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Monday, Sep 16, 2002

Super Brawl/ucc Press Conference

Super Brawl/UCC Press Conference
24-Hour Fitness Kapiolani
September 16, 2002
1:00 PM
By Michael Onzuka (Mike@onzuka.com)

Super Brawl 26/UCC
Tuesday Night, September 17, 2002
Fights start at 7:30 PM

Jhun vs. Potvin
As usual, the press conference and weigh in went smoothly as amazingly, the imported fighters arrived before the local fighters. As some of you may know, everyone who lives in Hawaii follows Hawaiian time which is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (if not more) behind normal time. This is the first combination of the UCC which brought some of Canada’s best versus Super Brawl’s mostly Hawaii based fighters. There are so many interesting matches that I guarantee that one of these fights should be the Super Brawl fight of the year.

The fights remained pretty close to intact with a few changes. Almost all the Hawaii’s top fighters are featured in this card, along with Team Extreme’s UFC veteran and hard hitter, Laverne Clark and new team member Jeff Curran. Clark came in clean cut and fit, while Curran was his usual relaxed self, even though he just fought two weeks ago and has another fight scheduled in the month. Curran felt that all the back to back fighting would actually help him because there would be minimal down time which is the down fall of many fighters as the desire to stay in shape starts to dwindle. Curran is a brown belt and a solid stand up fighter. He faces the Finisher, Baret Yoshida, who has the ability to beat anyone on any given day. Baret has showed his stand up skills by stunning the highly ranked Abe in his last fight in Japan. This may be the fight of the night, two balanced fighters that are originally ground fighters, but this fight may be decided on the feet.

Yoshida vs. Curran
Niko Vitale, possibly the most physically talented fighters today, faces a two time Canadian kickboxing champion. Niko usually comes to bang, but it may be a mistake against the Canadian champ, Gosset who came in light compared to Vitale. Ron "The Machine Gun" Jhun returns to the Super Brawl right and faces a game Stephan Potvin. Many say that Jhun is ready for the UFC, but due to scheduling conflicts, it has not happened yet. The Hawaii fans are sure to see some straight bombs and a solid submission game from Jhun.

One of the most interesting fighters on the card, "Pain" Peters, will make his Hawaii debut. He has become somewhat of an icon in Canada as a lunatic in the ring. Peters comes to fight and brings a fury that is rarely seen in our sport. If there is one guy that Pain cannot intimidate, it’s Koka. Kolo exudes a toughness that one look tells you to step back or get hurt. Koka has been taking on all comers as of late, including having a good showing against UFC veteran and style trendsetter, Shonie Carter. Hawaii fans will be on their feet as these two bad men see who is the king of the ring.

Kerry "Meat Truck" Shaw returns after a head banging last appearance in the heavyweight tournament. Shaw went through the ring and crashed head first through a ring side chair. I’m wearing my running show just in case. He faces a local roughian and instructor at Grappling Unlimited, Kekumu Cambra. Cambra took a beating in his last fight, also in the heavyweight tournament, but showed a huge heart by not giving up. It will be seen if Cambra has changed his game plan to be more successful in this fight against the talent and huge Meat Truck.

This may be the most talent filled card that Super Brawl has ever put together. Hawaii fans will get a taste of the talented fighters from Canada and the midwest. Team Extreme studs Jens "Little Evil" Pulver and UFC middleweight champ, Matt Hughes, who will also be the referee, is here and anxious to see the fights as well. Canadians will get to see their favorite fighters on Canadian pay-per-view, another first for Super Brawl. The local fans will want to come down to the Blaisdell Center to see these fights first hand and witness a good serving of light and heavy fighters…and everything in between.

Super Lightweight Challenge
Jeff Curran 141.8 lbs
Baret Yoshida 143.2 lbs

Welterweight Challenge
Donald Ouimet 164.4 lbs
Laverne Clark 169.8 lbs

Light Heavyweight Challenge
Pasquel Gosset 192.0 lbs
Falaniko Vitale 198.4 lbs

Light Heavyweight Challenge
Anthony Rea 202.6 lbs
Rich Franklin 203.0 lbs

Middleweight Challenge
Stephan Potvin 184.0 lbs
Ron ‘The Machine Gun’ Jhun 185.0 lbs

"Pain" Peters 169.8 lbs
Kolo Koka 166.5 lbs

Welterweight Challenge
Ivan Menjivar 154 lbs
Jay R. Palmer 151 lbs

Heavyweight Challenge
Kerry ‘Meat Truck’ Schall 270 lbs
Kumu Cambra (was not present)

Light Heavyweight Challenge
Yan Pellerin 201.2 lbs
Mike Malone 201.6 lbs

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