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Saturday, Jan 27, 2001

Super Brawl Xx- “the Big One!”

From the event’s promoter:

Super Brawl XX- "The Big One!"

On February 23rd, Super Brawl celebrates its 20th show with big rewards for its fans!

SuperBrawl Poster
      Without a doubt, Extreme Sports Productions biggest event to date will take place Friday night, February 23rd as local superstar, Ray "Bradda" Cooper, will face his toughest opponent to date at the Blaisdell Arena. That opponent will be World Extreme Fighting’s #1 middleweight, Paul Rodriquez.
      Ray Cooper has been called the most exciting fighter in the sport. All but one of his victories have come by way of knockout or submission…in the first round! "Bradda", who trains at the "Jesus is Lord Gym, is famous for his counter punching power. He is unbeaten at the Blaisdell Arena. "Pound for pound, nobody in the world hit’s harder than Ray. He has legitimate one punch KO power." T.Jay Thompson, President, Extreme Sports Productions.
      Paul Rodriquez is coming off a 3rd round KO victory over AMC’s highly touted Dennis Hallman. He is the number one contender in one of the top Mainland promotions, Hook n’ Shoot. His professional fighting record is 8-3.
      Paul says, "I respect all of his accomplishments. He is a great athlete, but so am I. I will not give him a chance to breathe on fight night. I will just keep coming at him. It is going to be a long night for Ray ‘Bradda’ Cooper."
      Although this fight alone would seem to be worth the price of admission, Extreme Sports Productions has a lot more in store for us on this historic night.
      Look for local phenom, Baret "Da Finisher" Yoshida to make his return to a Hawaiian ring. Baret, famous for his recent battle with Royler Gracie in Abu Dhabi, lost his Hawaiian debut to Shooto World Champion Mamoru. Since that time he has gone undefeated, fighting all his fights overseas. Baret’s opponent has not yet been announced but he is excited nonetheless. "The loss has motivated me. I have been training sometimes 10 hours a day. My game is coming more complete. I do not plan on losing again in my home town."
      Hawaii will also have the privilege of watching two of the world’s best 150lb fighters. WEF World Champion, Din Thomas will square off against Ray Cooper’s stable mate, Stephen "Bozo" Palling.
      Din is fresh off a victory over UFC 150lb World Champion, Jens Pulver. Din beat the previously undefeated Team Miletich fighter with a brutal reverse heel hook. Din is famous for his high-flying style. He will try cartwheel guard passes, flying arm-bars, rolling kneebars and many other high risk maneuvers. "I give the fans what they pay to see…a show!"
      "Bozo", the local favorite will come at Thomas with an arsenal of uppercuts and hooks looking for the knock out. Stephen is currently ranked 5th in Japan’s Shooto organization.
      "But wait there more…!!!" As if this wasn’t enough, former UH football standout, Falaniko Vitale will put his undefeated No Holds Barred record on the line against up and coming superstar, Charlie Anderson. Niko is known for his aggressive hard-hitting style and Anderson will match up with him well. WEF Promoter Jamie Levine said of Anderson "[He is a] tough S.O.B. A guy who has no quit in him. He is not afraid to take punishment if it means he can dish it out later in the fight. Anderson is one of the most exciting fighters in the ring; he has no down time when the bell rings!" Watch for fireworks when these two meet in the middle of the ring.
      As an added bonus, during intermission, Extreme Sports Productions will crown the first ever Hawaii’s Hottest Showgirl from a bevy of Hawaii’s finest! Plus 8 under-card bouts featuring Ronald "The Machine Gun" Juhn v Scott Henze, John Crisotomo v Scott Bills, Brennan Kamaka v Arti Brito, Bob Ostovich, Kai Kamaka, Anthony Torres and Abe Rodrigues. See you their!
      Tickets will go on sale at the Blaisdell box office and all ticket outlets on Monday, January 29. Reserved seating tickets are $25 in advance and $29 the day of the show. There will also be a limited number of VIP ringside seats available for $50 each.

Pictures and Video Available upon request
T.Jay Thompson
(808) 524-6062

Super Brawl XX Official Shooto Fights

B-Class 2×5 Minute Rounds
#1 Light Heavyweight

Arti Brito

5’7" 175lbs
(Team Rival)
WEF Veteran
Brennan Kamaka

5’6" 175lbs
(SWAT Team)
2-2[Shooto 0-1]
#2 Light Heavyweight

Bob Ostovich

5’8″ 180lbs
(Jesus is Lord)
0-3[Shooto 0-1]

# 3 Light Heavyweight

Kai Kamaka

5’8" 180lbs
(Jesus is Lord)
0-3[Shooto 0-1]

#4 Welterweight

Abe Rodriguez

5’8" 156lbs
(Grappling Unlimited)
2-1[Shooto 0-1]

#5 Middleweight

Jay R. Palmer

5’8" 160lbs
Many Time SuperBrawl Veteran
[Shooto 0-2]

#6 Light Heavyweight

Anthony Torres

5’8" 185lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

#7 Middleweight

Scott Bills

5’7" 165lbs
(Team Rival)
IFC Tournament Winner [Shooto 0-1]
John Crisostomo

5’7" 170lbs
(Grappling Unlimited)
[Shooto 0-1]
A-Class 3×5 Minute Rounds
#8 Heavyweight

Charlie Anderson

5’10" 190lbs
(Team Rival)
WEF Veteran 1-0
Falaniko Vitale

6’1″ 200lbs
(SWAT Team)
#9 Light Heavyweight

Scott Henze

5’11" 185lbs
(Team Rival )
WEF Veteran, HOOKnSHOOT Champ
"The Machine Gun"
Ronald Juhn

