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Wednesday, Nov 26, 2003

Rains Moves Heat Fc 2 To December, Mma Reaching Its Peak In Brazil, Fighters Leaving And Fighters Coming To Chute Boxe And Wanderlei Silva Enjoying His Well Deserved Fame!

Rains moves HEAT FC 2 to December, MMA reaching its peak in Brazil, Fighters leaving and fighters coming to Chute Boxe and Wanderlei Silva enjoying his well deserved fame!

The Brazilian Beat:
      Yes, it’s been a long time, but people say good things always comes back, so here we are with our beloved "Brazilian Beat" once again. Truth is that this reporter has been experiencing all sorts of happenings in his life lately, including some very unfortunate, sad and not professional ones, but as a song would say "The Show Must Go On", so with plenty, believe me, plenty of happenings taking place with our sport in Brazil recently we have no choice but to treat you with some news, as the world turns and they never stop to happen! One very interesting trend that is taking place in this country right now, is that MMA is reaching its peak so far here, due to the great feedback caused by Mario Sperry’s idea of making an effort to bring Brazil’s most important TV channel to PRIDE, and thank God everything went well with Wanderlei Silva and Minotauro’s wins being shown on primetime in a Sunday here in Brazil, causing the guys to go to immediate star level, and our sport to be looked seriously, with respect and admiration since the general public had no idea something like the PRIDE GP was what MMA was all about! This is causing a wave of good things to take place regarding our sport, and we’re going to talk about some in this edition of "The Beat". Following this trend, several shows are gracing us in the end of the year, with K-1 MMA Brazil, MECA 10 and mostly HEAT FC 2 leading the way treating the Brazilian fans to a never seen before era in this country. However, the skies have not been friendly of HEAT FC 2, and rain forced the show to be postponed to December. In the middle of all this, Chute Boxe saw two of their star fighters leaving and is welcoming a young prospect, and the world turns and turns, and Full Contact Fighter keeps getting up to bring you "The Beat", in Brazilian style cause believe me, The Show Will Always Goes On here at this space!

  • MMA has never been so popular in Brazil! In a move made by the Brazilian Top Team heads, bringing one of the most important reporters from Brazil’s biggest TV station to the PRIDE GP to make a special report on our sport and the success of the Brazilian fighters in Japan, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is finally started to being taken seriously by the general public and it seems like all of the sudden people woke up for the fact that this is a spectacle, and not a barbaric brawl. The segment aired in one of the most watched shows on Sunday television in Brazil, a variety show called "Fantastico" [Fantastic] showed the popularity our sport has in Japan, the lifestyle and preparation of the fighters for the show, the amount of fame they have on the land of the rising sun, as well as the PRIDE GP itself, with backstage footage and more, always emphasizing on Minotauro and Wanderlei Silva. Needless to say, the Brazilian female reporter, named Gloria Maria, who has been used to interviewing the most important international stars, got deeply impressed with what she saw, and the result was a breakthrough piece for the show, reaching the show’s highest rate for the Sunday, and helping our sport a great deal! On the following Sunday [Last one] they featured an article on Minotauro, interviewing him on his house, and hopefully this will be the start of more serious coverage from mass media for our sport here in Brazil.
  • PRIDE Middleweight Champion and PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix Champion Wanderlei Silva has been living the best days of his life recently. Enjoying his first son trough his first months of life, Wanderlei is rising to a higher level of fame among the general public in Brazil after his conquer of the PRIDE Middleweight GP. In recent days "The Axe Murderer" went to Rio de Janeiro to receive his Jiu-Jitsu black belt from the hand of Carlinhos Gracie, the president of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu confederation, for the impressive ground skills that he displayed in his recent fights, attended at the 3rd edition of Shooto Brazil, was a VIP guest for the Brazilian National Soccer team match against Uruguay, for the world cup qualifier, and received special congratulations from the mayor of Curitiba, his hometown, along other things. In the middle of all this so deserved hype, Silva is still training and concentrating for a possible year end appearance at the next PRIDE, showing he is always willing to put all on the line.

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