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Friday, Mar 19, 2004

Sweden Welcomes Its First Taste Of True Mma On April 4th As Lion’s Den Fighters Headline Evt 2: Hazard

Sweden Welcomes its first taste of true MMA on April 4th as Lion’s Den Fighters Headline EVT 2: Hazard
By Eduardo Alonso

As the sport of Mixed Martial Arts continues to spread around the globe, Europe has been seeing its share of fight action more often recently as Scandinavia is showing the rest of the old continent the way with its newest promotion, European Vale Tudo, which is about to hold its second edition. This next April 4th, in the city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, European Vale Tudo 2: Hazard will take place, showcasing some of the best fighters the continent has to offer as well as competitors from other parts of the world, battling inside a cage not only for their personal glory, but also to help to expand the sport in yet a new and promising region.

The MMA scene in Scandinavia has been growing nicely in recent years, due in no small part to the tough nature of its people as well as their incredible sense of organization. Combining these two elements with a lot of passion for the sport, promoters Carl Otto Knudsen and Marko Ervasti have been making an effort to take freestyle fighting to Scandinavia in the proper way for a number of years, and with that they built EVT under clearly solid foundations, which can explain the success of the first edition and how impressive the show was considering the circumstances. EVT 1: Genesis, back in December of 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark, included the cream of the crop of the European MMA scene as well as PRIDE veteran Guy Mezger headlining the card that impressed the fans as much as the flawless production impressed the competitors themselves. Back then, it was crucial that the show would be held in Denmark as Sweden, although a country with more MMA potential, wouldn’t allow complete MMA rules and a step in the wrong direction could jeopardize the sport forever in those countries. With EVT 1 in Denmark being a success, the doors then were open for EVT two to conquer yet another country in Scandinavia as "Hazard" takes an even bigger fighting card to the capital of Sweden, with hopes of breaking new ground and proving to everybody MMA is now truly becoming a global sport. Among the highlights on the show is the presence of three Lion’s Den fighters, with Travis Lutter competing in the main event. Here’s the fight card for EVT 2: Hazard:

  • Aaron Blackwell (UK) vs. Joar Palm (Sweden)
  • Jean Robert Monier (France) vs. Tor Olave Hauge (Norway)
  • Ricky Moore (UK) vs. Tchavdar Pavlov (Sweden)
  • Christian Dellevag (Sweden) vs. Anders Eriksson (Sweden)
  • Alex Reid (UK) vs. John Oskar Hammer (Norway)
  • Kenneth Rosfort vs. Diego Gonzalez (Sweden)
  • Chris Bowles (USA) vs. Stale Nyang (Norway)
  • Xavier Foupa-Pokam (France) vs. Martin Kampmann (Denmark)
  • Hiro Kamikozono (Japan) vs. Mario Stapel (Germany)
  • Ronaldo Campos (Brazil) vs. Thomas Hytten (Norway)
  • Janne Lukkarinen (Finland) vs. TBA
  • Antonio Tello (Spain) vs. Travis Lutter (USA)

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