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Saturday, Jul 19, 2003

Reality Fighting 4:score One For The Little Guy

Jay Hieron beating on Keith Plate
Reality Fighting 4:
Score One for the Little Guy

By Jim Genia

      (July 19th, Bayonne, New Jersey) It was another successful night for Kipp Kollar’s Reality Fighting promotion as hundreds of spectators crammed into the Marist High School in Bayonne, New Jersey, to catch some local mixed martial artists mix it up in the ring. On display: scorching hands, unstoppable takedowns, and more than a few chokes, a couple of which ended up putting competitors to sleep, and rounding out the experience were guest appearances by UFC vets Matt Serra and Phil Baroni, Pride vet Tim "Obake" Catalfo, and several NFL stars including Tiki Barber.

Tiki Barber
Giants Running Back
Tiki Barber
Douglas Crosby and Phil Baroni
Phil Baroni (right) &
a cheerful-looking
Judge Douglas Crosby
Tim Catalfo
Tim Catalfo
Matt Serra, Tom Muller, Ray Longo
(L-R) Matt Serra,
his student Tom Muller,
coach Ray Longo

Some highlights of the action in North America’s only octagonal-shaped ring included:

Jay Glazer works for a takedown on Brian Jackson
Glazer going for takedown
  • Combined Martial Arts’ Gus Indjeyiannis making short work of his opponent, tagging Rocco Giordano with combos that sent him to the canvas twice in a little more than a minute.
  • Tap Team’s fierce and extremely strong Hazem Ibrahim, as he scooped up his opponent and nearly threw him out of the ring, only to finish things with a bout-ending slam seconds later.
  • The smaller Planet Jiu-jitsu representative Glen Sandull using superior wrestling to keep Super-Heavyweight champ Carlos Cline on his back for the entire bout – and walking away with the belt despite a nearly 30-pound weight disadvantage. Score one for the "little" guy!


  • Jay Hieron (Bellmore Kickboxing/Team Renzo-170 lbs) vs. Keith Plate (Island Jiu-Jitsu-167 lbs)
    Hieron by ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 1:28.

    Glen Sandull
    Glen Sandull
  • Rocco Giordano (Combative Solutions-176 lbs) vs. Gus Indjeyiannis (Combined Martial Arts-184.5 lbs)
    Indjeyiannis by ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 1:18.

  • John Beneduce (Team Renzo/Universal Defense Systems-154.5 lbs) vs. Rob Copenhaver (Practical Fighting-156 lbs)
    Beneduce via neck crank at 2:11.

  • Hazem Ibrahim (Tap Team-204 lbs) vs. Pat Russo (Alex Wilkie’s-198.5 lbs)
    Ibrahim via tap out (Russo injured his arm while getting slammed) at 1:07 – Ibrahim is a beast!

  • Phillipe Nover (Team Renzo/Universal Defense Systems-184.5 lbs) vs. Ronald Stalling (Sekai-185 lbs)
    Nover via guillotine at 0:43 – Stalling was put to sleep!

  • Brian Jackson (wrestling-180 lbs) vs. Jay Glazer (Team Obake- 180lbs)
    Jackson via guillotine at 1:04 – Glazer was also put to sleep!

  • Super-Heavyweight Title Bout
    Carlos Cline (Jerry Jones – 260 lbs) vs. Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu-Jitsu-234 lbs)

    Sandull imposed his will throughout and Cline had no answer for his superior wrestling skills.
    Sandull via unanimous decision after three rounds. Sandull is the new Reality Fighting Super-Heavyweight Champ!

IFC Results
By Keith Mills

Nick Diaz defeats Jeremy Jackson
Diaz defeats Jackson

Lakeport, CA — Nick Diaz may have just cost Jeremy Jackson his upcoming UFC debut with his 1st round TKO in IFC. Many fans leading up to this night thought this fight was a foregone conclusion partly due to Jackson already announced for the Sept UFC card and partly due to the fact Jackson had previously defeated Diaz in the finals of an 8-man tournament last year. Diaz found redemption when he managed to keep Jackson on the ground with his second takedown attempt where he quickly passed Jackson’s half guard, obtained mount, and rained down punches for the win.

