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Sunday, Feb 09, 2003

Results From Submission Wrestling In Campos

By Eduardo Alonso

Results from Submission Wrestling in Campos

      This last weekend the city of Campos, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was once again the stage for the best grapplers in the country to perform their art, in an event that is surely becoming the best of its kind in Brazil. 2003 has been THE year in terms of Submission Wrestling in Brazil, since the famous Abu Dhabi world championship will be hold here and all the most important athletes from Jiu Jitsu, Luta Livre and other grappling forms have been training hard for it, therefore accepting all possible chances to improve their game competing in all the the events that are popping up. With the Abu Dhabi Brazilian trials happening less than a month ago, most athletes are still in competition rhythm and the chance to fight for a prize money of more than 1,000 dollars surely appealed for everybody, and plenty os stars appeared on the beaches of Campos to showcase their skills and guarantee the success of the second edition of the event. Names like Alexandre Cacareco, Eduardo Jamelao, Gustavo Ximu, Johil de Oliveira, Antoine Jaude, Cristiano Lazarini, among others, were all fighting in Campos.
2nd Campos Sub Wrestling
      Success is the right word to describe the event indeed! Despite the late drop out of Carlos Barreto from the superfight against Alexandre Cacareco, due to his participation in K-1 Brazil, and the intense heat of the Brazilian Summer, promoter Leandro Ribeiro Campos managed to work around the problems and guaranteed the success of the event that had a crowd of 4,000 people on hand for it! It’s amazing to see an Submission Wrestling event counting with a crowd of that magnitude, and besides the 4,000 names like PRIDE champion Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, Ebenezer Braga and others were also watching the event live. On the mats, placed in an interesting open air arena, the action was also hot with RVT fighter Alexandre Cacareco once again reigning supreme both in the Absolute division and the Superfight, repeating the level of performance displayed in the ADCC Brazilian trials. Cacareco used his solid Wrestling skills, combined with his power and experience to win the event’s championship for the second time in its second edition. Bruno Bastos, from Nova Uniao, who did well in the ADCC trials as well, and Cristiano Lazarini from Gracie Barra also put on impressive performances. Overall the event pleased the crowd and most importantly the fighters who had the chance to compete in a professional event, with a good prize money and press support. Now let’s wait for the third Submission Wrestling in Campos as soon as it happens! Here are the champions in each division:

  • Up to 65 kg: Rodrigo Damm (Alliance)
  • Up to 76 kg: Suyan Queiroz (Brazilian Top Team)
  • Up to 87 kg: Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao)
  • Up to 98 kg: Cristiano Lazarini "Titi" (Gracie Barra)
  • Absolute: Alexandre Cacareco (Ruas Vale Tudo)
  • Superfight: Alexandre Cacareco defeated Eduardo Jamelao by points.

Extreme Challenge 49
By Keith Mills

Davenport, Iowa–Jay Buck won the Extreme Challenge Middleweight 8-man tournament after defeating the odds favorite Brenden Seguin in the finals for the first qualifier in their Middleweight tournament series. The tournament series is designed to find upcoming talent just like the Heavyweight series did last year.

Buck on top of Seguin
Buck on top of Seguin

  • Jay Buck def Ryan Stout 1:48 r2 by guillotine choke
  • Kyle Jensen def Dennis Reed 2:20 r2 by TKO
  • Jonathan Goulet def Jason Rigsby :08 r1 by KO (kick)
  • Brenden Seguin def Leo Sylvest :46 r2 by neck crank
  • Spencer Fisher def Kurt Illeman 1:15 r1 by KO
  • Jay Buck def Kyle Jensen by unanimous decision
  • Brendan Seguin def Jonathan Goulet :46 r3 by TKO
  • Jason Medina def Eric Beaulieu by unanimous decision
  • Jay Buck def Brendan Seguin 1:34 r2 by TKO

The referee was none other than UFC Welterweight champion Matt Hughes who wasn’t afraid to stand the fighters up throughout the night when the fighters went under the ropes and on a couple occasions when the action stalled. Throughout the night there were no questionable or late ref stoppages and the crowd never once booed.

The next stop on this Middleweight tournament series is a qualifier in Salt Lake City, UT on February 23rd. Both of the two finalists tonight plus the two finalists from the Utah show plus four others chosen for good performances will move on to the tournament finals in Super Brawl 24 in Hawaii on May 9th.

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