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Wednesday, Dec 04, 2002

Ring Of Combathits Nj This Saturday

From the event’s Promoter:

Ring Of Combat logo
Ring Of Combat
Hits NJ This Saturday

December 7, 2002
Meadowlands Expo Center

MMA & Muay Thai matches will feature the following fighters*:

  • Elvis Garcia (Tiger Schulmann’s Karate)
  • Steve Anshelewitz (Martin’s JJ/Renzo Gracie)
  • Themi Papadimitriou (Combined Martial Arts)
  • William Hamiliton (Tiger Schulmann’s Karate)
  • Ted Govola (Mass Destruction Champ)
  • Pete "Drago" Sell (Serra JJ)
  • Shennen Maceo (Tiger Schulmann’s Karate)
  • Miguel Arayo
  • Andy Ruggiero (Martin’s JJ/Renzo Gracie)
  • John Rotendella (Pitts Pen)
  • Derrick Riddick
  • Eric Shaver
  • Eric Certo

*Card subject to change

MMA to Be Profiled on ESPN Tonight

Inside "Outside The Lines":
The Skinny on ESPN’s Hour-Long MMA Documentary
By Loretta Hunt

By Loretta Hunt
      On Thursday, December 5th at 7:00 PM (Eastern Time), there is no doubt where the majority of the MMA world will be. They will be sitting on their couches watching ESPN’s Outside The Lines hour-long episode on mixed martial arts. Two years in the making, the show has been a collaborative effort among numerous producers and their crews, with filming spanning from November 16, 2000 all the way up to late November 2002, when cameramen will record their last moments of footage at UFC 40. Outside The Lines, a weekly show for the juggernaut sports network, focuses on lesser-known aspects of the sports world. Shows in the past have included subsets of the major sports or certain elements of them that have not necessarily been exposed to the public. On occasion, OTL has even had the opportunity to introduce something completely new to its audience. It would seem that MMA’s turn has come.
      No one I spoke with at ESPN is quite sure how this came about, but in the beginning, early seeds for the show were planted when the words "extreme fighting" appeared on a topic board at an ESPN producers meeting for future shows. Discussion on the topic was strong and warranted a little field research, so ESPN producer Jon Fish was dispatched for some reconnaissance work in the trenches. An opportune phone call from then-manager Dana White (he managed fighters Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell) led Fish to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey and UFC 28. When Fish returned to ESPN headquarters with excited descriptions of his experiences at the event, the folks at ESPN knew they were on to something. "Our objective at Outside The Lines is to not do the most obvious thing," explains Mike Cambareri, who joined the project as head producer last March. "This was an opportunity to show the public something they normally wouldn’t see." With company approval, the wheels were set in motion to produce an entire OTL episode exploring the intriguing world of MMA. Producers were assigned. Meetings were held. Topics were introduced and then scratched. Camera crews were fanned out across the country. As the team dug deeper into their subject, Cambareri says they dedicated more of their time to work on it. Now, two years later, and months and months of phone calls, road trips, live interviews and beta tapes later, ESPN’s OTL will be ready to unveil the fruits of its labors.
      The show itself will attempt to cover a wide range of matter. Cambareri confirmed that the episode’s format will consist of possibly 4 to 5 major segments of yet to be determined length, while the remaining time will be sprinkled with smaller pieces. What will these main stories consist of? Apparently a lot. One segment will focus on "MMA’s attempt to carve a niche in America’s sports culture", and most specifically, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s quest to get into the mainstream. OTL has been following the popular promotion since November 2000, and, in addition to interviews from UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC president Dana White (among others), footage will take fans behind the scenes the day of a UFC event to get a first hand look at the preparations and emotions leading up to fight time. Cambareri also added that the piece will touch upon the improvements the sport has enjoyed since Zuffa Sports Entertainment became a part of it.
      Producer Jon Fish’s segment tracks the UFC heavyweight champion and will most likely revolve around former champion Randy Couture’s story. Fish was there when Couture made his triumphant return to the organization at UFC 28, besting Kevin Randleman for the heavyweight title. Fish was also there when Couture lost the belt to Josh Barnett at UFC 36 in March, and most recently observed Couture unsuccessfully try to get it back at UFC 39 in September. Expect the piece to offer a closer look at the 2-Time Champion’s life through those that know him best. The segment will also cover Josh Barnett’s fall from grace via charges of steroid use. Being the first ESPN representative "on the scene" two years ago, Fish has been an influential figure for the show, as his reports on the sport have helped the other producers in their own planning and research. For Fish, doing a piece on MMA was an appetizing prospect from the beginning. "I like boxing and I like Olympic wrestling. My impression going into this was one of excitement to see this up close and personal."

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ESPN OTL Press Release:

Outside The Lines logo provided by ESPN
Ultimate Fighting: Spectacle or Sport?

