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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Ring Of Fury Goes Off Without A Hitch

Ring of Fury Goes Off Without a Hitch
By Jim Genia
Photography by Keith Mills

Jeremy Bennett attempts keylock on Matt Lee
      May 18, 2002 — The Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts, played host tonight to the debut of Ring of Fury – the first closed-fist mixed martial arts competition in the state – and the event went off without a hitch. There were nine action-packed bouts on the card featuring local boys such as Keith Rockel and Nuri Shakir battling it out against some not-so-local boys in Leo Dalla (of the Brazilian Top Team) and Todd Fox (of Vaghi Jiu-jitsu in St. Louis). With numerous state athletic commission officials and a crowd of approximately 2100 fans in attendance, the fighters gave it their all – and showed Massachusetts what the sport of MMA is all about.

      UFC-veteran Keith Rockel squared off against Brazilian Leo Dalla with the United States Mixed Martial Arts (USMMA) Middleweight Championship belt on the line. The fight of the night, this was a back-and-forth match that saw Dalla imposing his will and top-notch jiu-jitsu skills on Rockel in the first round, and Rockel coming back strong with his striking and sprawls in the second round. Nearly derailed by a nasty cut over his eye, Rockel earned the win with a referee stoppage as he rained down unanswered blows on an exhausted Dalla.

Ref saves Joe Nye from Jorge Rivera
      In the USMMA Light-heavyweight Championship match, local warrior Jorge Rivera punched his way to victory over Joe Nye. Sporting the chainmail headgear of a Conquistador as he made his way to the ring, Rivera made short work of jiu-jitsu brown belt Nye, sending him to the canvas with a right hook and following up with strikes that forced a referee stoppage at :52 seconds of the first round. Elsewhere on the card, Nuri Shakir fed Todd Fox (teammate of UFC fighter Steve Berger) some heavy leather until bleeding prompted the doctor to halt the match, giving Shakir the win. Texan cowboy Jason Maxwell looked impressive with his knock out of Gunnar Olson, while a determined Jeremy Bennett earned a unanimous decision over the very game Matt Lee.

      With Massachusetts’ first Ring of Fury show a success, look for some more good things to come out of the New England state.

Anthony Hamlett lands a forearm to the face of  Bobby Andrews

  • Mike Brown defeated Edward Odquina via submission, rear naked choke in the first round.
  • Rich O’Connor defeated Jay Thomas via submission, keylock at 1:40 of Round 2.
  • Shaun Wagner defeated Bryan Antonelli via submission, forearm across the throat at 2:01 of the first round.
  • Jeremy Bennett defeated Matt Lee by unanimous decision after two rounds.
  • Bobby Andrews defeated Anthony Hamlett via submission, crucifix at 1:06 of the second round.
  • Jason Maxwell defeated Gunnar Olson by knockout at 1:59 of the first round.
  • Nuri Shakir defeated Todd Fox by doctor stoppage due to cut in the first round.
  • Jorge Rivera defeated Joe Nye by referee stoppage due to unanswered punches at :52 of Round 1. Rivera is the new USMMA Light-heavyweight Champion.
  • Keith Rockel defeated Leo Dalla by referee stoppage due to unanswered punches at 3:36 of the second round. Rockel is the new USMMA Middleweight Champion.

Brazilian Teams Jiu-Jitsu Championship
Day 1

By Eduardo Alonso

Purple belt  setting up omoplata
      This weekend, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Confederation (CBJJ) promoted the Brazilian Teams Jiu-Jitsu championship of 2002, at the city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. The most important BJJ teams in Brazil battled for the sport’s supremacy in several divisions, however this year an unusual situation changed some things. Two Brazilian teams tournaments were organized on the same day, one in Rio de Janeiro, and the other one in Sao Paulo, with the one in Sao Paulo being the official tournament of the confederation. However, as politics goes on, some teams decided not to come to Sao Paulo and take part of the confederation’s tournament, like the Brazilian Top Team and Nova Uniao. However BJJ teams such as Alliance, Gracie Barra and Gold Team are all competing in Sao Paulo to be recognized as Brazilian Champions. FCF was on hand in Sao Paulo covering all the action, and the first day of competition featured the BJJ stars of the future.

      For the first day of competion, the gymnasium of the Sirio Libanes club received a good crowd, comprised of Jiu-Jitsu pratictioners for the most part, and some well known names were on hand to check the women’s, Children’s, Blue and Purple belt divisions fighting all day long. Jiu-jitsu icon Fabio Gurgel could be seen supporting the Alliance team’s youngsters. Ryan Gracie also made an appearence, and Jorge Macaco Patino worked as a referee for the event. Carlinhos Gracie, the president of CBJJ was also on hand, as well as some jiu-jitsu legends such as professor Flavio Behring. The action itself on the mats showcased a lot of young talent and some strong teams developing at blue and purple belt, like Gracie Barra and Gracie Barra-BH [from Belo Horizonte, another capital in Brazil]. The female division was also a highlight of the day, with girls from purple to black belt impressing everybody in the gymnasium and showing that women are definitely improving drastically in BJJ.

Purple belt  setting up omoplata
Here are the champions from the first day of competition:

Blue Belt Lightweight:
Champion : Gracie Barra, 2nd Place: Gracie Recreio

Blue Belt – Heavyweight:
Champion : Gracie Barra, 2nd Place: No other team to compete in this division.

Purple/Brown/Black belt:
Champion : Ac. Equilibrio, 2nd Place: Alliance

Blue Belt Lightweight:
Champion : Gracie Barra/BH, 2nd Place: Caveirinha Team/BH

Blue Belt Middleweight:
Champion : Gracie Barra, 2nd Place: Caveirinha Team/BH

Blue Belt – Heavyweight:
Champion : Gracie Barra/BH, 2nd Place: Alliance

Purple Belt – Lightweight:
Champion : Gracie Barra, 2nd Place: Ac. Cia Paulista

Purple Belt – Heavyweight:
Champion : Ac. Equilibrio, 2nd Place: Ac. Cia Paulista

From the event’s promoter:

DZ Banner

The Danger Zone is heading south with the most action packed fighting event in the country!

Georgia’s own Kevin Brooks will headline the event taking on Jonathon Ivey from team Team Havok in the pro bout of the evening.

The single amatuer bouts set for this action packed night of fighting are as follows:

  • 195 lb. Robert Bridges TX. vs. Kyle Olsen ND.
  • 140-150 lb. Joe Laughlin vs. Harris Norwood GA.
  • 175 lb. Jason Scouten OH. vs Dan Achetta GA.
  • 185 lb. Stacey Hakes AZ. vs. Matt Corsey GA.
  • 185 lb. Josh Hancock GA. vs. Alexi Marti

One four man tournaments will also take place at 150-160 lb. The fighters are: Robert Akins, Travis Shook, Jerry Gummo, John Rodriguez.

The Danger Zone is working with Gauntlet Productions Matthew Waller in Macon to make this show a successful one.
Tickets are $15 and $25. and are available at the door. Club South Beach is located at 4821 Sheraton Dr. in Macon, GA. Laquinta Inn is the hotel for the fighters and they are located less than 5 minutes from the venue. 3944 River Pl. Dr. 478-475-0206.

Dan The Beast Severn will be on hand signing autographs as well as Cam McHargue the ISCF title holder and many more!
Sanctioned by the ISCF. (card is subject to change)

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