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Friday, Apr 16, 2004

Super Brawl 35 Results

Tom Sauer beating on Enson Inoue
Super Brawl 35 Results
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 16, 2004
By Chris Onzuka

Ring Girls
It’s hot in Hawaii

Super Brawl 35 featured Enson "Yamato Damashii" Inoue’s MMA debut in Hawaii. Enson brought with him a team of warriors from his Purebred gym in Omiya, Japan. Purebred ended up posting a 4-4 record at the event, which showed that the opponents chosen for the Purebred team were evenly matched and proved that it could be and was anyone’s fight. Purebred’s opposition included a couple of UFC veterans in Jeff Curran and Rich Franklin, and a man that should be in the UFC, Joe Doerksen, all of whom came out victorious.

Jeff Curran (left) vs. Kimihito Nonaka
Curran (left) vs. Nonaka

Some of the highs of the event were the Curran-Nonaka and Doerksen-Fukuda fight. Jeff Curran set the pace for most of the fight, but Nonaka kept it interesting by interrupting Curran’s striking dominance with take downs and excellent submission defense. The fight of the night without question was Joe Doerksen taking on a fighter making his MMA debut, Riki Fukuda fighting out of the Purebred gym. Doerksen opened up the fight with a flurry of punches and knees that immediately cut open Fukuda. However, Fukuda was like a machine that took everything that Doerksen had and kept coming forward. Fukuda escaped out of numerous submission attempts by Doerksen and had Doerksen tiring himself out trying to finish off Fukuda. Remember the name Riki Fukuda, you will definitely be hearing a lot about him in the future.

Joe Doerksen works a kneebar on Riki Fukuda
Doerksen works a kneebar on Fukuda

Tom Sauer slamming Enson Inoue to escape triangle
Sauer slams Inoue to escape triangle

A lot of Hawaii fight fans came out to see Enson’s Hawaii debut and high expectations were put on him going into the fight. Many of the Hawaii fans have not even heard of Tom Sauer even though Sauer was a highly successful participant in the RINGS USA event that was held in Hawaii about four years ago. On that night, Sauer KO’d both of his opponents, one of them being RINGS and Pride veteran, Valentijn Overeem to go on to the final RINGS USA tournament. Sauer is a tough journeyman fighter who is well versed in submissions and has knock out power as seen in his 17-9 MMA record. The match would end in somewhat of a controversy, topped off by a riot. Read the next issue of Full Contact Fighter for the full details on the referee stoppage, the face off in the ring immediately following the fight and Grappling Unlimited’s fight with a huge guy in the crowd.

Post-fight Melee in the ring after Sauer/Inoue is stopped by the ref
Melee after ref stops Sauer/Inoue

128lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Jyoji Yamaguchi (Purebred, Omiya) def. Bill "The" Kidd (Indianapolis)
KO at 0:07 into R3.

155lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Bart Palaszewski (Team Curran) def. Hiroaki Okada (Purebred, Omiya)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 3:02 into R3.

150lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Makoto Ishikawa (Purebred, Omiya) def. Antoine Skinner (Indianapolis)
Unanimous decision [(29-28), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

155lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Tetsuji Kato (Purebred, Omiya) def. Jason Dent (Indianapolis)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

Heavyweight: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall (Meat Truck Inc., Ohio) def. Ray "King Kong" Serraile (Grappling Unlimited)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the cross position at 2:15 into R1.
*Serraile suffered a separate shoulder some time during the fight

160lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Ryan Bow (Purebred, Tokyo) def. Deshaun Johnson (HMC)
Submission via Kimura key lock at 2:01 into R1.

Joe Doerksen (Team Extreme) def. Riki Fukuda (Purebred Omiya)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

138lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Jeff "Big Frog" Curran (Team Extreme) def. Kimihito Nonaka (Purebred, Omiya)
Submission via rear-naked choke at 4:35 into R3.

205lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Rich "Ace" Franklin (Team Extreme) def. Leo Sylvest
Submission due to strikes from the mount at 1:13 into R1.

Main Event
205lbs: 3 Rounds X 5 Minutes:
Tom "Trauma" Sauer (Ocala, FL,) def. Enson "Yamato Damashii" Inoue (Purebred, Omiya)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the mount at 4:14 into R1.

Storm Samurai Sao Paulo Quick Results
By Eduardo Alonso

The first edition of Storm Samurai held outside of Curitiba was considered a success by the promoters, as around 1,500 people attended the event held at the Baby Barione arena, a traditional Amateur Boxing venue in the city of Sao Paulo. Most of the match-ups were exciting as every spectator got a bit of his own fighting preference, with Muay Thai being the biggest flavor on the menu. As many (including yours truly) expected, Henrique Rocha and MECA veteran Zinho were the standouts of the show, making quick work of their opponents. Storm Samurai will now return to Curitiba this Saturday, with more focus on MMA than in Sao Paulo as the weigh-ins took place this Friday in Curitiba and went on without a hitch. Check out the Results of Storm Samurai Sao Paulo here, and more info in the May issue of FCF:

Jiu Jitsu Match:
Sergio Ferreira defeated Ricardo "Rato" by armbar

Submission Wrestling:
Daniel Roth defeated Charles Duende by points (5-0)

Mixed Martial Arts:
Jorge Brito defeated Alex Cobra by armbar in R1
Thiago Cruz defeated Joao Werdini by unanimous decision

Muay Thai:
Henrique Rocha defeated Oriovaldo Filho by KO in R1
Luciano Boinha defeated Edmilson Pereira by split decision
Francisco Souza defeated Danilo da Costa by TKO in R5
Daniel Caporossi defeated Flavio Alvaro by KO in R1
Jose Carlos "Zinho" defeated Rodrigo Lima by TKO in R1
Marco Rodrigues defeated Tadeu SanMartino by split decision

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