Co-headliner Benji Radach had little trouble with last-minute replacement Steve Van Fleet in Benji’s last fight before King Of The Cage in Reno next month. With wife and highly ranked women’s 135 fighter Christine Van Fleet in his corner Steve Van Fleet did an admiral job of using his legs to try to keep the Victory Athletics’ Radach at bay and in submission attempts but Radach had too much of a training advantage, having focused on fighting Team Cesar Gracie’s Steve Heath until Heath became injured last week. Stnadig above the downed Van Fleet Radach continually pushed Van Fleet’s legs away to throw heavy bomb after bomb, finally getting a KO shot to the chin of Van Fleet.

Jacqueline Andrade scored an upset in her armbar over highly ranked Amanda Buckner in their Light Heavyweight bout to win the Women’s Light Heavyweight belt. Amanda usually fights lighter and has championship fights in both Ring Of Fire and returning to the IFC for the Middleweight belt already lined up in the next two months. This night Buckner landed a solid punch while standing that opened up a cut on Andrade’s cheek and looked like she had the fight in the bag when she was ground-and-pounding her opponent against the fence but it was the relentless armbar attempts of Pan Ams open division champion Andrade that finally prevailed.

In the third belt bout of the night Bobby Southworth retained his IFC Americas Light Heavyweight belt with an armbar in one of the longest fights of the night at 4:28 of the first round.

Look for a full report in an upcoming issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Jacqueline Andrade
Jacqueline Andrade

1. Glen Cordoza def Jeff Houghland 1:53 r1 by rear choke
2. Aaron Jameson def Carlos Cordero 3:28 r1 by triangle choke
3. Heather Soderquist def Brittany Victoria between rounds 2 & 3 could not continue due to exhaustion
4. Shaun Beckett def Hannibal Adolfo 0:22 r1 by KO
5. Eddy Ellis/Willie Solorio declared no contest due to Ellis’ illegal knees to head of downed opponent
6. Randy Spence def Don Lunier 1:38 r1 by rear choke
7. Tim McKenzie def Shane Davis 1:31 r1 by armbar
8. Roger Neff def Cobra 0:40 by neck crank
9. Bobby Southworth def Brian Van De Walle 4:28 r1 by armbar Southworth retains IFC Light Heavyweight Americas Championship belt
10. Jacqueline Andrade def Amanda Buckner 3:23 r1 by armbar Andrade becomes IFC Women’s Light Heavyweight Champion
11. Benji Radach def Steve Van Fleet 1:21 r1 by KO
12. Nick Diaz def Jeremy Jackson 4:33 r1 by TKO Nick retains IFC Untied States Welterweight belt, picks up IFC Americas Welterweight belt and ISKA-MMA Americas Welterweight belt.

Look for a full report in the August issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Gurgel Stops Spencer
By Joe Hall

CANTON, Ohio — It was a thrilling main event, a gutsy battle between a pair of intrepid up-and-coming lightweights.

Gurgel raining down strikes on Spencer
Gurgel rains down pain

Steubenville, Ohio native Luke Spencer entered first and was welcomed with a raucous ovation. His face wore an expression of hardened confidence, which likely emanated from his celebrated wrestling career and undefeated MMA record.

Jorge Gurgel entered next, flocked by his students and training partners. The Middletown, Ohio transplant via Fortaleza, Brazil was in the best shape of his life, a shredded 155 pounds.

The fighters traded short, crisp strikes in the clinch for much of the opening round. Gurgel’s inside work was superior, as he fastened his hands around the back of Spencer’s neck and delivered knees that plunged into his opponent’s midsection.

Spencer landed the best shot of the first, though. Each time the fighters separated from the clinch, he would whip a mean left hand aimed for Gurgel’s head. Midway through the round, one of the lefts landed, wobbling Gurgel and sparking confidence in Spencer.

Gurgel quickly recouped, though, then retaliated with more damaging knees. Late in the round, Spencer scored a takedown, but immediately found Gurgel’s legs triangled around his neck. He defended the BJJ black belt’s submission attempts well, however, and the first five minutes concluded.

The second round belonged to Gurgel. Off a scramble he sank in a deep armbar and began to extend the lock. Rather than tap, Spencer lifted his opponent off the mat and returned him to the canvas with angry force. The move roused the crowd and freed his arm, but the submission onslaught was only beginning.

Gurgel never rested from his back; his attacks were endless. When one attempt didn’t put away the submission savvy Spencer, he changed to another. When several armbars failed, Gurgel transitioned to a triangle choke, swept his foe and moved to the mount.

