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Tuesday, Nov 01, 2011

Tender Time with Joel Gold: Frank Shamrock

Four-time world MMA champion Frank Shamrock. Photo courtesy of: James Manalisay/Strikeforce

Tender Time with Joel Gold: Frank Shamrock

Joel Gold chats it up with the retired, four-time world champion about politics, Occupy Wall Street, family and, of course, MMA.


Joel Gold:  How old were you when you had your first MMA fight?

Frank Shamrock:  I was 22 years old.  In fact, the date was Dec. 18, 1994.


JG: Has a girl ever beaten you up?

FS: Only my first wife and my current wife.


JG: What do you think of the job President Barack Obama is doing?

FS: I love Obama and think he’s doing a real good job. The country is broke and he’s trying to fix it.


JG: Would you occupy Wall Street?

FS: No – I would not.  I would be too busy working my ass off.


JG: Who is the biggest blow hard in MMA and why?

FS: I am because this is the greatest sport in the world everyone should be training in MMA.


JG: Should the owners of the UFC replace  small percentage owner and President Dana White as front man now that they are knocking on the door of truly making it to the big leagues?

FS: That’s their business.  (White) is both good and bad for the sport.  I am just glad I don’t have to work for him.


JG: What gets your blood boiling?

FS: Children who are abused or not given a good education or a chance in life.


JG: What fighter or celebrity do you really despise?

FS: I don’t like Chael Sonnen’s remarks that are racist or demeaning. I believe that it takes away from our sport and, while it may sell tickets, those are not the fans I would want following me around.


JG: What makes you happy?

FS: My little girl and my wife, golfing, hiking and helping other people.



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