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Friday, Aug 25, 2000

Ray “bradda” Cooperis Looking For Opponents

Ray "Bradda" Cooper
Is Looking For Opponents

By Chris Onzuka


Ray Bradda Cooper
Ray Cooper has been making a name for himself in FutureBrawl by dispatching each opponent by knock out in an impressive fashion. FutureBrawl’s collaboration with Shooto has provided the opportunity for a championship title for Cooper. He has set his sights on the Shooto Middleweight Championship. There is only one thing between Cooper and the Shooto title, the seemingly undefeatable Hayato "Mach" Sakurai. In the meantime, Cooper has been itching to gain more experience, but has had trouble getting the word out to promoters. The WEF’s Jamie Levine finally stepped up to the plate and arranged a match-up against "Twinkle Toes" Frank Trigg. This should be an exciting match with two very aggressive fighters who always have explosive performances, making them fan favorites.

FCF:   What have you been up to?
Ray "Bradda" Cooper:     I fought in Japan against Jutaro Nakao in January, so it’s kind of a long lay off. I have been training and looking for fights, just getting ready for the next fight.

Ray Bradda Cooper
FCF:   You said that you wanted to stay active this year, but ended up doing just the opposite, even after that big win against Nakao. What happened?
RC:     I guess that some of the promoters had a misunderstanding with whom I was under. I was never under any management until recently. I guess that I have not been communicating with much people outside of SuperBrawl. I was just hanging out, waiting for SuperBrawl and not getting contacts off the island and with Shooto. We have been more active now, trying to get into more circuits.

FCF:   So you are still actively looking for fights?
RC:     Yeah, we are trying to get fights every 6-8 weeks. That’s what we’re looking for.

FCF:   You have a big fight lined up. You are scheduled to fight Frank Trigg in the WEF. How did that fight come about?
RC:     We got in touch with the WEF and another fight fell through [previously at the same event], so they called us back and said that they needed a fighter for Frank Trigg and I was ready to fight, so we took the fight.

FCF:   Give us an update on the Jesus Is Lord team.
RC:     Just about all of our fighters are ready to fight. Ronald [Jhun] is ready to fight and Stephen "Bozo" Palling…just about everyone, but nothing is signed yet. Things are still in negotiations right now.

FCF:   Thank you.
RC:     Thanks Chris.

*Ray "Bradda" Cooper or the Jesus Is Lord team can be reached by calling the Superstar Sports & Entertainment Agency and his manager Adrian Silva at (808) 682-9595 or via email at SuperstarsHI@aol.com.

More from Bradda in the upcoming issue of FCF.

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