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Monday, Nov 13, 2000

Rings Australiafight Results


RINGS Australia
Fight Results

November 12, 2000

 1st   Glen Barnett Vs. Haydn Pollard
WINNER: Glen Barnett TIME: 2 min 48 sec RESULT: Triangle Leg Choke

 2nd   Daryl Naumann Vs. Warwick Dawes
WINNER: Daryl Naumann TIME: 10 min RESULT: 1 Escape

 3rd   Joe Perry Vs. Masashi Sugano
WINNER: Masashi Sugano TIME: 6 min 18 sec RESULT: Submission

 4th   Sam Nest Vs. Sean Kelly
WINNER: Sam Nest TIME: 4 min 15 sec RESULT: Figure 4 Key Lock

 5th   Shaun Price Vs. Chad Jappe
WINNER: Shaun Price TIME: 2 min 9 sec RESULT: Submission/Injury

 6th   Steven Gillinder Vs. Tsuyoshi Morikage
WINNER: Tsuyoshi Morikage TIME: 10 min RESULT: Choke (O/T 48 SEC)

 7th   Kelly Jacobs Vs. Nick Tolewski
WINNER: Kelly Jacobs TIME: 2 min 15 sec RESULT: Arm-bar

 8th   Tim Thomas Vs. Ryuki Ueyama
WINNER: Ryuki Ueyama TIME: 9 min 11 sec RESULT: Ankle Lock

 9th   Maynard Marcum Vs. Matt Hughes
WINNER: Matt Hughes TIME: 6 min 29 sec RESULT: Figure 4 Key Lock

10th   Chris Haseman Vs. Joe Slick
WINNER: Chris Haseman TIME: 10 min RESULT: Decision

Real Problems!
From Eddie Goldman

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Countdown to Xtreme Showdown
by Michael Onzuka – Mike@Onzuka.com

Xtreme Showdown, FutureBrawl’s latest incarnation, is finally set to go after countless problems…it was a promoter’s nightmare with fighters dropping out like flies. Local fighters Niko Vitale and John Chrisostomo had to drop out due to injuries, Vitale hurt his knee while training for the event and Chrisostomo got injured in a car accident. Aggressive wrestler Josh Hall returned home from wrestling in Japan with stitches in his head. I’m sure that all promoters go through this (maybe not as bad as this), especially a day or two before the big event. Thanks to the connections promoter T. Jay Thompson has, he still put together a quality card with many up-and-coming fighters as well as veterans who will be new to Hawaii fans. The theme is Team SuperBrawl vs. Team Extreme Challenge where T. Jay Thompson of SuperBrawl pits his fighters against Monte Cox’s Extreme Challenge warriors. John Allessio, fresh after an appearance in the UFC will challenge another UFC and WEF veteran in Joe Doerkson. Both these fighters have comparable records and are sure to put on a great fight. Jay Martinez returns to Hawaii after a stint on Battle Dome, a American Gladiators spin off, where he cited that one of his biggest accomplishments was to win SuperBrawl. How’s that for a plug on national TV? Maybe T. Jay will slip him a couple dollars for an additional advertisement. Martinez faces Pat Miletich’s student Rick Gravesen, who, with a 19-10 record, has been in the ring quite a few times. Victor Hunsaker
Allessio’s Shark Tank teammate and probably the busiest fighter from the tank, Victor Hunsaker[Pictured], also returns to Hawaii to take on rising star Drew Irion. The rest of the card features local favorites such as Gary "Boy" Freitas, Abe Rodriguez, the ever entertaining Jay R. Palmer, and the hard hitting "Cabbage" Cabrera. It has seemed like forever since the last SuperBrawl and I know that T. Jay is probably already starting to plan the next installment once these battles are completed.

FutureBrawl 2000
Team Super Brawl vs Team Extreme Challenge

November 14, 2000 – Blaisdell Arena – Honolulu, Hawaii

Jeremy Bennett
5’11" 175lbs (Erik Paulson)
Jason Black
5’7" 175lbs (Team Extreme) 3-0

Wesley "Cabbage" Cabrera
6’2" 300lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 4-1
Preston Hartzog
6’2" 270lbs (Shark Tank) 0-0

Victor Hunsaker
5’8" 160lbs (Shark Tank) 24-5
Drew Irion
5’10" 160lbs (Miletich Martial Arts) 2-0

Jay R. Palmer
5’8" 155lbs (Freelance) 18-7
Jacob Vela
5’7" 155lbs (SWAT) 0-0

Abe Rodriguez
5’8" 155lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-1
Robbie Rose
5’11" 155lbs (Miletich Martial Arts) 1-0

Gary "Boy" Freitas
5’7" 150lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-2
Jose Lopez
5’6" 140lbs (Shark Tank) 0-0

Jay Martinez
6’1" 200lbs (Shark Tank)
Rick Gravesen
6’1" 200lbs (Miletich Martial Arts) 19-10

John Allessio
5’11" 180lbs (Shark Tank) 10-3
Joe Doerksen
190lbs (Team Extreme, Canada) 12-2

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