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Saturday, Feb 08, 2003

Reality Fighting 3 Rocks Bayonne!

Reality Fighting 3 Rocks Bayonne!
By Jim Genia

      (Bayonne, New Jersey – February 8th) It was a record-breaking night for promoter Kipp Kollar, as the third incarnation of his Reality Fighting mixed martial arts show packed an audience of over two thousand into the gym at Marist High School. Fans came to see some action, and after 13 fast-paced battles on an all-amateur card, it seemed no one left dissatisfied. Highlights of the event included:

  • A slick Wally McDonald, as he pitted his judo ground skills against freestyle fighter Jeff Darienzo and came away with an armlock.
  • Thirty-nine year old Team Tiger Schulmann’s David Tirelli and his nonstop barrage as he teed off on Tong Dragon’s Tom Deblass’ face. Tirelli was on a mission, and it didn’t end until Deblass’ corner threw in the towel.
  • The incredible women’s title match! Far and away the bout of the night, champ and Team Tiger Schulmann representative Laura D’Auguste took on a heavier bando fighter in Del Greer, and the two waged war both on their feet and on the ground. Greer was solid – too solid for D’Auguste to stand and trade with and too solid to for her to take down – but in the final round the champ jumped to guard, swept Greer to attain mount, and rained down strikes until the ref stepped in. It was a reversal of fortune that had the crowd cheering, and a clear and convincing win that showed us why D’Auguste deserves to be the champ.

Norm Schack vs. Brad Sizemore
Schack on top of Sizemore


  • Anibal Torres Jr. vs. Mike Easton
    Easton via unanimous decision – a scary slam by Easton!

  • Jeff Miller vs. John Robinson
    Robinson via guillotine choke at 1:55.

  • Andrew Carringa vs. Christian Montes
    Montes via unanimous decision – a convincing win for the Straight Blast Gym fighter.

  • Jeff Darienzo vs. Wally McDonald
    McDonald via armbar at 1:10.

  • Norm Schack vs. Brad Sizemore
    Schack via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 2:21 – total domination by Schack!

  • John Trano vs. Judah Ciervo
    Trano via armbar at 1:17 – Trano’s ground game was tight.

  • Glen Sandull vs. John Elkins
    Sandull via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 3:57 – great slam by Sandull!

  • Tom Deblass vs. David Tirelli
    Tirelli via ref stoppage (opponent’s corner threw in the towel) at 2:32.

  • Jo-Jo Guarin vs. Brian Jackson
    Guarin via triangle choke at 1:57 – aside from eating a few punches, Guarin put on a grappling clinic!

  • Rob Copenhaver vs. James Dunn
    Dunn via ref stoppage due to cut at 1:55.

  • Brian Lieberman vs. Hazem Ibrahim
    Ibrahim via unanimous decision – Ibrahim’s strength and heavy hands were just too much.


  • Joe Ahlert vs. Zack Maslany
    Ahlert via triangle choke at 3:40 of the second round – Ahlert’s ground game is nearly flawless in this non-title match.

  • Robert McNeil vs. Carlos Cline
    Cline is awarded the victory after two opponents backed out; he’s awarded the Super-Heavweight Title.

Del Greer vs. Laura D'Auguste
Greer (right) vs. D’Auguste

Women’s Title Fight:

  • Del Greer vs. Laura D’Auguste
    D’Auguste via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 2:46 of the third round. D’Auguste retains her belt in what is easily the fight of the night!

Super Brawl 28
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
February 8, 2003
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

The much anticipated "come out of retirement" fight for Egan Inoue almost fell through when Shooto Champion Masanori Suda broke his nose in his last fight and decided that he needed more time to train for Inoue. Due to the fact that Inoue had been training hard for a fight with Suda, a replacement was brought in to fight Inoue. Yukiya Naito came down in weight in order to step up to the challenge. Naito comes from the same gym as Pride and KOTC veteran Akira Shoji and Shooto Champion, Caol Uno. Inoue would be too much for the upstart dominating him for both rounds. Inoue looks to have regained the fire for MMA or maybe it is just his focused desire to acquire the Shooto belt. The card was filled with local talent, spiced up with a couple UFC veterans and a fighter from Eddy Millis’ Shark Tank. The evenly matched skill levels of the fighters were seen in the number of fights that went to the scorecards. The crowd loved the return on The Chief Andre Roberts, even if he took out one of the local fighters. This match was set up to introduce Roberts to the Hawaii crowd and build anticipation for a match up with local favorite Cabbage Correira. After his fight, Cabbage came into the ring and they both agreed to fight each other. Niko Vitale continued his streak of impressive victories by submitting Andre’s little brother Tyrone in under two minutes. It looks like Hawaii has a number of fighters that are on the brink of making the "big time."

170lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Brandon Keen 170lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-0
Tripstin Kerisiano (808 Fight Factory) 2-2
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)].

161lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Jay R. Palmer 155lbs (Universal Rough Houzers) 23-20
Harris Sariento 155lbs (808 Fight Factory) 1-4
Submission due to elbow dislocation at 1:36 into round 2.

143lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Justin Mercado 141lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-1
Dain Agbayani 141lbs (808 Fight Factory) 2-4
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)].

167.5lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Deshaun Johnson 165lbs (HMC) 4-3
Andy Wang 165lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-4
Majority decision after 2 rounds [(28-28), (29-27), (29-28)].

Heavyweight 2×5 minute rounds
Andre "The Chief" Roberts 366lbs (Team Extreme) 10-1
Ray "King Kong" Seraille 260lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-2
Submission via neck crank at 2:49 into round 1.

167.5lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Ronald Jhun 170lbs (808 Fight Factory) 16-9-2
Mike Panalber 170lbs (Shark Tank)
Unanimous decision after 3 rounds [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)].

185lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Falaniko Vitale 185lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 13-1
Tyrone Roberts 185lbs (Team Extreme) 15-3
Submission via toe hold at 1:26 into round 1.

194lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Egan Inoue 182.6lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 13-3 Super Brawl Champion
Yukiya Naito 194lbs (A3 Gym, Tokyo) 4-1
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)].

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