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Thursday, Jul 05, 2012

Ready to Strike: KJ Noons Wants Strikeforce To Fight Him In San Diego, But Hasn’t Gotten The Call Yet

Lightweight star K.J. Noons. Photo credit: Esther Lin/Strikeforce

By Joshua Molina

The cliché is that styles make fights and no one knows this better right now than Strikeforce superstar KJ Noons.

Noons, a master striker with arguably the best boxing skills in the business, hasn’t been able to get back inside the cage since his last fight against Josh Thomson. He lost a unanimous decision to Thomson in March of this year, in a fight that was notable because Noons couldn’t successfully counter Thomson’s wrestling.

Thomson held Noons down for most of the fight, and KJ wasn’t able to land his heavy blows when the two fighters were in the standup. Thomson’s victory led him to a title shot and rubber match last month against longtime rival, Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez, a fight that Thomson narrowly lost.

But Noons’ loss hasn’t led him to anything. Literally. Noons, who once TKO’d Nick Diaz, and was once a rising star in Strikeforce, doesn’t know when he will step into the cage next. He’s waiting on Strikeforce to book him.

“Strikeforce has not offered me a fight,” Noons told Full Contact Fighter. “I always want to fight. It’s what I enjoy and how I pay my bills.”

So recently he’s been spending time on the golf course, waiting for the telephone to ring. But the typically relaxed Noons is eager to fight. Noons let off a little steam recently when he said publicly that Thomson didn’t belong in the cage with him.

During his layoff from fighting, Noons (left) has been playing golf with his dad, former kickboxing Karl Sr. (right)

“I’ll never mention that guy’s name again. I never want to fight that guy. He doesn’t even deserve to be in the ring … coward,” Noons was quoted as saying.

Noons has been outspoken about his dislike for Thomson’s so-called “lay-and-pray” style of submission fighting.
Noons is a fighter, who can strike with the best and can take a solid punch to the chin. He’s boxed professionally and at one point wanted to be the first combat fighter to hold boxing and MMA titles at the same time.


But since the UFC purchased Strikeforce, Noons’ plans changed. The new ownership, he said, won’t let him box and compete in Strikeforce at the same time.


So Noons can’t box and as of right now, he doesn’t have a fight booked anytime soon. It’s a frustrating situation for the typically easy-going, affable fighter. Complicating matters for Noons is that Strikeforce’s next fight is Aug. 18 in San Diego – where Noons lives.


“I am not currently on the San Diego card, but Strikeforce knows I live in San Diego and I want to be on card,” Noons said.


Although he didn’t mention his name, Noons insinuated he would even fight Thomson.


“I’ll fight anyone Strikeforce wants me too,” Noons said. “I don’t have any one on my radar or want to fight really bad. I want to just get back in the cage.”


Even though Noons doesn’t have a fight right now, he wants to work with Strikeforce to get back inside the cage.
“MMA and fighting is still my passion,” Noons said. “It is fun and I love my job.”


Joshua Molina is a college journalism instructor in California and is a journalist and mixed martial arts writer. Email him at jmolina@fcfighter.com.

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