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Sunday, Jul 29, 2001

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Sunday, July 29, 2001
Day Event: 1:30PM; live gate 2,300 sold out
Night Event: 6:30PM; live gate 2,250 sold out
Korakuen Hall(Tokyo, Japan)

Day Event-Neo Blood Tournament 1st rounds-

1st round fight#1(2X5 min rounds)
Hiroki Nagaoka (Rodeo Style) def. Shinya Sato (P’s LAB Tokyo)
by 3-0 unanimous judges’ decision at the extra round after full time limit

1st round fight#2(2X5 min rounds)
Hideaki Iwasaki (Strapple) def. Sen Nakadai (Pancrase Tokyo)
by rear choke at 1R 1:40

1st round fight#3(2X5 min rounds)
Kazuo Misaki(GRABAKA) def. Hikaru Sato(Pancrase Yokohama)
by rear choke at 1R 4:08

1st round fight#4(2X5 min rounds)
Seiki Ryo (Power of Dream) def. Yohei Ota (A3)
by 3-0 unanimous judges’ decision

Fight#5(1X5 min round)-catch wrestling match-
Takafumi Ito (Pancrase Yokohama) def. Shunsuke Hayashi (SK. Absolute)
by 2-0 majority judges’ decision

Fight#6(3X5 min rounds)-middleweight match-
Daiju Takase (Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo Hombu) def. Laverne Clark (USA/Miletich Martial Arts Center)
by triangle choke at 2R 16 sec

Fight#7(3X5 min rounds)-light heavyweight match-
Yuki Sasaki(GRABAKA) def. Jason DeLucia(U.S.A./Pancrase Hybrid Budokan)
by arm bar at 2R 3:05

Fight#8(3X5 min rounds)-light heavyweight match-
Ikuhisa Minowa(4th ranked/Pancrase Yokohama) def. Kenji Akiyama(Zendokai)
by front choke at 2R 2:52

Night Event -Neo Blood Tournament Semifinal, Final-

Semifinal fight#1(2X5 min rounds)
Hiroki Nagaoka(Rodeo Style) def. Hideaki Iwasaki(Strapple)
by armlock at the extra round 1:31 after full time limit

Semifinal fight#2(2X5 min rounds)
Kazuo Misaki(GRABAKA) def. Seiki Ryo(Power of Dream
by 2-1 split judges’ decision at the extra round after full time limit

Fight#3(2X5 min rounds)-light heavyweight match-
KEI Yamamiya(Pancrase Tokyo) def. Yoshinori Kawasaki(RJW/CENTRAL)
by punch KO at 1R 4:04

Fight#4(1X5 min round)-catch wrestling match-
Minoru Suzuki(Pancrase Yokohama) drew Eiji Ishikawa(GRABAKA)
at full time limit

Fight#5(3X5 min rounds)-middleweight match-
Kiuma Kunioku (1st ranked/Pancrase Yokohama) drew Sean Sherk (USA/Minnesota Martial Arts Center)
at full time limit

Fight#6(3X5 min rounds)-light heavyweight match-
Mitsuyoshi Sato (7th ranked/GRABAKA) def. Omar Bouiche (5th ranked/Sweden/Mixed Martial Arts Stockholm) by triangle choke at 2R 1:00

Fight#7(3X5 min rounds)-open-weight match-
Tim Lajcik (USA/Gladiators Training Academy) def. Osami Shibuya (6th ranked/Pancrase Yokohama)
by 3-0 unanimous judges’ decision at full time limit

Final(3X5 min rounds)
Kazuo Misaki(GRABAKA) def. Hiroki Nagaoka(Rodeo Style)
by front choke at 2R 1:21
*Misaki crowned the 2001 Neo Blood Tournament

From the event’s promoter:

On Saturday, October 6th at the Cahuilla Creek Casino in Anza, California is the battleground for the Cobra Classic 2001…

  • Gates open at 5:30 pm, fights start at 7:00 pm
  • Mark "The Cobra" Hall, 5-time UFC veteran vs John Cole, The Shark Tank
  • Plus about 10 other fights…
  • Jason Vonflu vs Reggie "The Werker" Cardial and Aaron Brink, UFC veteran fighting for the CFF heavyweight Title
  • Kevin Christopher vs TBA
  • For more information contact the Cobra Fighting Federation at 909-532-7589 or Cahuilla Creek Casino at 909-763-1200
  • The promoters for this NHB / Mix martial art event are Mark Hall (909)-532-7589 and Dan Mc Alister (909) 677-5600

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