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Friday, Dec 27, 2002

Rizzo Getting Ready For Vladdy,mino To Become An Action Figureand Chute Boxe Coming Strong In 2003!

Rizzo getting ready for Vladdy,
Mino to Become an Action Figure
and Chute Boxe Coming Strong in 2003!

The Brazilian Beat:
      Well folks, 2002 is coming to a close and even with the holidays there are still plenty of things going on in the Brazilian NHB scene. With UFC 41 rapidly approaching, the Ruas Vale Tudo camp is working hard to prepare Pedro Rizzo for yet another battle. Also, camps like Chute Boxe and the Brazilian Top Team never really stop and as our beloved sport of NHB is always growing and gaining in popularity, Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira and Vanderlei Silva are both working on new ventures, meanwhile their teammates continue to train hard and prepare for a tough and action-packed year of 2003. Fans can expect to see a lot more action coming out of both camps in the next year and as always "The Beat" will continue to cover it all for you.
      2002 was surely a year full of happenings, both happy and sad for all of us. For the sport of NHB it was a year of great victories, with the UFC breaking new ground in America, getting on TV and finishing the year in impressive fashion with UFC 40, with PRIDE and K-1 holding the biggest event ever in Japan with Shockwave, with the stars of our sport gaining popularity and expanding their products, such as Tito Ortiz, Vanderlei Silva and Minotauro, and with the smaller events growing at an amazing pace due to the great work of promoters, fighters, press and the fans. For our personal lives 2002 was a tough year, full of uncertainties, doubts and never ending struggles, but it was also a year full of great memories both with and without our sport. In 2002 I went through tough times, but managed to grow and learn more about life itself and all in all it was great to have this space and to see it develop. For me, 2002, despite all the problems will be remembered as the year when "The Brazilian Beat" began, and hopefully we will share this space for lots of years to come, since 2003 will be an important year for FCF. As the year ends, I want to take this chance to thank all the fighters, promoters, friends, writers, editors and most importantly all the fans and readers for sharing all we went through in 2002 with us! In the last "Brazilian Beat" of the year I apologize for the long text, and want to leave you all with a big thank you for the support, and with the hopes of meeting you all in 2003 for more Brazilian NHB coverage. I take my time to dedicate this last piece of the year to my late Grandfather Jose Alonso Filho, who couldn’t live to see this space grow, but will always be remembered in my heart. But as "The Beat" never stops, Full Contact Fighter manages to turn up the volume and provide one last bit of Brazilian groove in 2002! Enjoy the news and happy New Year everyone!

  • Ruas Vale Tudo star Pedro Rizzo is already fully recovered from the nose surgery that took place after his bout against Dan McGee, and is already back in training! "The Rock" is signed to face rAw team member Vladimir Matyushenko at UFC 41 in February 2003, and is getting himself ready to once again pursue the UFC Heavyweight title. Pedro told FCF he is finally getting back to the best shape of his life and will try to give his best against Vladdy to then earn a shot at Ricco Rodriguez’ belt as soon as possible. Rizzo is taking this fight so seriously that he is training even now during the holidays, and is eager to step in the Octagon again.
  • Speaking of the main Brazilian UFC Heavyweight contender, Rizzo joined his long time friend and K-1 superstar Peter Aerts on his trips to Thailand and Japan, where the Dutch fighter prepared himself and competed in the K-1 Grand Prix. This was Pedro’s first time in Thailand, and being a Muay Thai fighter, he enjoyed the experience and told FCF he saw some very interesting elbow techniques there. After all those trips around the globe, "The Rock" is anxious to get on his trip to Atlantic City to fight at UFC 41.
  • PRIDE Heavyweight champion Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira was in terrible condition right before his non-title bout against Dan Henderson in PRIDE 24! Minotauro had high fever the day before the fight, as well as on the actual day of the fight! Doctors and even his friend Mario Sperry were reluctant about his participation, but being the professional he is, Nogueira insisted on fighting and had to take serum just before the fight to be able to compete, and after the bout he needed immediate medical attention once again. Regardless, both Minotauro and Dan Henderson put on a great performance to finish the year strong, in a very exciting match.
  • As Minotauro is also literally everywhere, he is going to be the next NHB star to become an action figure in Japan! After the recent release of Vanderlei Silva and Don Frye’s action figures by PRIDE, Minotauro just signed a deal and will be the next Brazilian fighter to become an action figure that will surely sell a lot in Japan. His twin brother, Rogerio Minotoro Nogueira decided to stay in Japan after PRIDE 24 for a few days to take care of some personal business.
  • Still speaking of the Brazilian Top Team, "The Zen Machine" Mario Sperry is now slowly and safely resuming his Muay Thai training after he had his hand broken on his PRIDE 22 win over Kopylov. Sperry was already doing physical and ground training once again, and now he is doing some light Muay Thai practices again and expects to resume the sparring soon. Mario told FCF he will be ready for the March 2003 PRIDE event and is very willing to compete in it.
  • PRIDE Middleweight champion Vanderlei Silva is still recovering from his knee surgery and doing very well. "The Axe Murderer" is already walking without crutches and is having great progress with the physical therapy. Silva is very excited about his recovery and he is taking this time to take care of other personal projects that his fighting career doesn’t allow him to do. Right now the Chute Boxe superstar is working on the details of a mini USA seminar tour, as well as expanding his new brand of products called WAND. Silva told FCF that his clothes will be available in Japan and the USA very soon. Europe is also in the plans for the future.
  • Getting back on the Ruas Vale Tudo team subject, MECA and DEEP veteran Gustavo Ximu Machado is reported to be training harder than ever in the academy and is expecting another opportunity to fight abroad as soon as possible. Ximu, who submitted Jorge Macaco Patino at MECA 6 early this year, has the potential to be one of the top guys in the 185lb division and now it’s up to the promoters to give the guy a chance at the bigger shows. In the meantime he is continuing to train a lot and help his teammate Pedro Rizzo for his upcoming fight at UFC 41.
  • Gustavo Ximu’s teammate Renato Babalu Sobral is still training hard and is not really considering retirement like as was rumored. After his loss at the hands (and feet) of "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell in the last UFC, rumors began circulating that this could have been Renato’s last NHB fight, however FCF was told that he is training and wants to come back better than ever.
  • The year of 2003 promises to be an intense year for the Chute Boxe team. Master Rudimar Fedrigo, who is expecting the birth of his son Rigan in April 2003, told FCF that in 2003 the team wants to fight a lot! Not only the stars of the team such as Vanderlei and Anderson Silva, and Murilo Ninja Rua, but the other tough fighters from the Chute Boxe camp such as K-1 winner Nilson de Castro, IVC veteran Silvio Urutum, NHB’s future superstar Mauricio Shogun Rua, K-1 veteran Julio Jamanta, among others are looking to compete a lot in 2003, and the team wants to have a good relationship with all promoters and events, having Chute Boxe fighters competing all over the globe, starting with heavyweight Assuerio Silva fighting in Switzerland in January.
  • Master Rudimar Fedrigo is already organizing the first-ever Chute Boxe training week in Curitiba, likely to be held in February of 2003, where fans, fighters and students from all over the world will have a chance to train and gather with the likes of Vanderlei Silva, Murilo Ninja Rua, Anderson Silva, Master Rafael Cordeiro and Master Rudimar Fedrigo himself for an entire week right in the Chute Boxe team’s hometown. Details of this breakthrough event will be released soon and FCF will surely be there getting a taste of the experience.
  • See you all in 2003 at FCF! Now go and party!

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