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Thursday, Jun 03, 2004

Submissions Reign In Idaho: Pfa “pride & Fury” Makes A Solid Debut

Submissions Reign In Idaho: PFA "Pride & Fury" Makes A Solid Debut
By Loretta Hunt

Add Idaho to America’s ever-expanding mixed martial arts map. The Professional Fighting Association put on a commendable first-time effort tonight from the C’oeur D’Alene Casino Resort Hotel in Worley to the tune of approximately 1,200 game fans, bringing that area its most advanced fight card to date. With the Idaho Athletic Commission overseeing its second sanctioned MMA event in state famous of its potatoes, promoters Trevor Prangley and Derek Cleveland gathered a depth of varying talent for "Pride & Fury", highlighting numerous up-and-comers from the Northwest area. Although many of the bouts were short-lived, the majority of them entertained, with eight of the nine bouts ending in submission. With all of the elements of mid-level professional show in place, the PFA has laid a strong foundation for future event growth in Idaho.

Standing (L-R): Josh Thomson, Guy Mezger, Matt Lindland, Dennis Hallman, Dan Henderson. - Kneeling: Trevor Prangley
MMA celebs out in full force
Standing (L-R): Josh Thomson, Guy Mezger, Matt Lindland, Dennis Hallman, Dan Henderson.
Kneeling: Trevor Prangley

Highlights for the night included Team Quest’s Matt "Suave Horwich’s come-from-behind submission victory over a very well-rounded Mikko Rupponen of Finland, with a speedy transition from guillotine to a mean triangle choke-armbar combination. In the main event, a sharper-than-ever Sean Sherk made quick work of opponent Eric Heinz with a reversal to a neck crank, all while stuck in a constricting guillotine the Division 1 wrestler Heinz had managed to secure in the first seconds of play. It was easy to see why Sherk is rated one of welterweight’s best.

Ed Herman, Matt Horwich, Matt Lindland, Dan Henderson
Good night for Team Quest
L-R: Herman, Horwich, Lindland, Henderson

PFA "Pride & Fury" Results:

Flyweight Bout

Del "the Filipino Delight" Hawkins (Team Thunder, AZ) def Brandon "Big Dawg" Shuey (Team Hardcore, ID)- 2:47 Rd 1 Armbar

Sean Sherk
Sherk victorious yet again

Lightweight Bouts

Chad Nelson (Dog Pound, OR) def. Steve Granieri (Grapplers Edge, CO)- 3:04 R2 Guillotine choke
John "Guns" Gunderson def. Mike "The Jack Knife" Jonet (Wenatchee Pankration Team, WA)- 0:27 R1 Rear-naked choke
Dave Cochran (Independent, OR) def. Josh Vreeman (Blood Motivated Inc., WA)- : R1 Guillotine Choke
Paul "The Jaw" Weseman (Lion’s Den, ID) def. Joe Vigil (Team Thunder, AZ)- 1:39 R1 TKO Referee stoppage (strikes)

Middleweight Bout

Ed "Short Fuse" Herman (Team Quest, OR) def. Cory Devela (Team Underground, WA)- 3:20 R1 Armbar
Erik Wray (AKA, CA) def. Steve Gomm (Walt Bayless Jiu-Jitsu, UT)- 0:32 R1 Guillotine choke

Light-Heavyweight Bout

Matt "Suave" Horwich (Team Quest, OR) def. Mikko Rupponen (Espoon Kehahait, Finland)- 0:50 R3 Triangle choke/armbar

Welterweight Main Event
Sean Sherk (AKA, MN) def. Eric Heinz (House of Martial Arts, CO)- 0:58 R1 Neck Crank

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Gladiator Challenge: Fightfest 2004
Held June 2 & 3, 2004 at Colusa Casino
By Keith Mills

Gladiator Challenge held their first two-day show by pulling out all the stops with Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight tournaments, Lightweight and Welterweight belts, the Superfight belt, Dan Severn, and several regional fighters. Heavyweight tournament winner Dan Evensen fighting out of J-Sect/Nova Uniao with John Lewis in his corner won the Heavyweight tournament in his pro debut by beating Team Oyama’s James Irvin, Dragon’s Lair’s Mike Womack, and finally in the most technical striking fight of the week Alpha Male’s Julius Askew in a mostly stand-up war. Rashad Evans won the Light Heavyweight tournament with wins over Brian Pardo, Team Oyama’s Hector Ramirez, and Worsham’s Team X fighter Jamie Jara. The Light Heavyweight tournament had a couple odd turns of events when first on the first night due to the speed of the early fights both Ruiz and Pardo, who did not win their tournament fights, were asked to fight each other to add another fight to the card. No such additional fight was produced from the Heavyweight tournament. On the second night heavily favored Sleeman could not compete due to a knee injury so Ruiz took his place in the tournament. Full coverage coming in the Full Contact Fighter publication, subscribe today!

James Fanshier beating on Shannon Ritch
Fanshier beating on Ritch


  • Rashad Evans def. Brian Pardo 3:24 R1 by TKO
  • Jamie Jara def. Anthony Ruiz 1:36 R1 by armbar
  • Hector Ramirez def. David Vitkay 1:38 R1 by TKO
  • Brian Sleeman def. Alex Bernek 0:43 R1 by rear choke
  • Julius Askew def. Carlos Cantu 1:17 R1 by head/arm choke
  • Dan Evensen def. James Irvin 0:51 R1 by rear choke
  • Dan Molina def. Frances Miles 0:42 R1 by armbar
  • Mike Womack def. Anthony Fuller 2:57 R1 by TKO
  • Anthony Ruiz def. Brian Pardo 2:25 R1 by TKO
  • Adrian Garcia def. David Marshall by unanimous decision (2 rounds)
  • Shannon Sams def. Cesar Gutierez 4:50 R1 by TKO
  • James Fanshier def. Shannon Ritch 2:34 R1 by TKO
    Fanshier wins vacant Welterweight belt
Dave Velasquez & Uriah Faber await the decision
Velasquez & Faber await decision


  • Rasad Evans def. Hector Ramirez by unanimous decision (2 rounds)
  • Jamie Jara def. Anthony Ruiz 2:05 R2 by armbar
  • Julius Askew def. Dan Molina 0:44 R1 by KO
  • Dan Evensen def. Mike Womack 2:57 R1 by TKO
  • Dan Quinn def. Mike MacGregor 4:08 R1 by guillotine choke
  • Nick Ertle def. Anthony Rios by unanimous decision (2 rounds)
  • Uriah Faber def. Dave Velasquez by unanimous decision (3 rounds)
    Faber becomes new Lightweight Champion

  • Dan Severn def. Ruban "Warpath" Villarreal by split decision (2 rounds)
  • Cal Worsham def. Harry Avis R1 by TKO
    Worsham retains Superfight belt

  • Rashad Evans def. Jamie Jara by unanimous decision (3 rounds)
  • Dan Evensen def. Julius Askew by unanimous decision (3 rounds)

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