      Outside The Lines will report on ultimate fighting – described as "mixed martial arts" by its followers and called "human cockfighting" by it critics – as it attempts to carve its niche in American sports culture. The one-hour special will air Thursday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. ET, and re-air Dec. 7 at 11 p.m. on ESPN2, and Dec. 11 at 4 a.m. and 3 p.m. on ESPN.

      Outside The Lines — Ultimate Fighting: Spectacle or Sport? will present insight into the large and small organizations within the sport, profile fighters, examine the violence, and document illegal fighting in underground "fight clubs." Ultimate fighting includes elements of Greco-Roman wrestling, Marquis of Queensbury prizefighting rules, and multiple disciplines of martial arts dating back centuries.

      The show, hosted by Jeremy Schaap, will include the following segments:

OTL has been monitoring the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest promoter of "ultimate fighting" in the U.S., for two years. When it began in 1993, it was promoted as "no holds barred" with no time limits, no weight classes (a 160-pound karate expert could take on a 450-pound sumo wrestler), with fights ending by knockout or by submission. In 1996, Senator John McCain embarked on a state-by-state crusade to ban ultimate fighting, and shortly thereafter the Ultimate Fighting Championship was dropped from pay-per-view TV. In 2001, new owners purchased the UFC hoping to bring ultimate fighting into sports’ mainstream. In its quest for legitimacy, the UFC has made rule changes to appeal to a larger audience and subsequently, returned to pay-per-view in 2001. While it has gained popularity in the United States, the organization faces challenges from critics who think it is too violent, and from states that still won’t sanction its fights. — Steve Delsohn

When a promoter attempted to bring a cage fight to Carmel, Ind. (an Indianapolis suburb), Mayor Jim Brainard and the City Council banished all cage fighting from their town although ultimate fighting is legal in the state. OTL will look at why a number of states, including New York and Illinois, have refused to legalize any form of ultimate fighting. – Steve Delsohn

While most ultimate fighting is legal, OTL investigates the underground, illegal world of fight clubs and how they avoid the law. Venues include a residential garage in San Diego, which is home to the Metal Mulisha fight club, and a Los Angeles bar that can be closed down and turned into "Kaged Combat." OTL examines why fighters risk breaking the law and how they get away with it. — Jeremy Schaap

Like other sports, mixed martial arts have "minor leagues" where fighters literally fight their way to the top. OTL reports on why these combatants compete for little or no money, and profiles the aspiring ultimate fighter – it could be your neighbor. – Tom Rinaldi

Outside The Lines has followed the fate of 39-year old Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champ Randy Couture for nine months. In that time he lost his championship to 24-year old upstart Josh Barnett, who was subsequently suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for steroid use. He was stripped of his belt by the UFC giving Couture a chance to re-gain the title. OTL profiles Couture and Barnett, and the impact the pursuit of the UFC heavyweight championship had on their lives. — Greg Garber

OTL profiles the Gracie family, the first family of mixed martial arts who have popularized Brazilian jiu-jitsu within today’s ultimate fighting and spawned a stable of athletes who spread their knowledge internationally as teachers and fighters. There is 90-year old patriarch Helio Gracie, who can still apply a vicious chokehold, and Royce Gracie, the first champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993. While learning about the family business — fighting and teaching fighting — OTL was invited to a private class with student Ed O’Neill, who played Al Bundy in TV’s Married With Children. — Curry Kirkpatrick.


  • WOMEN, TOO– OTL was at the first all-women’s mixed martial arts fight card.
  • POP CULTURE — A storyline in TV’s Friends focused on the pursuit to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Actor Jon Favreau talks about his role in the episode and his impressions of ultimate fighting.

  • From the event’s Promoter:

    SHOOTO Hawaii

    SHOOTO Hawaii poster
    Tentative Fight Card
    Main Event Shooto Class A – Middleweight 76KG 167.5
    Ray "Bradda" Cooper (Jesus Is Lord) VS. Jay Buck (Team Hell House)

    Semi-Event Shooto Class A – Welterweight 65kg 143.3
    Stephen “Bozo” Paling III (Jesus Is Lord) VS. Ryan Ackerman (Grappling Works)

    Shooto Class B 65KG 143.3
    Neal Andres (HMC) VS. Josh Corlione (Kodenkan HI)

    Shooto Class B Constructed 56KG 125
    Antonio Rodriguez (Team Big Dog) VS. Will Armstrong (808 Fight Factory)

    Shooto Class B 60KG 132.3
    Kyle Takao (HMC) VS. Thin Nguyen (Wailuku Kickboxing)

    Shooto Class B 70KG 154.5
    David Padilla (Gamebred) VS. Derek Matsumoto (HMC)

    Shooto Class B 76KG 167.5
    Sean Taylor (Freelance) VS. Tyson Coloma-Nahooikaika (Wailuku Kickboxing)

    Shooto Class B 65KG 143.3
    Tommy Lee (Team Hell House) VS TBA


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