any contract signed, but I’m training Muay Thai with Artur Mariano and Luis Alves, and Rudimar will also help me to see if I can get some fights. If I do, it’ll be great! I love Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, so for me It’s always Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu all the way!

FCF:   You stayed in the USA for a while, focusing more on the UFC and the likes. How was that experience?
AB:     I stayed there for a while to see if I could find some space to fight there, but it has been a bit difficult. I expect to be able to fight there, otherwise I’ll see if Rudimar can get me to fight for Pride in the future.

FCF:   Thanks Amaury, good luck!
AB:     Thanks a lot!

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