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Saturday, Jan 04, 2003

Results From

Results from
Ultimate Ring Challenge 3
Held January 4, 2003
At the Red Lion Hotel
Kelso, Washington
By Mike Neva

  1. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Jake Yohe (Victory Athletics) def. Tristan Tyrant (Freestyle)
    KO from punches from side mount – R1 0:30

  2. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Paul Purcell (Practical Fighting) def. Tracy Taylor (Victory Athletics)
    Unanimous decision after 3 Rounds

  3. (Kickboxing)
    Matt Adcock (Arizona Combat Sports) def. Anthony Hamlett (Northwest Elite)
    Unanimous decision after 3 Rounds

  4. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Adam Oliver (Victory Athletics) def. Justin Davis (Ylem, Washington)
    TKO due to strikes – R1 1:15

  5. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Rob Wooden (Arizona Combat Sports) def. Ben Manning (Freestyle)
    Submission from a knee to the body – R1 2:43

  6. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Pat Healy (Doomsday Fight Club) def. Richard Johnston (Victory Athletics)
    TKO due to strikes – R2 2: 20

  7. (Female Mixed Martial Arts)
    Jamie Lynn (Arizona Combat Sports) def. Ginelle Marquez – Lee
    Verbal submission – R3 1:28

  8. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Curtis Srnka (Victory Athletics) def. Don Forbes (Practical Fighting Systems)
    Armbar – R2 2:38

  9. (Kickboxing)
    Joey Aparacio (Arizona Combat Sports) drew Shante "Brooklyn" (Washington Elite)
    Draw after 3 Rounds

  10. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Ryan Healy (Doomsday Fight Club) def. Eddy Ellis (Victory Athletics)
    Armbar – R1 1:23

  11. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Bill Mahood (PG Fight Club) def. Jeremiah Futch (Washington Elite)
    TKO due to strikes from side mount – R1 1:42

  12. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Mike Mendoza (Arizona Combat Sports) def. Todd Olsen (Victory Athletics)
    Standing guillotine choke – R3 0:41

  13. (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Benji Radach (Victory Athletics) def. Chris Irvine (Practical Fighting Systems)
    KO from punches in the Guard – R1 1:02

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