With around 30 seconds remaining in the second, Gurgel cleared Spencer’s grasp and began a blitz of strikes that did not cease or slow until the bell. Spencer deflected many of the initial blows, but the assault eventually pierced his defense and battered his face. The barrage would have been stopped in most events, though its timing and Spencer’s guts helped force a final round.

Between rounds Spencer stood in his corner depleted and bruised. Gurgel smiled a hungry grin and came out firing. He opened with a head kick that smacked Spencer’s ear and reminded him to get his tired hands up. Gurgel then teed off in the clinch, and Spencer finally fell to the mat.

Gurgel instantly mounted him and rained down punches and elbows at a pace that refuted the concept of third round fatigue. Spencer stubbornly absorbed the prolonged beating, which went far longer than it should have. The referee finally stopped the bout at 1:55, declaring Gurgel the victor and the Absolute Combat Challenge lightweight champion.

"I give [Spencer] some props," said Gurgel after the match. "I was faking the jab and coming with the right, like we trained. I hit him square. He got dazed a little bit, but I hit him hard and the son-of-a-bitch took it."

The win improved Gurgel’s record to an impressive 8 – 0. "I just wanted to make my students proud," he said. "I wasn’t going to lose."


James Escaloni vs. Udell Holmes II
Winner: Escaloni by submission (armbar) 1:14 R1

Steve Neal vs. John Anderson
Winner: Neal by submission (armbar) 1:15 R1

Doug Sauer vs. Leremey Johnson
Winner: Johnson by submission (armbar) 4:55 R1

David Sachs vs. Drew Longshore
Winner: Sachs by TKO (strikes from mount) :51 R1

Tierre Hall vs. Josh Souder
Winner: Souder by submission (rear naked choke) :58 R1

Chris Herring vs. Anthony Ferguson
Winner: Herring by TKO (strikes from side mount) 3:15 R1

Welterweight Championship
Dan Swift vs. Scott Wickham
Winner: Wickham by TKO (strikes on ground) 2:28 R2

Leo Sylvest vs. Matt Markowicz
Winner: Sylvest by submission (rear naked choke) 3:15 R1

Forrest Petz vs. Joe Thomas
Winner: Petz by KO :09 R2

Middleweight Championship
Leo Sylvest vs. Forrest Petz
Winner: Petz by TKO :14 R2

Lightweight Championship
Jorge Gurgel vs. Luke Spencer
Winner: Gurgel by TKO (strikes from mount) 1:55 R3

The Heat is on:
Babalu Added to the Show’s Debut card!

By Eduardo Alonso

      As the newest promotion in Brazil continue to prepare their first ever show this next July 31st, another Brazilian MMA star was added to the HEAT FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 1 card. Ruas Vale Tudo stand out and UFC veteran Renato Babalu Sobral comes as a great last minute adition to the already interesting card, promising to bring even more heat to the city of Natal, where the show will take place. Babalu’s presence in the show was made possible due to the injury suffed by Khalid Arrab, who was supposed to fight him at Extreme Force 1 in London, that caused Sobral’s presence at the British show to be cancelled. With that, a deal between HEAT FC and the Ruas Vale Tudo talent became possible as he is preapring to compete at the IFC tournament in September and was already in shape to fight due to all the training for Extreme Force. Babalu’s opponent at the Brazilian show will be Gracie Barra fighter Marcelo "Uirapuru" Azevedo. Marcelo is a former BJJ World Champion at brown belt, and is currently a Jiu Jitsu black belt under Gracie Barra, training under the wings of Vinicus Draculino. The HEAT FC promoters had several difficulties to find a opponent for Sobral in Brazil, and Uirapuru jumped at the chance promising to give the spectators a good showing against the former RINGS fighter. On other HEAT news, American fighter Scott Henze isn’t going to compete anymore, and UFC veteran Curtis Stout is his replacement, facing Brazilian Northeastern fighter Silmar Rodrigo, who is a veteran of WVC and Bitetti Combat. Brazilian Top Team fighter Haroldo "Cabelinho" Bunn is also out of the HEAT FC 1 card, due to his participation at Knock MMA on July 23rd. Here’s the current card for HEAT FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP inaugural show, with some surprises still in the works: