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Tuesday, Feb 12, 2002

‘return Of The Heavyweights’lineup Announced

From the event’s promoter:

‘Return of the Heavyweights’
Lineup Announced

Kerry Schall
6-3, 265
Cincinnati, Ohio
Record: 11-3
William Hill
6-2, 240
Aurora, Ill.
Record: 0-0

Seth Peters
6-1, 240
Cape Girard, Mo.
Record: 1-1-1
Ben Rothwell
6-5, 250
Kenosha, Wis.
Record: 9-1

Ron Faircloth
5-10, 230
Madison, Wis.
Record: 5-2
Mike Radnov
Dallas, Texas
6-1, 260
Record: 5-2

Travis Weiss
6-3, 270
Minneapolis, Minn.
Record: 2-0
Keith Jardine
6-1, 220
Albuquerque, N.M.
Record: 2-0

Alt: Johnathan Ivey vs. Russ Speers

Feature: Jason Black (15-0-1) vs. James Meals (9-7)

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From the event’s promoter:

WEF Results
By Keith Mills
Held February 9, 2002
War Memorial Stadium
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Isaac Rios vs. Robert Lawrence

  • Isaac Rios def. Robert Lawrence by rear naked choke
  • Scotty Johnson def. John Browning by submission to strikes
  • Scott Shipman def. Antonio Souza when Souze submitted between rounds
  • Joey Guel def. Todd Carney by arm bar from top
  • Brian Vanderwalle def. Bill Vucick by unanimous decision
  • Walter McCall def. Rob Baer by KO
  • Mike Cardoso def. John Wehby by unanimous decision
  • Andrea Richman def. Theresa by submission to strikes
  • Edson Diniz def. Anthony Hamlett by KO
  • Martin Villa def. John Dixson by arm bar

  Thursday – February 14, 2002     Happy VD

Catching Up with
Anderson Silva and Rafael Cordeiro

By Eduardo Alonso

Many now consider Anderson Silva one of the top ranked fighters in his weight division, and he earned these accolades after being the first man to defeat Japanese hero Hayato Sakurai in NHB. After this impressive win Anderson was approached by both the UFC and PRIDE to fight in their events, but after a lot of talk he ended up fighting at MECA in Brazil, and little is sure about what’s next for him. Rafael Cordeiro is, along with Rudimar Fedrigo, one of those responsible for the hard training that has been making the Chute Boxe team achieve a lot of success all over the world. But besides being a coach, Rafael is still a fighter and the chance of his return to the ring is increasing month after month. FCF had the opportunity to catch up with Anderson Silva and Rafael Cordeiro for a quick talk regarding both fighters’ futures!

Rafael Cordeiro
FCF:   Rafael, you are one of the main people responsible for Anderson’s training. A lot of people were shocked when he beat Hayato Sakurai in Japan, but for you this was expected. What can we expect from him in the future?
Rafael: I believe Anderson never had the physical and technical condition that he has now. And his dream is to fight at K-1! So what we plan for Anderson is that at least in two years from now he will be fighting at K-1.

FCF:   So that’s why he is doing some work to gain weight…
Rafael: And that’s why we want this time to prepare him for K-1. So he can gain weight, and fighting NHB in mean time. If he is weighing 81kg, he will fight NHB in the 81kg division; if in the next event he is weighing 84kg, he will fight in the 86kg division, and from there on until he reaches around 94, 95kg. I believe that for Anderson 95kg is the ideal weight to fight in K-1. So for this year we will work with Anderson looking for PRIDE and K-1.

Anderson Silva
FCF:   Anderson, at MECA 6 you showed up weighing a bit more than you usually weigh for your fights. I understand that you have been working to gain weight recently. Do you believe that this is helping your game even more?
Anderson: I believe so. I think it’s always important for the athlete to develop the physical part too, especially in my case, because I’m an athlete that is looking forward to be fighting for K-1. My main objective is to fight in K-1. So I’m training hard for it. I’m training a lot of Muay Thai. I’m training as much Muay Thai as I can. I’m training a lot of Jiu-Jitsu too, but I’m emphasizing more on my Muay Thai, because my main objective as a fighter is to maybe finish my career as an undefeated K-1 champion!

FCF:   You spent a good amount of time waiting to know if you were going to fight for the UFC or for PRIDE. Did this situation hinder your training in any way?
Anderson: No, I kept my dedication as always. I believe it didn’t hinder my training at all. My training stayed the same as usual, even because I don’t have the pretension of fighting so soon in the bigger events. So I’m working to gain weight, and when the time comes for me to fight at PRIDE, I’ll fight! I believe that I have already been showing my work, my value. I believe that when the right time comes for me to fight at PRIDE people will call me. Meanwhile I keep training hard with the guys here, and I’ll look to develop my technique even more.

FCF:   Talking about training hard, you are always training hard with all the guys from the Chute Boxe team. When are we going to see you back in the ring fighting Rafael?
Rafael: I gained some weight now. I’m weighing 82kg, and I’m looking to fight again this year! Everybody on the team asks for it! Vanderlei is always asking me to fight again and stuff like that, so I’m going to fight again for the guys. Because I know that they are willing to see me fighting again. So you are going to hear my name a lot this year for sure.

