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Monday, Feb 09, 2015

Report: Georges St-Pierre Says PEDs Like a “Biological Weapon”, Believes UFC 183 Main Event Should Have Been Cancelled

St. Pierre

By FCF Staff

Georges St-Pierre has relayed that one of the reasons he’s not sure if he’ll fight again is because of the prevalence of PEDs in MMA. Now the former UFC champ is discussing the issue once again, following the news that Anderson Silva allegedly tested positive for steroids.

St-Pierre, who has been openly critical of the testing procedures for performance enhancing drugs in the sport, recently spoke to the Canadian Press about the Silva situation. The Canadian star noted that he preferred to talk about the “system”, rather than the “individual”, but that he feels “sad” for Silva.

GSP also argued that things have gotten better in recent months, due to the fact that commissions are doing more random drug testing, but he was highly critical of the fact that Silva was still allowed to fight at UFC 183. The former middleweight champ was tested several weeks before the January 31st event, but the Nevada Commission says it wasn’t informed of Silva’s results until after the event.

Here is some of what GSP had to say on that issue:

“The fight should be cancelled because it’s cheating, it’s a biological weapon that you have,” St. Pierre said. “If I fight someone with a knife and the promoter and the organization know I have a knife. I’m bringing a knife into the fight, they should not let me fight because I’m carrying a weapon.”

“A performance-enhancing drug is the same thing, it’s a biological weapon. It’s an advantage that you have over your opponent that you should not be able to compete with. Because you put the health of the competitor in jeopardy.”

Silva is expected to face the Nevada Commission on February 17th. The Brazilian star has denied taking PEDs.

St-Pierre, meanwhile, has not committed to fighting again, after announcing he was taking a hiatus from the sport at the end of 2013.

posted by FCF Staff @ 11:41 am
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