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Friday, Feb 07, 2003

Super Brawl 28 Weigh Ins

Super Brawl 28 Weigh Ins
Held at 24-Hour Fitness Kapiolani
Honolulu, Hawaii
By Michael Onzuka – Mike@onzuka.com

Just when you think things are going great, Murphy steps in. In a last minute training session, local upstart Kolo Koka hurt his knee in a freak heel hook accident and had to pull out of the event against Mark Moreno. I thought that was the fight of the card, two guys that like to bang. Promoter, T. Jay Thompson, is currently looking for a replacement for Koka, but was unable to find one at weigh in time. Also, there was a swap of fighters in the first match. Tripston Kerisiano will take teammate, Nassor Lewis’ place against submission grappling based Brandon Keen. Other than that, the fight card remains intact as advertised.

Deshaun Johnson vs. Andy Wang Dain Agbayani vs. Justin Mercado
Johnson vs. Wang
Agbayani vs. Mercado

Another interesting match up will be the return of Andy Wang who has lived in Hawaii for a while and is currently living in California and training with RAW. He showed major heart after taking a terrible amount of punishment from Japan based Tsuruya in his last Super Brawl appearance. Wang hopes to turn things around as he faces Deshaun "the best dressed MMA fighter since Shonie Carter" Johnson. Johnson is known as a stand up artist, but has been brushing up with his groundwork as of late. If Deshaun can keep this fight standing, it may be very interesting.

Andre "The Chief" Roberts returns to action from a layoff from late 1999, a month after he had his UFC 21 war with Ron Waterman. Roberts is as big as they get and it shall be seen if experience will defeat youth as he faces a young and hungry upstart by the name of King Kong Seraille. Ron Jhun will try to continue to test the waters at a ripped 170 lbs after an exciting fight with Shonie Carter that ended in a draw. UFC veteran Tyrone Roberts accompanies his brother in the fight card taking on a local fighter that seems ready for the big show, Falaniko Vitale. Vitale is a well put together specimen and will be challenged by a veteran fighter in Tyrone Roberts.

Ray Seraille vs. Andre Roberts Mike Panalber vs. Ronald Jhun
Seraille vs. Roberts
Panalber vs. Jhun

Finally, Egan Inoue stated that he will only fight again if he can face the champion in Shooto. Inoue got really close, but Suda broke his nose in his last fight and wanted more time to prepare. Since Egan was already in shape, Egan agreed to take on Japanese upstart, Yukiya Naito from the A3 gym, who will attempt to make a major leap in the Shooto rankings if he pulls off the upset. One fight is left between Inoue and his shot at a Shooto Champion. As the biggest draw of any MMA fighter in Hawaii, Egan knows that he will have the entire crowd on his side to cheer him to victory, but also knows that a loss may scrap his long laid plans on the road to the championship.

Yukiya Naito vs. Egan Inoue Falaniko Vitale vs. Tyrone Roberts
Naito vs. Inoue
Vitale vs. Roberts

Want to watch the fights live? Check out http://www.superbrawltv.com and for only $7.95 you can watch the fights live with commentators, Anthony King and FCF’s own Mike Onzuka.

Broadcast times across the world:

  • Los Angeles- Saturday 10:45 pm
  • Chicago- Sunday 12:45 am
  • New York- Sunday 1:45 am
  • London-Sunday 5:45 am
  • Cairo-Sunday 7:45 am
  • Moscow- 8:45 am
  • Tokyo-Sunday 2:45 pm
  • Melbourne- Sunday 3:45 pm

Missed the show live? Bone up on the blow by blow results in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter!

Fight Card

170 lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Tripston Kerisiano 168 lbs (808 Fight Factory) 3-1
Brandon Keen 168 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

155 lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Jay R. Palmer Fashionably late as usual (no weight) (Universal Roughhousing) 22-20
Harris Sarriento 155lbs (808 Fight Factory) 2-3

145 lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Dain Agbayani 146.2 lbs (at time of weigh in) (808 Fight Factory) 2-3
Justin Mercado 142 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-1

165 lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Deshaun Johnson 160 lbs (HMC) 3-3
Andy Wang 164 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-3

170 lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Mark Moreno 171 lbs (Bull’s Pen) 3-1-1

Heavyweight 2×5 minute rounds
Andre "The Chief" Roberts 368 lbs (Team Extreme) 11-1
Ray "King Kong" Seraille 262 lbs (Grappling Unlimited)1-1

