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Thursday, Jul 04, 2013

Seth Baczynski: Chris Weidman “Can Beat Anybody in the World”, But Anderson Silva is “a Big Lion to Tame”

Weidman (photo via UFC.com)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Although it took many observers a while to get behind it, as this Saturday’s UFC 162 tilt between middleweight champ Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman nears, there certainly seems to be a ton of hype behind the challenger. Weidman may not have as big a name as some of Silva’s previous opponents, or the self-promoting skills of Chael Sonnen, but there seems to be no shortage of people who believe the champ’s historic reign could end this weekend.

While some pundits have been quick to dismiss the idea that Weidman presents a serious challenge to Silva, and have argued it’s indicative of people falling prey to the promotion’s marketing machinery, several fighters have been quick to praise the challenger. Considering fighters don’t do much else other than train and compete in MMA, they’re a pretty good source to hear from in terms of breaking down Saturday’s headliner.

During a recent appearance on Full Contact Fighter Radio, Seth Baczynski was asked to weigh in on the UFC 162 main event, since he will fight Brian Melancon on the undercard. Like other men who have trained with Weidman in the past, the welterweight vet also believes Weidman could become the first man to defeat Silva in the Octagon.



“I’ve actually trained with him; he comes down to Power (MMA) every now and then, (Ryan) Bader and him had the same manager; he comes down and he and Bader are pretty good friends. I think he can beat anybody in the world,” said Baczynski. “The guy’s very talented.”

“He’s got a unique skill set,” Baczynski furthered about the undefeated middleweight. “He’s got a really good, unique game. I think if he could put it to Silva he could beat him, but that’s a big lion to tame. Anderson Silva’s on quite a run and without a doubt he is the best fighter ever.”

And it’s because of Silva’s awe inspiring abilities and 17 fight winning streak that some observers have a tough time envisioning Weidman upsetting the champion, in what will be the decorated wrestler’s 10th pro bout.

“In my eyes he’s amazing,” Baczynski noted about the 38 year-old legend. “As much as I want Chris to win, it will be kind of sad if he does, because to see Silva go down, a lot of people want to see these champs get up there and they always want to see them lose, they want to see them get challenged, and that guys been challenged, and has had some tough fights but he gutted them all out. On one hand you want to see the young guy come up because I like Chris a lot, and I really hope he wins, but on the other hand you’re going to be sad to see the old vet go because we’re all going to be that guy one day.”

UFC 162 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and the main card will be available via pay-per-view.



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