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Sunday, Aug 19, 2001

Results From

Results from
Saturday,August 18, 2001
Yokohama Culture Gymnasium (Kanagawa,Japan)
live gate: 3,800

  • Amateur fight #1(2 5-min rds)-future fight-
    RYO CHONAN(U-FILE CAMP) def. HIROTAKA TOMIYAMA(P’s LAB Yokohama) by choke sleeper at 1R 2:58.

  • Amateur fight #2(2 5-min rds)-future fight-
    ERIYA MATSUDA(U-FILE CAMP) def. AKIRA NITAGAI(A3) by referee stop TKO(punch) at 1R 2:26.

  • Pro fight #1(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    KAZUKI OKUBO(U-FILE CAMP) def. KATO KUNG LEE(Mexico/freelance) by arm bar at 1R 3:05.

  • Pro fight #2(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    KOSEI KUBOTA(Pancrase Yokohama) drew RYUKI UEYAMA(U-FILE CAMP) by judges’ decision 0-0-0 at full time limit.

  • Pro fight #3(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    DOS CARAS JR.(Mexico/A.A.A.) def. KENGO(Pancrase Tokyo) by referee stop TKO(right elbow dislocation) at 1R 50 sec.

  • Pro fight #4(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    AKIHIRO GONO(Team GRABAKA) drew DUSTIN DENES(U.S.A./Brazilian Top Team) by judges’ decision 1-0-2 at full time limit.

  • Pro fight #5(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    WATARU SAKATA(Evolution) def. ADRIAN SERRANO(U.S.A./Jiu jitsu & Freestyle Grappling) by referee stop TKO(right eyeball hurt) at 1R 5:00.

  • Pro fight #6(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    ROGERIO MINOTAURO NOGUEIRA(Brazil/Brazilian Top Team) def. KATSUHISA FUJII(freelance) by arm bar at 1R 3:59.

  • Pro fight #7(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    SANAE KIKUTA(Pancrase GRABAKA) def. PSHEMEK WALACE(Canada/Columbia Martial Arts) by referee stop TKO(mount punch) at 1R 1:52.

  • Pro fight #8(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    JOAO ROQUE(Brazil/Nova Uniao) def. TAKEHIRO MURAHAMA(Osaka Pro-wrestling) by arm bar at 1R 4:29.

  • Pro fight #9(3 5-min rds)-DEEP rules match-
    PAULO FILHO(Brazil/Brazilian Jiu jitsu) def. Yuki Kondo(Pancrase Tokyo) by 3-0-0 unanimous judges’ decision at full time limit.

*The next DEEP event will be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan (Tokyo,Japan) on December 16, 2001.

FCF Fight Techniques

Far Side Half-Nelson
With Figure-4 On The Arm

This technique is from Matt Hume
FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 1:

Aaron shoots a single leg and Matt sprawls and begins turning to the side.

FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 2:

Matt catches Aaron’s near arm in a figure-4 with the legs and applies a far side half-nelson.

FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 3:

Matt turns Aaron over with the far side half-nelson while keeping the near arm trapped in a figure-4.

FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 4:

Matt scoops Aaron’s head up with his other arm while pulling out the half-nelson and using that arm to punch with, Aaron’s other arm is still trapped in a figure-4.

Aaron Riley is AMC’s newest member of the fight team training under Matt Hume, and comes to us with solid credentials and skills as the current WEF and HOOKnSHOOT champion, look for Aaron to make big waves in the future with his new-found Pankration skills. Matt Hume is the founder of AMC Kickboxing & Pankration Center in Kirkland, WA. Matt had TKO victories in Battlecade Extreme Fighting #3 and #4 over Eric Paulson and Pat Miletich and defeated Kenny Monday in 45 seconds in The Contenders.

Disclaimer: This technique, as any martial art or boxing technique, can be dangerous. You or your training partner may be injured if you apply or practice this technique. The author, Matt Hume, and FCF are not responsible for any injury that may result. Please consult a physician as to whether or not to attempt this technique.

FCF presents fight techniques in every issue of Full Contact Fighter.
In this month’s issue in Matt Hume’s technique, Bas Rutten and Matt Hume demonstrate Bas’s Neck Crank/Chest Crunch technique; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses the Making Space.

From the event’s promoter:

Gladiator Challenge Quick Results
Radison North Greystone Castle – Denver, Colorado
August 19, 2001 – Attendance 1200

  • 165 lbs
    Nuri Shakir (MA) tko over Greg Mcintyre (AMAZING FIGHT!!) rd. 2

  • 140 lbs

    Shawn Ramage (CA) over Richard Hess (CO) tapout from strikes

  • 155 lbs

    Tom Schulte (NM) over Anthony Washington(TX) rear naked choke

  • 180 lbs
    Paul Zilius (CA) over Sam Mcfarlin (CO) tapout from strikes

  • 190 lbs
    Justin Ellison (UT) over Jack Kardanis (NM) triangle at 40 sec. (?)

  • 210 lbs
    Keith Jardin (NM) over Amir Rahnavardi (CA) armbar

  • 190 lbs
    Phillip Miller (CA) over John Herrera (CO)

  • 175 lbs
    Joao Cunha (BR) over Steve Gomm (UT) dec.

  • 175 lbs
    Jay Jack (CO) over Mark Menkveld (CO) strikes from the mount

  • 165 lbs
    Duane Ludwig (C0) over Ressen Messer (NM) TKO Dislocated shoulder from kick
    **Ludwig crowned RING OF FIRE Welterweight Champion**

  • Heavyweight
    Dan Christiansen (NM) over Gabe Beaupurthy (C0) Tapout
    **Christiansen crowned RING OF FIRE Heavy Wt Champ***

  • Main Event 175 lbs
    Brad Gumm over Joe Stevenson 3 rd. decision

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

Results from

Sunday, August 19, 2001
Saitama Super Arena / Saitama Pref, Japan

Part 2
K-1   vs   Team INOKI

  • Rene Rooze (K-1) def. Tadao Yasuda (INOKI) – 3R 0:09 by KO (high Kick)
  • Gary Goodridge (INOKI) def. Jan "the GIANT" Nortje (K-1) – 1R 1:11 by arm bar
  • Mirko Cro Cop (K-1) def. Kazuyuki Fujita (INOKI) – 1R 0:39 by TKO (Dr. Stop)

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