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Tuesday, Apr 01, 2003

Results Fromamateur Fighting Competition 3

Results from
Amateur Fighting Competition 3

Held March 29, 2003
Waikiki Shell Amphitheater, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka

Michael Labuanan punching Louis Kuamo'o
Labuanan punching Kuamo’o

This was Ray "Bradda" Cooper and his wife, Monika’s third installment of the AFC. This time, Cooper and company moved the event to the open air, Waikiki Shell Amphitheater. It turned out to be a great night for fights in a great venue. Due to the layout of the Amphitheater, there really was not a bad seat in the house. The AFC is Hawaii’s version of the Toughman competitions with a twist. There are three rounds of one minute each round. The fighters wear 16ounce gloves and headgear like regular Toughman competitions. However, the fighters are allowed one take down per round. The take down drastically changes the element of fight. Fighters that have superior striking skills, must now counter a take down, which is scored equal to a knock down. So a take down can effectively negates a knock down. There were a couple of fights that takedowns were the deciding factor that helped a fighter avoid a close decision. Ron "The Machine Gun" Jhun served as referee for all the bouts. The only fighter that was not from Oahu made his inter-island trip well worth it. Michael Labuanan, fighting out of Maui Full Contact, displayed crisp punches, good combinations and good take downs. He was the second smallest competitor, but he showed that good technique and strategy can pay off in a big way. His final fight against, the heavy hitting James Stanford was a war. Stanford knocked down his first opponent on his way to the finals, and even knocked down Labuanan in their fight. Labuanan negated Stanford’s knock down with a take down and increased his lead with another take down for the victory. Defending champion, Kaleo Westbrook was the largest competitor and made his opponent’s "feel" his presence. He did have a war in the finals with Roy Alivanu, who strangely trains at the same gym as Westbrook. Alivanu got off a lot of punches quicker than Westbrook, but Westbrook’s power punches and strong exchange in the third round edged him out the victory and the cash prize. Both final matches were filled with a lot of action and ended the night on a high note.

Kaleo Westbrook def. Roy Alivanu
Westbrook def. Alivanu
  • 200 & under weight class:
    Michael Labuanan (175lbs, Makawao, Maui) def. Cyrus Kanaole (165lbs, Waipahu)
    TKO – Kanaole does not come out of corner after the end of Round 2.

  • 201 & over weight class:
    Roy Alivanu (240lbs, Waianae) def. Billy Saio (203lbs, Honolulu)
    Unanimous Decision [(13-6), (13-6), (13-6)]

  • 200 & under weight class:
    PJ Dean (177lbs, Waianae) def. Filipo Toelau (177lbs, Honolulu)
    Unanimous Decision [(11-8), (11-8), (16-7)]

  • 201 & over weight class:
    Kaleo Westbrook (330lbs, Waianae) def. Jacob “Jake” Faagai (246lbs, Waianae)
    Unanimous Decision [(9-6), (9-6), (9-6)]

  • 200 & under weight class:
    Louis Kuamo’o (188lbs, Nanakuli) def. Alan Alcaraz (183lbs, Ewa Beach)
    Unanimous Decision [(10-7), (12-7), (10-7)]

  • 200 & under weight class:
    James Stanford (193lbs, Waianae) def. Tommy “Tsunami” Woo (Ewa Beach)
    Unanimous Decision [(13-10), (13-8), (13-8)]

  • 200 & under weight class Semi-Finals:
    Michael Labuanan (175lbs, Makawao, Maui) def. Louis Kuamo’o (188lbs, Nanakuli)
    Unanimous Decision [(13-6), (13-6), (13-6)]

  • 200 & under weight class Semi-Finals:
    James Stanford (193lbs, Waianae) def. Alstead Anderson* (188lbs, Honolulu)
    *Alstead Anderson replaces an injured PJ Dean
    Unanimous Decision [(9-6), (8-7), (9-6)]

  • 201 & over weight class Finals:
    Kaleo Westbrook (330lbs, Waianae) def. Roy Alivanu (240lbs, Waianae)
    Majority Decision [(8-7), (8-7), (7-8)]

  • 200 & under weight class Finals:
    Michael Labuanan (175lbs, Makawao, Maui) def. James Stanford (193lbs, Waianae)
    Unanimous Decision [(18-13), (13-12), (13-12)]

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