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Friday, Feb 23, 2001

Super Brawl Xx Results

Super Brawl XX Results
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
February 23, 2001
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

Super Brawl XX had a little more action and unusual circumstances than normal MMA events that I have attended or even seen on video. In fact, this was the craziest series of events that I have ever heard of. First off, Brennan Kamaka steps in for his brother Kai, when Kai injures his knee the day before the event, even with a rib injury that has not totally healed. In fact, that injury cost him the match. Then, one of Kaleo Padilla’s corner men ran into the ring and jumped on Anthony Torres when he was mounting Padilla. Egan Inoue (Torres’ corner man) rushed in to push Padilla’s corner man off and people just kept rushing into the ring throwing wild punches. There must have been 30 people in the ring fighting at one point. The police stepped into the ring and did the only thing they could, started spraying Pepper spray like there was no tomorrow. Eventually the fight broke up, but my wife and my brother’s girlfriend got to experience the second hand effects of Pepper spray. It did not bother me (don’t ask why I wasn’t affected). Augie Padaken, brother of Cheyenne "Oh Can He Punch" Padaken, stepped in to replace Niko Vitale on 24 hours notice to fight Charlie Anderson and pulled out a majority decision. After a much needed intermission, Mansour Heidari was told that he was not allowed to wear his wrestling shoes to fight, right after both he and his opponent, Ron Jhun, were in the ring. Wearing shoes or shirts (lycra or otherwise) is strictly prohibited in Shooto. Heidari, an Olympic wrestler from Iran, replied, "I am a wrestler. I wear wrestling shoes." Promoter T. Jay Thompson instructed him that he either take off the shoes or he must forfeit the match. Heidari turned around and walked out of the ring, thus forfeiting the match. He raised his hands, waving to the crowd, as the crowd booed him all the way back to the dressing rooms. He responded to the crowd by giving the fans two thumbs down. Thomas submits Bozo with a triangle-arm bar
If all that wasn’t enough, Din Thomas almost forfeited his match because he resisted taking off his lycra shirt, which is also prohibited by Shooto rules. After some protest (and Jaime Levine yelling, "New rules again? And you’re telling me fucking today [about them]?"), Thomas agreed to take off his shirt and the fight went on as scheduled. After Thomas’ skillful submission [pictured: Thomas submits Bozo with a triangle-arm bar], Thomas topped off the evening’s weird event by telling the crowd that "they just witnessed another Din Thomas performance." This brought a ton of boos from the crowd as Thomas danced to the music back to his dressing room. Thomas certainly did not pick up any Hawaii fans, that’s for sure. Other than the weird events that seemingly would not end, the matches were very exciting with a ton of reversals and some solid stand up exchanges. These events are certainly not good for the sport, but it was an incredible spectacle to experience, especially where you are sitting in, what I like to affectionately term, "the blood row." For full fight descriptions, post fight interviews and more details on the wacky incidents, you have to subscribe to Full Contact Fighter, if you haven’t already.

B Class Fights 2×5 Minute Rounds
#1 Welterweight
Abe Rodriguez 5’8" 150lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-1 [Shooto 0-1]
David Yeung 5’8" 150lbs (AMC/Haru Shimanishi) Pro debut
By submission via rear choke (strangle) at 4:28 minutes in Round 1.

#2 Light Heavyweight
Aristides "Arti" Brito 5’7" 175 lbs (Team Rival) WEF Veteran
Brennan Kamaka (Jesus is Lord) 2-5 [Shooto 0-1]
By verbal submission, primarily due to pre-existing rib injury being re-injured, at :50 seconds in Round 1.

#3 Light Heavyweight
Anthony Torres 5’8" 185lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-0 Amateur
Kaleo Padilla (Big Island) 4-0 Amateur
By disqualification when one of Padilla’s corner men jumped into the ring and onto Torres, which caused a fight between the whole Big Island team versus Grappling Unlimited inside the ring.

#4 Constructed Weight (169.9lbs)
John Chrisostomo 5’7" 169.9lbs (Grappling Unlimited) [Shooto 0-1]
Scott Bills 5’7" 165lbs (Team Rival) [Shooto 0-1] IFC Tournament Winner
By majority decision [(19-19), (20-19), (19-19)] after two rounds.

#5 Heavyweight
Auggie Padaken 6’1" 200lbs (Team Tiger)
Charlie Anderson 5’10" 190lbs (Team Rival) WEF Veteran 1-0
By majority decision [(20-20), (20-18), (20-18)] after two rounds.

A Class Fights: 3 X 5 Minute Rounds
#6 Light Heavyweight
< Ranked #6 Shooto Light Heavyweight >
Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun 5’9" 180lbs (Jesus is Lord) [Shooto 2-2]
IFC US Light Heavyweight Champion
Mansour Heidari 5’11" 180lb (Team Rival) 7-2
WEF Veteran, Former Iranian Olympic Wrestler
By forfeit because Heidari would not agree to fight without his wrestling shoes, which is prohibited in Shooto.

#7 Constructed Weight
< Ranked #7 Shooto Welterweight >
Din Thomas 5’10" 147.5lb (Internal Power) 11-1[Shooto 1-1]
WEF VII Super featherweight Champ [Shooto 2-2] MMA Writers ranked #4
Stephen "Bozo" Palling 5’6" 147.5lbs (Jesus is Lord) 3-2
< Ranked #5 Shooto Lightweight >
Submission via triangle-arm bar from the guard at 3:53 minutes in Round 1.

#8 Middleweight
Paul Rodriguez 5’7" 167lbs (Internal Power) 10-3 [Shooto 0-1] WEF Veteran
Ray "Bradda" Cooper 5’7" 167lbs (Jesus is Lord) 6-3 [Shooto 4 -2]
< Ranked #3 Shooto Middleweight >
Super Brawl 3 Tournament winner Former #1 ranked Shooto Middleweight
Submission via arm bar from the guard at 2:58 minutes in Round 1.

From Susumu’s Gallery:

King of Kings Results

1) KANEHARA Hiromitsu (178cm, 92.5kg) wins over Dave Menne (178cm 88.8kg)
K.O. by right hook at 3:24 of 3R
(2R decision 19-19, 18-19, 19-19)

2) Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira (191cm, 102.6kg) wins over Volk Han (190cm, 107kg)
Decision; 20-18, 20-19, 20-19

3) Randy Couture (185cm, 102kg) wins over KOSAKA Tsuyoshi (181cm, 102kg)
Decision; 20-19, 20-19, 20-19

4) Valentijn Overeem (190cm, 104.2kg) wins over YAMAMOTO Norihisa (190cm, 93.2kg)
Submission by arm bar at 0:45 of 1R

Single bouts
5) Alistair Overeem (195cm, 95kg) wins over Vladimer Tchanturia (180cm, 103.8kg)
Submission by rear naked choke at 1:06 of 1R

6) Nogueira wins over KANEHARA
Submission by rear naked choke at 0:27 of 2R

7) Overeem wins over Couture
Submission by front choke at 0:56 of 1R

8) YANAGISAWA Ryushi wins over SAKATA Wataru
Decision; 18-19, 20-19, 20-19

9) Renato Babalu wins over TAMURA Kiyoshi
Decision; 20-20, 20-19, 20-19

10) Nogueira wins over Overeem
Submission by shoulder choke at 1:20 of 1R

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