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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Raymond Daniels Doesn’t Believe Recent KOTY Contender Was His Best

Raymond Daniels (photo via Bellator / YouTube)

By FCF Staff

Raymond Daniels made headlines recently by scoring a jaw-dropping knockout in his Bellator debut. But, the renowned kickboxer doesn’t believe the KO win was the best he’s recorded to date.

Daniels faced Wilker Barros at Bellator’s May 4th card in Birmingham, England, and after spinning in the air, he KO’d the latter with a thunderous right hook.

While speaking with MMA Fighting since the highlight reel win, however, Daniels said this:

“I honestly don’t think it’s the best knockout I’ve had and now people are calling it the best knockout of the century or the decade, or whatever. I’ve already had other knockouts that have been labeled with that and they were some of my previous knockouts. This is just the new thing that I did. There are going to be people who love and people who hate it, but as long as they’re tuning into it, that’s all that really matters.”

“…People only notice that last spinning sequence,” he said. “When I hit him with the back kick, I actually hit him in the liver. He bounced twice because I hit him with a lot of force; he was actually a little bit hurt from that. I could’ve rushed in and tried to finish him with some ground and pound. That stuff looks cool and it’s awesome—don’t get me wrong—but I don’t think it’s as spectacular as some fighters could finish if they were just a little bit more patient. I didn’t want to be too aggressive. I asked him politely to get up, he did. Then I figured that he couldn’t back up any more because he was standing with his back to the fence; he had been doing a really good job of dodging my spin kicks.”

Daniels was competing in his first MMA bout since 2008 at the recent Bellator card. Daniels currently holds a kickboxing record of 35-3 and a MMA record of 1-1.

posted by FCF Staff @ 8:30 am
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