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Sunday, Nov 06, 2005

Rumble On The Rock 9: Just Scrap Results

Rumble On The Rock 9: Just Scrap Results
Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium, Hilo, Hawaii
November 5, 2005
By Michael Onzuka

ROTR has come back to its roots at the Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium with match ups that proved to be short, but action packed. The time keeper was busy, but the judges weren’t as all the fights ended in the first round with the majority of the fights ending with a mata leao or reverse naked choke. Some fights to note in the very fast paced event were Mercado/Rodrigues fight where both fighters were highly touted boxers. Rodrigues hit Mercado with a wicked hook that stunned Mercado who kept his bearings and took the fight to the ground where he controlled the positioned and eventually secured the choke and the Carter/Dacquel fight were both fighters were hurt during this very quick bout. Both fighters clinched and Carter kept a Muay Thai clinch throwing knees, but Dacquel kept his head up and fired back with some devastating punches that stunned Carter. Carter countered with blows on instinct in an attempt to create some space to recover and caught Dacquel with a vicious knee that opened a cut that required 14 stitches and finished with straight right to drop Dacquel and cause a halt to the fight. It was a blood bath due to the huge cut, but it was probably the most action packed 38 seconds I have seen in a while. I would not doubt that these two fighters may rematch in the future because both were very well matched and other than the cut, the fight was going back and forth. Relative unknown Carlos Condit, a 21 year old sporting an impressive 12-2 record, proved that he is the real deal by taking some solid shots from a hard hitting Ross the Boss and was very active with some slick Muay Thai elbows and knees as well as some smooth arm bar attempts from the guard. Condit eventually swept Ibanez, mounted, and pounded until the referee saw enough and called a halt to the bout. The main event was the most anti-climatic fight of the night as boxer Sua came out swinging some huge hooks while Cabbage countered with some crisp jabs. Cabbage softened up Sua with some leg kicks and then body locked Sua eventually to the ground after Sua was holding the cage numerous times. Once they hit the ground, Sua immediately tapped and did not let Cabbage do any damage on the ground.

Ikaika "Crazy Brown" Brown (Dirty Curty Team Submit) vs. Mike Bickers (Nova Uniao)
Bickers by reverse naked choke at 0:54 into R1

Devin Telles (Da Barn) vs. Mike Justo (Nova Uniao)
Justo by corner stop due to punches from half guard at 1:02 into R1

Maluhia Kuahiwinui (Puna Boyz) vs. Buddy Betts (Nova Uniao)
Betts by reverse naked choke at 2:55 into R1

Gaven Mata vs. Albert Manners (Puna Boyz)
Manners by reverse naked choke at 0:27 into R1 (Mata was put to sleep)

"Sugar" Shane Nelson (BJ Penn MMA) vs. Isaac Kuikahi (Mix Breed)
Nelson by reverse naked choke at 3:09 into R1

Justin Mercado (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Brent Rodrigues
Mercado by reverse naked choke at 1:10 into R1

Scott "Superman" Spencer (Nova Uniao) vs. Patrick Fonohema (Team Tama)
Spencer by reverse naked choke at 1:49 into R1

Jay "Excalibur" Carter (BJ Penn MMA) vs. Jason Dacquel (Mix Breed)
Carter by TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:38 into R1 (Dacquel had a major cut)

Ross "Da Boss" Ebanez (BJ Penn MMA) vs. Carlos Condit (Fit NHB)
Condit by TKO (referee stoppage due to punches from the mount) at 1:27 into R1

Wesley Correira (BJ Penn MMA) vs. Junior Sua (LAP)
Correira by tap out as soon as Correira took his opponent down at 1:21 into R1

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