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Monday, Dec 09, 2002

Ritc 43 – The Matchtwo Super Fights Added

From John Petrilli (RITC):

RITC 43 – The Match
Two Super Fights Added

Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday, January 18, 2003
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 8 PM

Ever since Todd Medina made his Rage in the Cage debut 2 years ago, the RITC fans have highly anticipated this showdown matchup.

Super Main Event:
Todd Medina (195 lbs), Carlson Gracie Freestyle
Edwin Dewees (195 lbs), Brausa Academy

Super Fights:
Roger Mejia (200 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
Rob Woodin (200 lbs), Arizona Combat Sports

John Lansing (165 lbs), Brausa Academy
RJ Gamez (175 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

More Super Fights will be announced in the weeks ahead making this a blockbuster RITC event. There will be 12 fights (the Arizona Commission Limit). Fight Card subject to change.

From Pancrase:

Pancrase 12/21 Event Lineup

  • Amateur Match

  • Pro-Match#1 – Lightweight 2×5-Min Rounds
    Yuji Oba (P’s Lab Tokyo) Vs. Satoshi Nishino (Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo Hombu)

  • Pro-Match#2 – Welterweight 2×5-Min Rounds
    Kenji Arai (Pancraseism) Vs. Manao Kumagai (Zendokai)

  • Pro-Match#3 – Open-Weight 2×5-Min Rounds
    Kengo (Pancraseism/Open-Weight 10th Ranked) Vs. Jun Ishii (Chojin Club)

  • Pro-Match#4 – Light Heavyweight 2×5-Min Rounds
    Yuki Kondo (Pancraseism/Light Heavyweight 1st Ranked) Vs. Tsuyoshi Kurihara (Team Roken)

  • Pro-Match#5 – Heavyweight 2×5-Min Rounds
    Yoshiki Takahashi (Pancraseism/1st Heavyweight K.O.P.) Vs. Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Zendokai)

  • Pro-Match#6 – Light Heavyweight 3×5-Min Rounds
    Akihiro Gono (Pancrase Grabaka/Light Heavyweight 9th Ranked) Vs. Kei Yamamiya (Pancraseism/Light Heavyweight 2nd Ranked)

  • Pro-Match#7 – Middleweight 3×5-Min Rounds
    Chris Lytle (U.S.A./I.F. Academy/Middleweight 1st Ranked) Vs. Izuru Takauchi (Sk Absolute/Middleweight 2nd Ranked)
    *The winner in this match will be the challenger for the next middleweight title defense.

  • Main Event – Middleweight K.O.P. Title Defense 3×5-Min Rounds
    Kiuma Kunioku (Pancraseism/2nd Middleweight K.O.P.) Vs. Nathan Marquardt (U.S.A./Colorado Stars/Middleweight 3rd Ranked)

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