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Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004

Silva Back In Training, A New Rua Brother Coming Up, Schembri Heading For Chute Boxe, 4th Shooto Brazil Cancelled And Barreto Back To Heat!

Silva Back in Training, a New Rua Brother Coming Up, Schembri Heading for Chute Boxe, 4th Shooto Brazil Cancelled and Barreto Back to HEAT!

The Brazilian Beat:
      As the Brazilian Beat is back in business a lot of happenings started to happen lately in the Brazilian MMA scene, making this writer avid to write another piece of news to keep you posted on the latest from the most important MMA country on South America. The worldwide famous Chute Boxe team was the center of attention this past week in Brazil as plenty of happenings took place, from Belt ceremonies to Wanderlei Silva resuming his training after a vacation, reaching its peak with PRIDE veteran Nino Schembri taking his ground skills to the city of Curitiba for a new experience in his career. Another important piece of news saw the 4th edition of Shooto Brazil being postponed with no certain date set yet, leaving a number of good fighters waiting to show their talent on the rings. Besides that yet a new show is in the making in Brazil and HEAT FC continues to prepare its 3rd edition as a seasoned veteran in Barreto is once again ready to battle. So, let’s not delay things anymore and go straight to the news as FCF brings the beat one more time in the so famous Brazilian style!