FCF:   Thanks a lot for your time.
Anderson: Thank you.
Rafael: It’s always a pleasure.

We have a winnaah!
Aaron and a few of his special friends

Shirt and hat
The latest FCF contest winner, Jason Weaver from Vancouver, WA – USA, supplied the following caption for the picture above…It’s all I can do to not look at that stupid mohawk!
Harry wins a long-sleeve NHB shirt and FCF beanie hat.

Here are some other interesting captions that were submitted…

  • From Jeff Hobbs:
    Is it tap your elbows together or your heels?! There’s no place like home…

  • From Bryan Henley:
    The only thing as scary as that mohawk are those punches

  • From Jason R. Hessler:
    Russian Peek-a-Boo.

  • From Michael Farr:
    The two fisted out of sight out of mind technique.

We will have a new contest up soon… the next winner could be YOU!

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

Pride.19 & The Best Lineups

DSE/Pride has announced the fight order of Pride.19 / Pride Fighting Championships "Bad Blood" (February 24th) and "The Best"(February 22nd) as follows.

Pride.19 / Pride Fighting Championships "Bad Blood"
Date: February 24th, 2002
Open: 14:00 Start 16:00
Place: Saitama Super Arena (Saitama-Pref , Japan)

1st Match
Tom "Big Cat" Erikson vs. Tim "Obake" Catalfo

2nd Match
Wallid Ismail vs. Alex Stiebling

3rd Match
Daijiro Matsui vs. Rodrigo "Highlander" Gracie

4th Match
Carlos Newton vs. Pele

5th Match
Heath Herring vs. Igor Vovchanchyn

6th Match
Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock

7th Match
Enson Inoue vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

8th Match *Pride Middle Weight Title Match
Wanderlei Silva vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

The Best
Date: February 22nd, 2002
Open: 18:00 Start 19:00
Place: Korakuen Hall (Tokyo , Japan)

1st Match
Souichi Nishida vs. Giant Ochiai

2nd Match
Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Anthony Macias

3rd Match
Mammoth Sasaki vs. Kim Jong Wang

4th Match
Daijyu Takase vs. Johil De Oliveira

5th Match
Koh Soukun vs. Amir

6th Match
Yusuke Imamura vs. Joe Son

From the event’s promoter:

Card Announced!

Indiana’s MMA company steps up with a packed card for March 9th, in Evansville Indiana’s Memorial Coliseum.

      "This is SHOOTO." starts HnS promoter Jeff Osborne. "We are glad to open 2002 with a bang, we think we are putting together a great card for HOOKnSHOOT OVERDRIVE. I know we say ‘This is our best show ever’ a lot, but I think it is a sign that we are doing something consistent" continues Osborne.
      "The April 13th ladies show has commanded a lot of attention, and that will be a lot of fun, but this March 9th show will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the year." Osborne states. "We will have a lot more details in the days to come, but we wanted to release the lineup now."
      "We want to thank the SHOOTO Commission in Japan and their people here in the USA – I think we are beginning to grow this ‘union’ as well." Osborne elaborates after stating that all the matches on the card would be OFFICIAL SHOOTO, sanctioned by the SC in Japan. This is a first in the US, something Osborne describes as "another HnS milestone and a feather in our underdog cap".
      "Of course, this is subject to change, we hope we won’t have to, but with what we have seen this year…" concludes Osborne.


2 RD: B CLASS (185 lbs):
Jim DeSouza (Massachusetts Submission Academy, Amherst, MA) v. Angelo Popofski (Caique JJ, Detroit, MI.)

2 RD: B CLASS (155 lbs):
Hermes Franca (Silveira Brothers, Fortaleza, Brazil) v. Mike Willus (Pittsburgh TOP, Pittsburgh, PA.)

2 RD: B CLASS (135 lbs):
Matee Jedeetipak (Integrated Fighting, Indianapolis, IN.) v. Dan "Pennsylvania Hit Man" Swift (Kyle Saunders BJJ, Erie, PA.)

2 RD: B CLASS (185 lbs):
Manuel Garcia (Independente, Asturias, Spain) v. Jason Rigsby (Ottawa Nautilus, Ottawa, IL.)

2 RD: B CLASS (265 lbs):
Roger Neff (Team Idaho, Couer D’lane, ID.) v. Alexandro Aspas (Academia SHOOT, Valencia, Spain)

3 RD: A CLASS (170 lbs):
Alexandre Barros (Ruas Vale Tudo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) v. CJ Fernandes (PRO GYM, Belleville, IL.)

3 RD: A CLASS (185 lbs):
Chris Brown (Melbourne, Australia) v. Moacir "Boca" De Oliveira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

3 RD: A CLASS (205 lbs):
Dustin Denes (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Orlando, FL.) v. Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore (Self Focus Dojo, Lansing, MI.)

3 RD: A CLASS (215 lbs):
Rogerio "Minotoro" Noguiera (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Bahia, Brazil – pictured below in red t-shirt) v. Jim Theobold (TEAM ROJAS, Chicago, IL.)

Rogerio Nogueira with twin brother Minotauro

Hudson Rocha (TOP TEAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) v. (Champion) Ichaku Murata (HnS, Osaka, Japan)

(Challenger) Ivan Salaverry (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. (Champion) John Renken (EXTREME CF, Ft Campbell, KY.)

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