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Wednesday, Jan 30, 2002

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MECA World Vale Tudo:
Set and Ready!

By Eduardo Alonso

      The sixth edition of MECA World Vale Tudo, the biggest NHB event in Brazil, is finally going to happen! In only a matter of hours the ring will be shaking in Curitiba when some of the toughest athletes in Brazil will collide. The rules meeting and weigh-ins were held yesterday at the Caravelle Palace Hotel, and everything went smoothly. At the meeting, promoter Rudimar Fedrigo explained the new rules of the event to the fighters. Among the changes on the rules were:

  • Each match will consist of 3 rounds, with the first being 10 minutes, and the second and third lasting 5 minutes each. There’s no overtime, and if the fight doesn’t end before the 3 rounds expire there’ll be a judges’ decision. There are 3 judges ringside, and if all 3 judges declare the fight a draw, then the result will simply be a draw.
  • Elbows to the face of the opponent or to the back are no longer allowed. Elbows can only be used against the front part of the body of the opponent.
  • If there’s a weight difference bigger then 10kg between the fighters, the lightest fighter can choose whether he wants knees and kicks on all fours to be allowed or not.

      Those were the main rules changes for this MECA event, and they clearly were made to make MECA more similar to PRIDE, so the athlete can get used to fighting overseas for PRIDE in the future, as promoter Rudimar explained in the press conference. There were few questions about the rules, and the only fight with a weight difference bigger than 10kg is the heavyweight title fight between Carlos Barreto and Marcelo Souza. Souza is 14kg heavier than Barreto and now Carlos has the option to allow or not knees and kicks on all fours. Also there was a last minute change on the card, with a switch of opponents on two fights of the night. Nilson de Castro will now face Guilherme Lima and Marcelo Clemente will now face Alexandre Gomes. Also, the order of the fights was changed, so Here’s the official card for tonight with the fighters’ weights:

Marcelão (80.3Kg – Chute Boxe/PR) vs. Paulão (72.3Kg – Arena/PR)

Zinho (88,4Kg – Miguel Repana/SP) vs. Daniel Acácio (86.5Kg – Formiga/RJ)

Luis Azeredo (76.5Kg – Gold Team/SP) vs. Cristiano Marcello (79.8Kg – Royler Gracie/RJ)

Bicudo (71Kg – Brazilian Top Team/PR) vs. Fábio Shon (70.5Kg – Califa/GO)

Nilson Castro (85.3Kg – Chute Boxe/PR) vs. Guilherme Lima(85.3Kg – Jiu Jitsu)

Clemente (85.3Kg – Royler Gracie/RJ) vs. Alexandre Gomes(87.3kg – BVT)

Jorge "Macaco" Patino (83.9Kg – Gold Team/SP) vs. Gustavo Ximú (85.6Kg – Ruas VT/RJ)

Jorge "Navalhada" (90.5Kg – Carlson Gracie/RJ) vs. "Diamante Negro" (88.5Kg)

Anderson Silva (80.3Kg – Chute Boxe/PR) vs. Jucão (80.6Kg – Brazilian Top Team/RJ)

Carlos Barreto (107Kg – Rio de Janeiro) vs. Marcelo Souza (121Kg – São Paulo)

      Most of the fighters seemed more than ready to enter the ring, and some fighters, like Macaco, were so focused that he was rarely seen at the hotel. His opponent Gustavo Ximu told FCF that he knows the meaning of this fight for his career, "I expect the best possible things to happen, and I expect to win the fight. I have been training for 4 months for this fight. I’ll fight at MECA, the best event in Brazil, and against a well known guy, Macaco. It’s going to be an amazing fight!" Another highlight of the night will be Chute Boxe star Anderson Silva facing Brazilian Top Team member Jucao. Despite been the underdog for the fight, Jucao seems confident and ready to go "He is a very tough opponent, and I have been following his work for a long time. But the thing is that I have been training a lot, waiting for the opportunity to show my value for a long time." He surely now has this opportunity, however he will have no easy task in facing one of the top ranked fighters in the world. Anderson had some words about the fight as well, "It’s going to be a good fight, and I’ll try to show my technique. For those fans that are willing to see my fight, I’ll try to do a very technical fight." Another intriguing and key match-up on the card is the NHB debut of Royler Gracie black belt Critiano Marcelo, facing Luiz Azeredo. Cristiano has been training with the Chute Boxe team for 3 months now, and he feels that he is now ready to face his toughest challenge to date, "I’ve already passed the biggest test. Those 3 months here in Curitiba training with the tough guys from Chute Boxe. Now I expect the fight to be decided in the first ten minutes." Chute Boxe veteran Nilson de Castro is making his NHB comeback tonight, and one could see in his eyes how much he is willing to fight… "This is the best time! The worst time is already gone, and that is the training and stuff like that. This is the good time, the time to brawl!" With these strong words, Nilson shared his will to fight, his opponent better be ready. The final fight of the card will feature a title on the line, and the presence of Carlos Barreto. Barreto looked to be in shape, and he surely knows the importance of a win tonight, "I intend to fight him as if I was going to fight Assuerio. My goal will be to win the fight and the belt, so I can fight again at MECA to defend my title, and then try to get back to Pride or the UFC. In all of my fights, of course, I prefer to fight on the ground, but if I have to stand up with him I won’t be shy! I’ll go right at him. It’s going to be like a mouse going after some cheese!" In about four hours all the fighters and the press will be leaving to Circulo Militar, the venue where the event will happen, and FCF had the opportunity to be there yesterday to check on the last minute adjustments for the show. Everything is looking sharp, and this will be for sure the biggest MECA yet. Don’t miss the complete MECA coverage in the upcoming issue of FCF, and keep checking the web news for the results of the event!

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