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Friday, Jan 19, 2001

Shooto Official Fights Results

Shooto Official fights results
01.19. 2001
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

  • #1 Bantamweight two 5min.rounds
    Toshiteru Ishii (Tiger place) [1W]
    Tomohiro Hashi (Purebred Omiya)[1L]

  • #2 60.0kg two 5min.rounds
    (This weight will be official featherweight starting from next April)
    Ryota Matsune (Paraestra Matsudo)[2W]
    Nobuyuki (RJW G2)[1L]

  • #3 70.0kg two 5min.rounds
    (This weight will be official welterweight starting from next April)
    Hideki Kadowaki (Keisyukai)[3W]
    Takuto Hida (Impress)[1L]

  • #4 65.0 kg two 5min.rounds
    (This weight will be official lightweight starting from next April)
    Daiji Takahashi (K’z Factory)[2W 2D 1L]
    Yasuhiro Urusidani (RJW Central)[1L]

  • #5 70.0kg two 5min.rounds
    Takaharu Murahama (Wild Phoneix)[4W 3D 3L]
    Yohei Nanbu (STG Yokohama)[2W 2D 3L]

  • #6 60.0kg two 5min.rounds
    Masahiro Oishi (K’z Factory)[6W 3D 4L]
    def.1R 4min.12sec. TKO by Punch from back mount
    Masaki Nishizawa (Wild Phoniex)[1W 2D 3L]

  • #7 65.0 three 5min.rounds
    Katsuya Toida (Keisyukai)[4W 2L]
    Hisao Ikeda (Purebred Omiya)[8W 1D 4L]

  • #8 70.0kg three 5min.rounds
    Ryan Bow (Freelance)[4W 1L]
    def.1R 2min.21sec. by arm-bar
    Tony Dedolph (UW Wrestling team)[2L]

  • #9 Featehrweight three 5min.rounds
    Hiroaki Yoshioka (Paraestra Tokyo)[3W 2D 1L]
    drew 1-1(29-29.29-28.30-28)
    Takeyasu Hirono (Keisyukai)[1W 3D 3L]

  • #10 65.0kg three 5min.rounds
    Tesuo Katsuta (K’z Factory)[5W 2L]
    Baret Yoshida (Grappling Unlimited)[3W2L]

  • #11 Light Heavyweight three 5min.rounds
    Akihiro Gono (Team Grabaka)[8W 3D 5L]
    def.1R 3min.06sec. KO by Back spin kick to body
    Ivan Salaverry (AMC Panklation)[1W 1L]

  • #12 65.0kg three 5min.rounds
    Naoya Uematsu (K’z Factory)[8W 1D]
    Mike Cardoso (Team Rival)[1L]

2000 SHOOTO Awards

Japan Shooto Association made an announcement of 2000 at Korakuen Hall after 6th fight in the 19th show. 1998 & 1999 MVP Hayato Mach Sakurai was given MVP awards also 2000. He also received KO award and Best bout award.
These awards are presented by Shooto Association members, Shooto commission members, ranking committee members and X-Shooto Fun club menbers.
All the awards presented on this night are as follows.

MVP: Hayato Mach Sakurai (Middleweight Champion/Guts man Shooto dojo)
Pre MVP: Alexandre Franca Nogueira (Lightweight Champion/World Fight center)
MIS: (Most Improved Shootor): Dokonjonosuke Mishima(Welterweight #2/Cobra kai)
Rookie of the year: Seichi Ikemoto (Middle weight Class B/Riroots Conan)
Best Bout Award: Hayato Mach Sakurai vs Frank Trigg (12.17 at NK Hall)
KO Award: Hayato Mach Sakurai
Submission Award: Alexandre Franca Nogueira

Best bout: Ryota Matsune vs Nobuyuki Kato(9.10 Ota Public Gymnasium)
KO Awards: Masato Shiozawa (Keisyukai)
Submission Award: Yoshifumi Dogaki (Paraestra Kakogawa)
Merits Award: Eric Paulson(ex Light Heavyweight Champion)
                  Daiki Kitamori (ex Ring announcer)

Quick Results

Tropicana Casino and Resort
Atlantic City, New Jersey
January 19, 2001

IFC Heavyweight 4-man Tournament
Joe Priole def. Carlos Rodriguez – Rear-naked choke
Al DeRosa def. Christopher DeCastro – Standing guillotine choke
Joe Priole def. Al DeRosa – Rear-naked choke

IFC Light-heavyweight 4-man Tournament
Mansure Heidari def. Cappi Woodall – Shoulder lock
Nick Starks def. Randy Rowe – Arm-bar
Mansure Heidari def. Nick Starks – Side choke

Middleweight Challenge Fight
Miquel Menendez def. Ken Parham – Tap out from punches

Heavyweight Challenge Fight
Tim Silva def. Randy Durant – Ref stoppage/towel thrown

IFC Intercontinental Lightweight Championship
Peter Kaljevic def. Motoi "Jimmy" Hattori – Hattori slipped and injured his knee

IFC Battleground Heavyweight Championship Fight
Eddy Rolon def. Kareem Ellington – Ankle lock

IFC Battleground Superfight
Edson Carvalho def. Pat Stano – Stano did not return for 2nd round

Coverage of the event will be in the next issue of FCF

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