170 lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Mike Panalber 169.2 lbs (Shark Tank)
Ronald Jhun 170.8 lbs (at time of weigh in) (808 Fight Factory) 15-9-2

185lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Tyrone Roberts 184 lbs (Team Extreme) 15-2
Falaniko Vitale 184.8 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 12-1

194lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Yukiya Naito 187 lbs (A3 Gym, Tokyo) 4-0
Egan Inoue 189.8 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 12-3 Champion

Chute Boxe Training Madness;
Belfort Training for June;
PRIDE Fighters Getting Ready; & RN Vale Tudo News

The Brazilian Beat:
      February started with plenty of training action in Brazil. With UFC 41 and PRIDE 25 approaching, fighters such as Pedro Rizzo are preparing hard for scheduled fights, while others like PRIDE contenders Mario Sperry and Murilo Ninja continue to train looking for a shot at the upcoming PRIDE show. As training is still one of the main subjects of this edition of the Brazilian Beat, the Chute Boxe training camp is getting as hardcore as ever, with fighters literally missing the good times when they were on tough battles in NHB events, and Vitor Belfort getting ready for a upcoming June fight in the UFC. Well, training is never enough for a fight fan; therefore we also bring you news and results from RN Vale Tudo, a new small show in Brazil, as well as tidbits from other shows and news from Brazil! Enjoy your weekend and take a taste of Brazilian news, as Full Contact Fighter raises the volume, feels the groove and joins the beat!

  • Vitor Belfort wasn’t allowed by the doctors to perform at UFC 42, since his knee isn’t ready yet for a professional fight after the surgery. However, Belfort told FCF that he is training well and it’s only a matter of time since he will be ready to perform in the octagon once again. "The Phenom" also said he will be likely fighting in the UFC in June, and he will have some great news to announce in March of 2003! Stay tuned!
  • UFC Heavyweight contender Pedro Rizzo is ready and anxious to face Vladdy Matyushenko at UFC 41. Rizzo told FCF he trained a lot standing up with K-1 fighter Peter Aerts, who left Brazil after training with Rizzo for around two weeks last Monday, and his hands are now sharp again. "The Rock" told us he would do sparring sessions with Aerts two times a day, for around 7 rounds of Muay Thai each. Pedro is already weighing 103 kg, and feels he is in the best shape he has been in a long time. This time the Ruas Vale Tudo fighter will leave for the USA just one week before the fight.
  • PRIDE fighter and grappling legend Mario Sperry is now practically 100% healed from the broken hand suffered at his win over Andrei Kopylov back at PRIDE 22. Sperry told FCF he is already punching with confidence again, despite some minor pain that still exists, and has been training very hard looking for a shot at PRIDE 25, where he plans to compete.
  • PRIDE Middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva is now slowly and gradually resuming his training after his serious knee surgery suffered in the end of 2002. Silva is now walking and moving without any problems at all, and has started to do some training in the mirror, getting himself ready to resume his full training routine in the coming weeks. "The Axe Murderer" is continuing to work on a series of projects in the meantime, and told FCF he delayed his seminars because he is preparing and designing a complete new seminar experience for the fans. Let’s wait and see!
  • Speaking of Chute Boxe fighters, PRIDE contender Murilo Ninja Rua is completely recovered from the swollen and cut eye suffered against Kevin Randleman at PRIDE 24. Ninja submitted himself to a series of exams due to PRIDE’s request and none of them showed any problems. The young Brazilian fighter is already training hard again and waiting for his next fight, while on the meantime planning to do seminars in the USA.
  • Brazilian Top Team member Hudson Rocha didn’t exactly broke his hand at the Brazilian ADCC trials as was reported by all the media. Hudson’s bone amazingly went out of his hand’s skin, but without being broke! This is a totally bizarre situation, however Hudson is recovering now and according to his trainers won’t miss his Hook N’ Shoot appearance in the upcoming show.
  • UFC, PRIDE, IVC and MECA veteran Carlos Barreto had to give up on fighting the Second Submission Wrestling in Campos superfight against Alexandre Cacareco. Barreto decided to withdraw from the event due to his K-1 Brazil appearance in the 23rd of February, since he has training so hard for it that it would be too risky to risk an injury so near the competition. Reports have that Eduardo Jamealo will replace Barreto in the superfight of the event that is taking place right now in Campos. FCF will report the results in the coming days.
  • RN Vale Tudo, the small show put on by promoter Conrado, who also promotes Bitetti Combat, took place this last week and was a success! The show happened in the small city of Caico, on Brazil’s northeast and served as a minor league for Bitetti Combat, helping new fighting talent of the Brazilian northeast to have a chance to appear. The card was full of local talent, what pleased the fans in the audience and the action itself didn’t disappoint. On the most interesting fights of the card, Wallace [From Kimura, who is a Chute Boxe black belt from Rafael Cordeiro, however doesn’t train at Chute Boxe anymore] demolished Fabiano, a local fighter from Caico. Dinarte took quick work of Tortinho. Sergio Capoeira, well known in the Northeast Jiu Jitsu circles, made his NHB debut beating Loca, a Mario Sucata student. The main event featured experienced fighter Aranha, who is from Caico, against Indio. Both guys won their fights at the last Bitetti Combat Nordeste and although Aranha won the fight on a judges’ decision, Indio surprised the fans putting up a great performance in an exciting fight. Now all the efforts will be concentrated on the next Bitetti Combat scheduled to the end of March, and FCF is continuing to bring you all NHB action from around the world, no matter where!
  • Full Contact Fighter is truly everywhere and this last Friday FCF writer Eduardo Alonso, who happens to be writing this article, was a guest commentator at Premiere Combat/Sportv channel. The show featured a collection of Tito Ortiz’s fights, and served as an opportunity to talk a bit about FCF’s work and the international fans’ view of the Brazilian fighters. It’ll likely be aired in a month or so, and hopefully one day we will have more channels and TV shows devoted to NHB.
  • The training at the Chute Boxe academy is now more intense than ever! Due to a decision from Chute Boxe team coach Rudimar Fedrigo the training sessions now became even more hardcore, with the fighters training everyday with NHB gloves on, and giving their all in the sparring sessions! Things have been tough as the Evangelic Hospital in Curitiba is reported to have been receiving one new guest per week, courtesy of the Chute Boxe training. Anderson Silva took some stitches on the eyebrow, Young fighter Jadson [who lost to Cristiano Marcelo at MECA 7 and then decided to apply to join Chute Boxe] suffered convulsions and now Fabio Piemonte is spending a week in the Hospital as a result of a training session. Mr. Fedrigo told FCF he will now be receiving some protection equipment and then he wants the training to get even tougher! As always, everybody is invited to come and train at the academy.

