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Friday, May 23, 2003

Stankie Back With Belfort, Jucao Wwins In Argentina, Macaco Win Turned Into No-contest, Chute Boxe Continues Working And A New Nhb Event Debuts In Brazil!

Stankie Back with Belfort, Jucao Wwins in Argentina, Macaco Win Turned into No-Contest, Chute Boxe Continues Working and a New NHB Event Debuts in Brazil!

The Brazilian Beat:
      As May flies by, we struggle to keep up with the fevered pace in the midst of all the travels, events, and issues going on, since things never stop on the Brazilian fighting scene! UFC 43 is just around the corner, and Vitor Belfort training continues to go on as planned, now with the re-addition of his long-time coach Al Stankie to his crew. Pedro Rizzo also keeps training for his fight, in a much more reserved fashion, while things are also heated at the Chute Boxe camp. MECA 8 is history and everybody continues to train hard at Chute Boxe, with expectations continuing to go on regarding PRIDE 26, and some new guns being built at the team’s headquarters. If this is not enough there’s plenty going on with a new event debuting this weekend in yet another major Brazilian capital, BTT member Roan Carneiro conquering ground in Argentina, courts changing fighting results in Brazil and more! What else do you need? So warm-up, get your gear together and prepare for plenty of action coming soon, as Full Contact Fighter brings the mood for the traditional Brazilian Beat once again!

  • Vitor Belfort is finishing the last steps of his preparation for his UFC 43 fight against Marvin Eastman, in early June. After training as hard as possible with Fernando Terere, ADCC Champion Leonardo Vieira, and others, "The Phenom" is now just polishing the last details, gameplan and technically wise, to not get in his fight against "The Beastman" overtrained. Vitor is now once again under the wings of his long-time Boxing coach Al Stankie, who got to Brazil a little more than two weeks ago, and will be in Belfort’s corner in Las Vegas.
  • Brazilian Top Team member Carlos Barreto is back to his NHB training routine in the last couple of months, getting himself ready for a comeback to No Holds Barred very soon. However, while studying some invitations and possibilities for upcoming fights, Barreto is continuing his Muay Thai training with his trainer Paulo Nikolai, that he emphasized at the time of his participation in K-1 Brazil, although now his Muay Thai training is more NHB oriented. Carlos is in great shape, probably the best of his life, and told FCF that fighting in the UFC is still his dream and goal as of now.
  • UFC Middleweight Champion Murilo Bustamante’s contract obligations with the UFC are now over, and he is now able to officially negotiate with other events. Up to recently Bustamante wasn’t negotiating with any events, due to contract obligations, but now things are likely to speed up and in the coming weeks an announcement about the fighter’s future is likely to be made. No comments has been made by the fighter or his management, however Japan seems like the probable destination.
    Macaco kicking Claudinho
    Macaco kicking Claudinho
    at MECA 8
  • The fight between Jorge Macaco Patino and Claudinho das Dores at MECA 8 was considered a No-Contest this week! Both fighters fought a war in Curitiba this May 16th, with the doctors stopping the fight because of a severe cut to Macaco’s face, and then deciding to let the fight continue all of the sudden, giving Jorge a second chance where he scored a rear-naked choke to win the fight. However, Claudinho entered with a request for a review of the decision in the Brazilian sportive justice, and after the review it was decided this week to turn the fight in to No-Contest. A rematch between the two fightes is being considered in a future edition of the event.
  • STORM GP winner Edicarlos "Monstro" [Means Monster in English] is now dedicating himself fulltime to training for his professional career. "Monstro" was in the audience for STORM GP and ended up as a late replacement to win the tournament by KO, like in a fairytale, and soon became the newest addition to the Chute Boxe professional team squad. Training under professor Israel Gomes, Edicarlos is now already preparing for both K-1 and NHB, training in the famous Chute Boxe moning sessions with the likes of Wanderlei and Ninja, and is likely to appear at the next STORM.
  • Brazilian Top Team member Roan "Jucao" Carneiro finally fought at Buenos Aires Total Fight, in Argentina, this past May 9th. Carneiro fought local Tae Kwon Do Champion Sebastian Borean in the main event of the evening. Jucao was able to take the opponent down a couple of times during the fight, and worked to get mount position on the ground, from where he unleashed strikes to achieve the win around the four minute mark of the first round. Roan won the event’s belt and expects to fight again in Argentina in the near future, as well as a likely return to MECA still in 2003.
  • Chute Boxe heavyweight fight Assuerio Silva is still likely to fight in PRIDE 26. Although he is still waiting confirmation on PRIDE’s part, Assuerio is training hard with his participation in mind and is reporting to be doing very well in training. Another Chute Boxe fighter that may appear at PRIDE 26 is Anderson Silva! After his win over Carlos Newton at PRIDE 25, Anderson is now being cogitated to perform in PRIDE 26 against a Japanese opponent, although nothing is still confirmed or determined. Next week promises to be decisive in the signing or not of those fights.
  • Jiu Jitsu stand out and Vitor Belfort allied Fernando Terere fought at Abu Dhabi with fractured ribs, showing an amazing fighting spirit. Terere injured his ribs while training with "The Phenom" for his next UFC fight, and his pain was visible during his Abu Dhabi matches. Still Fernando managed to win his first match, and ended up losing the second one by points. Terere received a proposal to fight NHB again against non other than Japanese fighter Hayato Sakurai, however he is going to check with his doctors the chances of a speedy recover or not, and this will determine whether he can make the fight this time. Anyway, Fernando told FCF he is still going, injured or not, to help his friend Vitor in training to fight Marvin Eastman.
  • K-1 Brazil World Max champion, Marfio Canolleti Junior, who also won a special fight at K-1 Brazil this February, is confirmed as a participant at the K-1 World Max Grand Prix [up to 70kg], at 5th of July, 2003. Marfio is training hard with his trainer Roney Alex, who also has been training K-1 Brazil winner Jefferson Tank, and is going to Japan along with his manager and K-1 Brazil promoter Sergio Batarelli for the tournament.
  • The 8th edition of MECA World Vale Tudo, that took place at May 16th in Curitiba, debuted this Friday May 23rd at Brazilian TV Pay per view broadcast. Sales expectations for the event are high, as this was the biggest MECA show ever. Promoters are now already working on the next edition, and in about two weeks the first details may be released. According to promoter Rudimar Fedrigo, who is also the Chute Boxe team founder, coach and STORM Muay Thai promoter, negotiations are going on for STORM to be broadcast at Brazilian channel Sportv as well, and STORM Grand Prix, held last April, may be the first ever STORM event to be broadcast in Brazil.
  • Chute Boxe veteran and K-1 winner Nilson de Castro is on his way to fight in PANCRASE, in Japan. Despite losing to outstanding newcomer, and BJJ World Champion Delson "Pe de Chumbo" at MECA 8, word has that Nilson is going to fight at PANCRASE anyway in the following months. At this point is too early to name the date or opponent, however Nilson is already back on training with his Japanese NHB debut on his mind.
  • A new NHB event is set to debut in Brazil this weekend! PROFIGHT COMBAT SHOW is going to take place this Saturday, May 24th in the huge city of Porto Alegre, well in the south of Brazil. The event is being promoted by MECA veteran Luis Britto, and will count with seven NHB fights, including the participation of Brazilian Top Team members and a expected crowd of around 3.000 spectators. Among the most important fights of the card are BTT member Carlos Baruck facing Jeremias "Punho de A
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