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Wednesday, Jul 18, 2001

Quick Words Withalexandre “pequeno” Nogueira

Quick Words With
Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira

By Eduardo Alonso

      With his memorable wins in Shooto, Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira has become one of the most respected Brazilian fighters in Japan. Recently "Pequeno" joined the Brazilian Top Team, one of the most important NHB teams in Brazil, proving that old rivalries are changing. During the last MECA event in Curitiba, where "Pequeno" brought one of his students to fight, FCF got a chance to talk with the Shooto champion about some of his future projects, his training and more at the recent MECA 5 event…

FCF:   MECA has been growing a lot as an event lately, and now we have the presence of a the most important Brazilian NHB teams like Ruas Vale Tudo, Chute Boxe and the Brazilian Top Team. What do you expect from MECA 5?
Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira:   I’m expecting a lot of fights, great fights, with a number of great athletes that will be fighting here and will show everything that they learned from their masters!

FCF:   We have some Brazilian Top Team members debuting in NHB at this event. What can we expect from them tonight?
Pequeno:   You can expect a lot of technique, the guys are coming to win, no matter what! They are very well prepared.

FCF:   After all the great results you’ve had in Shooto, what is next for you?
Pequeno:   What’s next is that I’ll defend my title, because I do it every year there, in September in Shooto…Against a Japanese champion, the guy that I lost to in a previous Shooto event.

FCF:   What do you feel that changed in your game since you joined the Brazilian Top Team?
Pequeno:   Well, it’s a great experience. We have a lot of fighters, from all the weight divisions, with a number of different techniques, so I’m learning a lot, a bit of everything, and improving my whole game! Standing, on the ground, improving my takedowns, everything.

FCF:   You brought a student of yours to fight here, but he isn’t a Brazilian Top Team member. How does that work?
Pequeno:   I teach Luta Livre, I teach classes at Niteroi [a city near Rio de Janeiro], and I have a large NHB Team there, with guys from all weight divisions, appart from the Brazilian Top Team. As a matter of fact, I’ll be bringing some of my students to fight in Japan, at Shooto.

FCF:   What can we expect from your student, Aba, in this show?
Pequeno:   Aba has been training with me for a long time; we’ll see how he will react tonight. He will be facing a tought and experienced fighter, Assuério, and this is the first time that he will fight NHB! It’s his debut! So let’s expect a great fight! He will look to take him down, and finish the fight on the ground, that’s his style!

FCF:   The best of luck for you in the future Pequeno!
Pequeno:   Thanks a lot!

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From the event’s promoter:

Super Brawl Weigh-In
Goes Back to the Future!

It all began in the winter of 1995 at a run down bar by the airport in Honolulu Hawaii. 8 street fighters stepped in a 16 foot make shift ring at Gussie LaMour’s night club and made history. That is how the now successful and respected (well, somewhat) Super Brawl event got its start.

For all those pining for the good ol’ days, you don’t have to pine any longer. Official weigh-ins and rules briefing will take place at this hallowed ground on Friday night July 20, at 7pm. Come on down and meet the fighters and talk to some who were there when it all began. Trade your fondest memories of the Gussie Dome!…Oh, ya…Entertainment will follow the weigh-ins.

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