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Thursday, Oct 23, 2003

Sims Is Out:who Will Meet Mir Now?

Sims Is Out:
Who Will Meet Mir Now?

By Loretta Hunt

In the ever-evolving UFC heavyweight picture, FCF has received word that Wes Sims will not be competing on November 21st’s UFC 45 card due to injury. While sparring with a kickboxer last night in preparation for his second outing against fellow heavyweight Frank Mir, Sims incurred a blow that broke the ulna bone in his left arm. Currently in a splint, Sims’ injury will require a 10-week cast once the swelling has gone down. Following on the heels of Tim Sylvia’s recent steroid use admission and subsequent drop from the UFC 45 card, Frank Mir is once again without an opponent.

From his home in Ohio, where he trains under MMA staples Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman at the Hammer House facility, Sims seemed disappointed about the "bad break" that will keep him out of the Octagon for at least three months. "I’m in the best shape of my life right now," he said, commenting that he is currently weighing in at a fitter 253 pounds. "I just keep getting better and better. I was really looking forward to this fight." Sims weighed in at 242 pounds for his first clash with Mir at UFC 43, a bout that ended in disqualification for the 6’10" fighter when he illegally stomped down on his floored opponent.

Confirming that he recently signed a three-fight deal with the UFC, "the Project" says he will take the unexpected time off to accompany fellow teammate Randleman to Japan for his PRIDE Final Conflict bout against Kazushi Sakuraba on November 9th. "It’s gonna give me more time to build and get stronger," he added optimistically. "You’re gonna see a more poised fighter when I come back. I’m 24. I’m gonna be around for a while."

From Dream Stage Entertainment:

Pride FC logo

LOS ANGELES, California – Don’t miss your last chance to see how the PRIDE FC middleweight tournament started! Just in time before the final rounds on November 9th, PRIDE FC fans with DIRECTV will be able to watch a last chance viewing of PRIDE FC: TOTAL ELIMINATION … with added bonus footage!

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TOTAL ELIMINATION featured a loaded fight card with such match-ups as Quinton "Rampage" Jackson versus Murilo Bustamante, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell versus Alistair Overeem, and Kazushi Sakuraba versus Wanderlei Silva. Not only will you be able to re-live the action, but this time you’ll get in-depth post fight interviews with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell. As both men prepare for the next round of the tournament hear their candid thoughts … what does Quinton Jackson think of the UFC? Of Wanderlei Silva? Of Hidehiko Yoshida? How is Chuck Liddell feeling as the UFC representative in PRIDE FC? Who would he like to fight the most?

To find out the answers, order TOTAL ELIMINATION with bonus footage … available only on DIRECTV!

Fight Card

The opening round of an eight man middleweight tournament, featuring:

Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan) vs. Wanderlei Silva (Brazil)
Kiyoshi Tamura (Japan) vs. Hidehiko Yoshida (Japan)
Quinton Jackson (USA) vs. Murilo Bustamante
Chuck Liddell (USA) vs. Alistair Overeem (Holland)

Heavyweight Bouts:

Fedor Emelianenko (Russia) vs. Gary Goodridge (Trinidad and Tobago)
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Brazil) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (USA)
Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (Croatia) vs. Igor Vovchanchyn (Ukraine)

PRIDE FC’s next event and the finals of the middleweight tournament will take place at FINAL CONFLICT, scheduled for November 9th, 2003 from the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Check your pay per view listings!

HEAT FC 2 Looking Solid, Chute Boxe Taking Over Japan and More!

The Brazilian Beat:
      Here we are again folks! After a long absence, probably the longest in the Brazilian Beat’s one-year history, the BB is back in good style with plenty of happenings from the Brazilian MMA scene. Due to the time frame, we had a lot of catching up to do, therefore some news may not be as fresh as you’re used to, however we still bring the latest from the country where lots of champions comes from. October is flying by, and the month brought us some action from Pele’s new show, however November will be hot with shows such as PRIDE GP, the UFC and HEAT FC 2 coming over and looking stronger than ever. Another interesting trend of this edition of "The Beat" is the fact that our beloved sport is more than ever getting to business level, even here in the wild Brazil, as fighters are becoming free-agents and trading teams, promotions are popping up and even websites are appearing left and right, from fighters and teams! So, don’t blink and be sure check out all this news and more, as the music may not be playing, but Full Contact Fighter keeps bringing the rhythm, as the beat never ceases in traditional Brazilian style!

