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Monday, Feb 12, 2001

Results Of

From the event’s promoter Sven Bean (thanks to Heath Dudley):

Ring Of Fire Logo

Ring Of Fire Logo
Results of
Ring of Fire 2 "TRIAL BY FIRE"
Saturday, February 10, 2001
Radisson North Graystone Castle
Denver, Colorado
Approximate attendance: 1,200

Issaias Martinez def. Chris Cisneros – rear naked choke – round 1

LW tournament semifinals:
Jake Hattan def. Rick Bowen – arm bar – round 1
Leonard Garcia def. Shawn Simpson – flying triangle choke – round 1

MW tournament semifinals:
Jay Jack def. Gabriel Garcia – majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)
Cruz Chacon def. Pete Spratt – split decision (BAD decision)

CW tournament semifinals
John Herrera def. Chad Johnson – bicep choke – round 1
Jim Theobold def. Gabriel Duran – rear naked choke – round 1

LW tournament finals
Leonard Garcia def. Jake Hattan – guillotine choke – round 2

MW tournament finals
Jay Jack def. Cruz Chacon – standing guillotine choke – round 3

CW tournament finals
Jim Theobold vs. John Herrera – arm bar – round 2

Main event
Eric Payne def. Duane Ludwig – rear naked choke – :35 of round 1

From the event’s promoter:

HOOKnSHOOT "QUAKE" Will Shake Evansville, Indiana on March 10th, 2001

HnS Quake
An incredible card is definitely set to "shake" Evansville as HOOKnSHOOT presents "QUAKE" featuring three HnS Championship Title matches, four Official SHOOTO matches and one women’s’ fight.
HOOKnSHOOT makes tickets available for this event at it’s exclusive online store! Order tickets now and make sure you get great seats to this live event! ORDER TODAY! HOOKnSHOOT TICKET ORDERING

8 MAN 99 KG & Up Submission Wrestling Tournament – Final American Qualifier for ADCC 2001

JUDY NEFF (Wrestling) vs. JESSICA ROSS (Gracie Jiu Jitsu). Much can be said for both women. Judy, the wife of Roger Neff, has had a handful of fights and has managed to pull out several victories. Meanwhile, Jessica, a Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioner and training partner of Angelo Popofski, will make her long-awaited fighting debut in a bout that already has people talking.


(2 x 5 MIN – MIDDLEWEIGHT) MIKE WILLUS (University of Pittsburgh MMA Club) vs. VIRGIL STREZLECKI (ranked #10) (Chicago Fight Team). Willis, now 3-0 in HnS, continues to improve with each outing and Virgil, quickly improving himself, is always out for the win.

(3 x 5 MIN – MIDDLEWEIGHT) FABIANO GONCALVES (Boxing/Jiu Jitsu) vs. CHRIS LYTLE (Integrated Fighting). Gonzales, a tough Brasilian veteran of Sergio Baterelli’s IFC event, is set to make his U.S. debut but must first get past Chris Lytle. An ADCC U.S. Trials runner-up, this Jason Godsey trained athlete is also undefeated in HnS. An interesting bout to say the least.

(2x 5 MIN -WELTERWEIGHT) RYOJI YOSHIZAWA (USA Shooto) vs. JEFF CURRAN (Pedro Sauer Jiu Jitsu). Although little is known about Yoshizawa in the mainstream, all reports say that he is a fighting machine with an undefeated record. Curran, with his only losses to the likes Henry Matamoros and Phil Johns, is also known for being one tough customer! The two battle it out in the welterweight division.

(3 x 5 MIN – MIDDLEWEIGHT) JAY BUCK (Chicago Fight Team) vs. STEVE BERGER (Rodrigo Vaghi Jiu Jitsu). Buck, currently ranked #5 and Berger at #2 make an incredible fight on paper. Berger, making a habit of fighting the best in the game, takes his hard-hitting standup and BJJ talents to Buck’s relentless Boxing and wrestling skills. A definitely clash that you would NOT want to miss.

JASON WALLS (CHAMPION) vs. PAT BENSON (Special Submission Fighting Rules). Since September 20, 1997 Jason "The Survivor" Walls has successfully defended his HnS Lightweight Submission Fighting Championship. With a MMA record of 9-1, Jason is the current and longest reigning champion in HnS history and has scored some of the quickest submission victories in the sport. Since his serious auto accident, he has been plagued with injuries and is hoping to retire without another loss. One problem, Pat Benson is one of the best up-and-coming fighters and a 2000 ADCC Trials Runner Up as well as a 8-2 record in MMA. Pat has excellent wrestling, striking and submission skills and trains with the likes of Rodrigo Vaghi and Steve Berger. This could very well make him Walls toughest match ever.

PHIL JOHNS (Silverbacks Team) vs. SEAN WILMOT (Mass. Submission Fighting). Johns, the tough as nails champion, tries to continue his winnings. Wilmot is hungry for the championship and has had excellent showings in previous HnS cards including a KO that is a "highlight keeper"!

TRAVIS PHIPPEN (American Jiu Jitsu Academy) vs. ICHAKU MURATA (Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu). Murata made a definite impact in the ADCC Trials earlier in the year by defeating his first round opponent in only :15 with a textbook kneebar. At HnS "Fusion" Murata was able to pull the kneebar out of nowhere to defeat seasoned veteran, Jeremy Bolt. Travis Phippen is the 2000 winner of the Gold Medal in the Pankration Games in Greece. Quite possibly one of the greatest accomplishments in the sport. Phippen also did battle with Jeremy Bolt in a definite show stopper that still has fans talking. Only one man will leave with the championship.

JOHN "THE SAINT" RENKEN (Team Havoc) vs. SCOTT HENZE (Freestyle). Renken is notorious for getting raw deals and bad press despite being a "man of the cloth." Renken is not only a preacher but one of the most seasoned fighters in the Midwest and can seemingly pull an unexpected victory out of thin air. He has competed in Pride and Pancrase in Japan and is nicknamed the "Saint". Henze, on the other hand, has a "bad boy" image that leaves his opponents wondering what he will do next. On many occasions, Henze’s opponents fall victim to a HARD suplex or Judo throw that sets up his brutal, ground-and-pound assault or submission attack. Good vs. Evil, the Saint vs. the Sinner…..whatever cliche you can put in, it’s going to be a great match.

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