5’9" 185lbs
(Jesus is Lord)
[Shooto 2-2]
Ranked #6 Shooto Light Heavyweight
IFC US Light Heavyweight Champion
#10 Lightweight

Baret Yoshida


#11 Constructed Weight

Din Thomas

5’10" 147.5lbs
(Internal Power) 11-1[Shooto 1-1]
Ranked #7 Shooto Welterweight
WEF VII Superfeatherweight Champ
MMA Writers ranked #4
Stephen "Bozo" Palling

5’6" 147.5lbs
(Jesus is Lord)
3-2 [Shooto 2-2]
Ranked #5 Shooto Lightweight
#12 Middleweight

Paul Rodrigues

5’7" 167lbs
(Internal Power)
10-3 [Shooto 0-1]
WEF Veteran
Ray "Bradda" Cooper

5’7" 167lbs
(Jesus is Lord)
6-3[Shooto 4 -2]
Ranked #3 Shooto Middleweight
SuperBrawl 3 Tournament winner
Former #1 ranked Shooto Middleweight

From John Petrilli:

Roland Sarria’s Super Rage in the Cage XXIV Results

2,208 MMA fans welcomed RITC XXIV to Celebrity Theatre and promoter Roland Sarria delivered with an entertaining and well organized event. There were 22 action packed fights. The Brausa Cage Warriors continued their dominance of this popular event posting a 15 – 1 record for the evening. This brings the Brausa Academy record, over the past 11 RITC events, to 84 – 8. Over the past 6 events, the Brausa record is a sensational 57 – 3 !!!

Celebrity Theatre has become the permanent home for Rage in the Cage and will host RITC on a monthly basis for the next 11 months.


Fight #1
Melldi "Bad Dog" Adjubani (160 lbs), Brausa Academy
defeated by submission (choke) 2:02 Rd 1
Hermes Chavez (140 lbs), BJJ

Fight #2
John "The Predator" Levenson (152 lbs), Pankration/Wrestling
defeated by decision (4 – 1)
Wes "The Wus" Wiggins (146 lbs), Brausa BJJ

Fight #3
Will "The Thrill" Bimson (162 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (guillotine choke) 2:59 Rd 1
Asa Gable (149 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #4
Brian "Hitman" Mitchell (154 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (key lock) 2:28 Rd 2
Michael Medina (145 lbs), BJJ

Fight #5
Santino Defranco (158 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (guillotine choke) 2:01 Rd 1
Michael Barney (145 lbs), Submission Wrestler

Fight #6
Darrell "No Fear" Parrish (152 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (choke) 1:35 Rd 1
Jeff "The Ghost" Custead (147 lbs), Team Custead – Wrestler

Fight #7
Jerry "MVP" Parsons (169 lbs), Brausa Academy
defeated by decision (5 – 0)
Justin Antle (165 lbs), Combat Instructor – US Marine Corps

Fight #8
Bill "Cannon" Cameron (170 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by decision (3 – 1 – 1)
Manuel Bacenas (168 lbs), Combat Instructor – US Marine Corps

Fight #9
Brian "Tsunami" Ikagami (166 lbs), Brausa Submission Fighter
defeated by submission (arm bar) 1:59 Rd 1
Cesar Ortiz (170 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound

Fight #10
James "Sudden Death" Suddath (190 lbs), Grappling
defeated by submission (guillotine choke) :23 Rd 1
Fred "No Special Effects" McMillan (170 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #11 (Super Fight)
Shawn "Nuke" Upshur (155 lbs), Brausa Submission Fighter
defeated by submission (arm bar) 1:53 Rd 1
Nathan Bulitta (150 lbs), Vale Tudo/Wrestling

Fight #12
Farrell "Full Moon" Frisby (148 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (arm bar) 1:18 Rd 1
Julian Samaniego (150 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #13
Edwin "Baby Face" Dewees (189 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (arm bar) 1:38 Rd 1
Sean Williams (160 lbs), Combat Instructor – US Marine Corps

Fight #14
Mike "The Mangler" Berardi (179 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (choke) 1:55 Rd 2
Michael Chavez (180 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound

Fight #15
Tom "Atomic" Gabauer (190 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (choke) 2:31 Rd 1
Trinity "T-Bone" Boykin (200 lbs), Streetfighter

Fight #16
Curt "The Tower" Howard (167 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (choke) 1:25 Rd 2
Jayme Tomczyk (160 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #17
Justin "Big Dog" Lyon (365 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound
defeated by submission (strikes) :29 Rd 2
Ryan "The Raging Rhino" Roath (260 lbs), Az Fight Club

Fight #18
Ted Opaliniski (210 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (choke) 1:48 Rd 1
Kevin Denz (200 lbs), Streetfighter

Fight #19
Marty "The Moose" Salamon (225 lbs), Brausa BJJ
defeated by submission (choke) 1:19 Rd 1
Trinity "T-Bone" Boykin (200 lbs), Streetfighter

Fight #20 (Main Event)
Homer "Rock" Moore (200 lbs), Team Phoenix – Wrestling
defeated by submission (arm bar) 1:14 Rd 1
Kevin Christopher (186 lbs)

Fight #21 (Super Fight)
Todd "The Shark" Medina (193 lbs), BJJ
defeated by submission (key lock) :15 Rd 1
Shane "Z-Dawg" Blair (216 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound

Fight #22 (Super Main Event)
Allan "A-Dawg" Sullivan (215 lbs), Savage Te Dawg Pound
defeated by decision (2 – 1)
Christophe Leninger (200 lbs), Judo

Next Event:
Rage in the Cage XXV
Thursday February 22, 2001

Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster locations (480-784-4444) or at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office.

For more information, please visit www.celebritytheatre.com or www.rageinthecage.com or call 480-446-8127

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