Extreme Challenge Preview
By Keith Mills

Davenport, IA-Extreme Challenge’s Middleweight tournament series gets under way tonight with the first stop here in IA before continuing on to Sal Lake City later this month and Hawaii in May for the finals. According to promoter Monte Cox, "This is pretty straightforward. We tried this with the Heavyweights last year for Return Of The Heavyweights and it worked really well. We got Tim Sylvia out of it and not that much longer he’s fighting for the UFC title so obviously we helped discover somebody and then two other guys, Wiuff and Cabbage, got in also. It’s a successful venture for TJ and I so we decided to do it with the 185 lb class because that is the class that is hurting the most. People came out of the woodwork to fight in the 185 lb class. I had probably forty applicants for the eight positions and that’s when we decided to go ahead and copy the Heavyweight tournament entirely and do the two eight-man tournaments. The only difference is the winners are only going to advance to an eight-man tournament in Hawaii. Sixteen-man was an adventure but a little too much."

From the original card Joe Doerkson has been replaced in the tournament by Danger Zone vet Forrest Petz and Pain Peters has been replaced in the feature bout against Medina by UCC Proving Ground vet Eric Beaulieu.

The top two finishers are invited to the 8-man tournament in Hawaii this May, which will also include the top two finishers from the Utah show later this month plus four wildcard spots. One wildcard spot is already set for Doerkson but the other three could end up in the hands of fighters from this tournament and the Utah show that for some reason don’t win but put on a good fight.

Tonight’s card is:

Bracket A
Fight 1: Jay Buck vs. Forrest Petz
Fight 2: Kyle Jensen vs. Dennis Reed

Bracket B
Fight 3: Johnathan Goulet vs. Jason Rigsby
Fight 4: Brandan Seguin vs. Leo Sylvest

Alternate bout
Fight 5: Kurt Illemann vs. Spencer Fisher

Tourney semifinals
Fight 6: Fight1 winner vs. Fight2 winner
Fight 7: Fight3 winner vs. Fight4 winner

Feature bout
Fight 8: Eric Beaulieu vs. Jason Medina

Tourney final
Fight 9: Fight6 winner vs. Fight7 winner

Tickets are still on sale at the door. Stars And Stripes is located at 2902 East Kimberly Road in Davenport.

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