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Monday, Jan 20, 2003

Superbrawl 28 Line-up

From T Jay Thompson:

SuperBrawl 28 Line-up*

  1. 135lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Nassor Lewis (808 Fight Factory) 3-3
    Brandon Keen 170lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

    Two young aggressive fighters who are looking to move up the Super Brawl ranks. The more experienced Lewis has a solid wrestling background and does not like to give his opponents a second to breathe. Keen, a Grappling Unlimited student, has solid ground skills and has been working on his stand-up. Experience will be the edge in this fight. Lewis 3-2 favorite

  2. 161lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Jay R. Palmer 155lbs (Rough Houzers) 22-20

    Harris Sarriento 155lbs (808 Fight Factory) 1-3

    The always game Palmer will once again step between the ropes. He has fought all levels of fighters with mixed success. Sarriento has recently moved to the 808 Fight Factory camp and thinks the new training environment will be a plus. Pick ’em Even Odds

  3. 143lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Dayne Agbayani 141lbs (808 Fight Factory) 2-3
    Justin Mercado 141lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-1

    Agbayani has a striking background who is becoming well versed on the ground. Mercado will try to negate Agbayani’s experience with quickness and aggressiveness. Pick ’em Even Odds

  4. 167.5lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Deshaun Johnson 165lbs (HMC) 3-3
    Andy Wang 165lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 2-3

    This will be a great contrast in styles. Johnson is a "tough as nails" brawler who is rapidly developing his grappling skills. Wang is a Jiu-Jitsu specialist with limited striking. Look for Johnson to win a stand up battle or Wang to submit Johnson on the ground. Pick ’em Even Odds

  5. Heavyweight 2×5 minute rounds

    Mark Moreno 165lbs (Bull’s Pen) 3-1-1
    "Ice Cold" Kolo Koka 165lbs (Grappling Unlimited)4-3

    This has the ear-markings of a great fight! Both young fighters have tremendous striking ablilities and have shown great chins. Both are also picking up the ground game quickly. The edge in power will go to Moreno, while the edge in experience is Koka’s. This one will be close. Pick ’em Even Odds

  6. 167.5lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Andre "The Chief" Roberts 366lbs (Team Extreme) 9-1
    Ray "King Kong" Seraille 260lbs (Grappling Unlimited)1-1

    Everyone likes to see the big guys bang! Roberts is a world class fighter who has seen success in the UFC Octagon. He has a brawling style and will mix it up with the best of them. Kong will have to weather an early storm and pick "The Chief" off later in the fight if he expects to upset the veteran. Roberts 6-1 favorite

  7. 167.5lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Mike Panalber 170lbs (Shark Tank)
    Ronald Jhun 170lbs (808 Fight Factory) 15-9-2

    Panalber is a young game fighter who is looking to make a name for himself. A win over Jhun would certainly do that. Jhun has looked very sharp at his new weight of 170lbs. A win here would surely set up a rematch for the Super Brawl belt with "Mr. International" Shonie Carter in March. Jhun 2-1 favorite

  8. 185lbs 3×5 minute rounds

    Tyrone Roberts 185lbs (Team Extreme) 15-2
    Falaniko Vitale 185lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 12-1

    Tyrone Roberts is a UFC veteran with tremendous wrestling and striking skills. He has KO power in both hands as well as the ability to take an opponents down at will. He is ultra-aggressive who will "brawl" with anyone. Vitale went undefeated in 2002 and wants to start the year off in the same fashion. UFC scouts are watching this fight closely. An impressive performance may land this local boy in the "big show". Pick ’em Even Odds

  9. 182lbs 2×5 minute rounds

    Yukiya Naito 194lbs (A3 Gym, Tokyo) 4-0
    Egan Inoue 182.6lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 12-3 Champion

    Naito is all that stands between Inoue and his shot at the Shooto Champion, Masanori Suda. Naito is a rising star in Japan who can fight both standing and on the ground. He will also have a weight advantage over Inoue. Although known for his grappling, Egan’s has won his last two fights by knock out (one with punches and one headkick) and it will be interesting if he continues his striking ways. Whether standing or on the ground, the smaller Inoue will have to use his quickness to his advantage. Inoue 3-2 Favorite

*Card subject to change

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