  • The news never seems to stop regarding Heat FC 2 – Evolution! After some controversy regarding a split in the show’s promoters, things are getting more and more interesting with the promotion as the card is almost ready and announcements have being made all the time in Brazil. Besides the fight between PRIDE veteran Allan Goes and RINGS veteran Gustavo Ximu, already announced, another PRIDE veteran in Carlos Barreto is returning to HEAT ring to face UFC veteran Travis Wiuff, in a battle of true heavyweights, where we’ll see if Barreto will be able to use his new found Muay Thai, or his Jiu-Jitsu skills against Wiuff’s ground and pound game and raw power. Also, KOTC, IFC and HEAT veteran Forrest Griffin is no longer going to face Lucas Lopes, as problems with the weight for the fight forced Lucas to withdraw, and HEAT and WVC veteran Edson Paredao will be the replacement in a fight with a 220 pounds weight limit.
  • In more HEAT FC 2 news, long time Jiu-Jitsu master Vinicius Draculino, known for his achievements competing with the gi and training students at Gracie Barra, is going to be making his MMA debut next November 27th! Draculino is well liked by all in the Brazilian MMA scene, and he decided to enter the ring for the first time to prove his students that he does what he preaches. Draculino’s opponent is going to be Kleber Galdino, one of the first Jiu-Jitsu black belts in the city of Natal (Where HEAT will take place) who has some tough MMA battles in his past. Also looking to please the local crowd, two fighters from rival academies in the city are going to battle against each other as HEAT 1 winner Fabio Bolinho from Kimura/Nova Uniao will face Sergio Junior from Combate Real. Those two academies hate each other, and they split the students in the city, with a history of street fights in the past this fight will add more HEAT to the promotion that carries this name.
  • Well, one may think it’s enough of HEAT FC 2 – Evolution news, but in fact it isn’t! IFC Light Heavyweight Champion Renato Babalu Sobral just signed yesterday and will be back at the HEAT FC 2 card. Babalu, fresh from his IFC epic win, will be facing Cristopher Hipolito from the Brazilian Impacto Team, the same where Carlinhos Lima trains. Hipolito however is not only a striker, as he competes in wrestling tournaments in Brazil as well. Also, coming from a loss in a tough fight at BSF to Ikuhisa Minowa, local idol Silmar Rodrigo is also coming back to the card to face young Canadian Chris Fontaine, who is taking this chance very seriously, adding even more international flavor to the card. On other news, the promoters of HEAT FC expect to close a Brazilian Pay Per View deal in the next few days. Here’s what the HEAT FC 2 – Evolution card looks like so far, with more fights still to be announced:
    • Carlos Barreto vs. Travis Wiuff
    • Allan Goes vs. Gustavo Ximu Machado
    • Renato Babalu vs. Cristopher Hipolito
    • Forrest Griffin vs. Edson Paredao
    • Vinicius Draculino vs. Kleber Galdino
    • Silmar Rodrigo vs. Chris Fontaine
    • Fabio Bolinho vs. Sergio Junior

  • Speaking of Brazilian shows, MMA legend Pele Landi Jons promised and delivered his own MMA promotion. The show, called Challenge Original Brazilian Vale Tudo, took place this last Friday, October 17th at the city of Curitiba, in the same venue where MECA used to hold his shows, Palacio de Cristal. The event had a good crowd, although it was not packed, and due to TV perspectives it ended up having no headbutts and the fighters used gloves, instead of what was originally planned. However, Pele succeeded in having plenty of knockouts in his card, and the public left the arena satisfied for sure. The show’s standouts were Pele’s students Eliezer Ninja, Gaucho and Charneski. Pele is now already planning the second edition of the show, and we’ll keep you posted. Here are the results:
    • Eliezer Ninja (Pele Team) defeats Gelson Aranha (Gold Team) by KO in the 1st round.
    • Marivaldo Moreira defeats Wander Santos by TKO in the 1st round.
    • Franklin Jensen (Alliance) defeats Paulo Canhao (Gold Team) by KO in the 1st round.
    • Sandro Reni (Pele Team) defeats Daniel Alves (Gold Team) by TKO in the 1st round.
    • Emerson Graxaim (Brazilian Impacto) defeats Alexandre Marciano by TKO in the 1st round.
    • Leonardo Pelucio (Kamikase/Gracie) defeats Ricardo Savamu by TKO in the 2nd round.
    • Jeferson Gaucho (Pele Team) defeats Evandro Oliveira by KO in the 1st round.
    • Wagner Kurio (Gold Team) defeats Kaue Dudus by TKO in the 1st round.
    • Luis Charneski (Pele Team) defeats Everton Santos (Gold Team) by KO in the 1st round.

  • The final round of the PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix is coming soon, and besides the fights for the belt the actual rest of the card is starting to take shape. For some time rumors had in Brazil that former UFC Middleweight Champion Murilo Bustamante would be facing Kevin "The Monster" Randleman in the show’s undercard, however with the announcement of Randleman’s bout against Japanese hero Kazushi Sakuraba it looks more like that the Brazilian Top Team fighter will be facing another American in Dan Henderson. This fight was also rumored some weeks ago, and either way Bustamante is training hard having a fight in November 9th at his plans.
  • Bustamante’s long time teammate and friend Mario Sperry is also training and eager to fight again, although no fight is likely to happen still in 2003. Despite all the promoter and manager activities being performed by "The Zen Machine" lately, Sperry told FCF he makes sure he always trains and keep on fighting shape, as he still loves to compete. On the middle of his training however, Mario is taking time to take care of his own MMA promotion, Brazil Super Fight, and is working on the 2nd show for next December, once again in the city of Porto Alegre. Among Sperry’s plans for the card is the return of PANCRASE idol Ikuhisa Minowa, to defend his belt against a yet to be named opponent.
  • Speaking of Jiu-Jitsu fighters, multiple-time World Champion black belt Fernando Terere just launched his own website [at www.fernandoterere.com]. The site looks very basic, and it’s still only in Portuguese, but it’s a good chance for those who can read the language to learn a bit more about this guy’s social works, as he helps a lot of poor kids in his birthplace of Rio de Janeiro. Terere is still training hard with the gi on, as well as helping his friend Vitor Belfort in his MMA training.
  • On the subject of websites, legendary fighter Pele Landi Jons also launched a neat website for his team [www.peleteam.com.br]. This site is well designed, with some interesting content on Pele’s career, his new team and his show. Unfortunate though for English readers, it’s still only in Portuguese, but with some effort one will be able to check some of the pictures and info.
  • Speaking of Belfort, "The Phenom" is continuously training with his eyes set on a likely re-match against UFC Champion Randy Couture, who has been dominating at the Light Heavyweight division despite the age factor. Vitor has been wanting this re-matching for a long time, and even the fact that it’s likely only taking place next year didn’t phase his training. Belfort went to Rio de Janeiro last week to take care of some business, but now is back to Sao Paulo training with his team. On the fighter’s plans is still his marriage with his long time fianc
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