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Friday, May 09, 2003

Super Brawl 29results

Masanori Suda beating on Egan Inoue
Super Brawl 29

Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
May 9, 2003
By Chris Onzuka

Years in the making, came to an abrupt and surprising end that left the largest crowd ever for an mixed martial arts event in Hawaii speechless. Egan Inoue has been focusing on becoming the first Hawaiian born fighter to capture the coveted Shooto championship. He came out of a self-imposed retirement to fight his way up the rankings for a chance at the champion. This was history in the making, not only would Inoue have the opportunity to be the first Shooto champion from Hawaii, but this would also mark the first time that a Shooto championship bout would be held outside of Japan. T. Jay Thompson went to work and not only got this match set up in Inoue’s home town, he also assembled a great under card to build the tension to a fever pitch. Originally, all the best fighters Hawaii had to offer were scheduled on the card, with the exception of Cabbage Correira, due to recently beating Sean Alvarez in the UFC, Falaniko Vitale, who will appear in the next UFC against Matt Lindland and Baret Yoshida, who pulled out of his fight to concentrate his efforts on the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships. Unfortunately, Ray "Bradda" Cooper had to pull out of his match due to a rib injury days before the event, so heavy hitter Mark Moreno stepped up to the plate to take on rising star Kuniyoshi Hironaka. When everything was said and done, the stars of the night were Rami Boukai for submitting a tough, Justin Mercado, Kuniyoshi Hironaka for dominating Mark Moreno and Kid Yamamoto for demolishing Jeff Curran. The stage was now set for the main event. Super Brawl held a tribute and salute to the men and women of the armed forces by bringing out a representative of each branch of service and giving them leis earlier in the evening. And right before the main event, the color guard came into the ring and a Navy group sang the National Anthem. The crowd loved every minute of it and showed their appreciation for our heroes. The fight started with Inoue circling Suda, bobbing and weaving. Suda maintained his composure and saw his opportunity when Inoue stepped toward Suda while circling. Suda fired off a right hook that landed at the base of Inoue’s skull. Inoue slowly dropped down from the punch and Suda rushed in to finish off Inoue [pictured above]. The referee seemed to hold back stopping the fight in order to allow Inoue ample time to recover, cover up or defend himself. After a series of unanswered punches, the referee stopped Suda and declared it a victory by KO after only 27 seconds in the first round. Suda celebrated but rushed over to see if Inoue was okay. After a while on the ground, Inoue sat on a corner stool to be further checked and monitored by the ringside physicians. Masanori Suda retained his Shooto title and became the Super Brawl Champion while the stunned Hawaiian crowd stood in awe of the outcome.

Kid Yamamoto punching Jeff Curran
Yamamoto punching Curran

Heavyweight 2×5 minute rounds
Tim Tynan (808 Fight Factory, 1-1) def. Ray "King Kong" Seraille (Grappling Unlimited, 1-3)
Majority decision after 2 rounds [(20-19), (19-19), (20-18)].

167.5lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Brandon Keen (Grappling Unlimited, 3-0) def. Paul Laga (Bull’s Pen, 2-2)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-16), (20-16), (20-16)].

143lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Rami Boukai (Next Generation, 2-1) def. Justin Mercado (Grappling Unlimited, 2-2)
Submission via triangle choke at 2:47 into round 1.

167.5lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Kuniyoshi Hironaka (SSS Academy, Tokyo, 6-1) def. Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen, 6-2-1)
Submission via cradle neck crank at 2:50 into round 1.

167.5lbs 2×5 minute rounds
"Ice Kold" Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited, 5-3) def. Billy Rush (Meat Truck, Inc., 2-1)
KO due to strikes at 4:59 into round 1.

143lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Stephen "Bozo" Paling (Jesus is Lord, 11-4) def. Mark Hominick (Team Tompkins, Ontario, Canada, 3-1)
TKO via doctor stoppage from cut at 0:16 into round 1.

143lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto (Pure Bred, Tokyo, 5-1) def. Jeff Curran (Linx, Chicago, IL, 5-6)
Unanimous decision after 3 rounds [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)].

145lbs 2×5 minute rounds
Joe Jordan (Extreme Impact, 4-1) def. Eddie Yagin (Grappling Unlimited, 8-2)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(19-19), (20-19), (20-19)].

Shooto & Super Brawl Title Unification Bout:
183.2lbs 3×5 minute rounds
Masanori Suda (Tokyo) Shooto Champion def. Egan Inoue (Grappling Unlimited) Super Brawl Champion
KO due to strikes at 0:27 into round 1.
Masanori Suda retains the Shooto Championship and becomes the Super Brawl Champion.

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