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Wednesday, Mar 19, 2003

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Bitetti Combat 2 Weigh-in Photos
By Eduardo Alonso


      In a few hours all fighters will be heading to the Machadinho Arena to compete at Bitetti Combat 2, and after dealing with numerous problems with computers here in Natal we finally managed to send you some pictures of the weigh-ins held yesterday. Fernando Terere’s NHB debut against Tibau is still the main attraction, and as you can see by the pictures both fighters are in shape! Chute Boxe black belt Wallace, who has been living in Natal for 5 years now, is also ready to deliver and willing to come back to Curitiba after this fight and re-join the Chute Boxe team! We will have more news and pictures after the event. See you soon with more NHB action at Full Contact Fighter!

Johil de Oliveira (left) vs. Silmar Rodrigo
Johil (left) vs. Silmar

Terere (left) vs. Tibau
Terere (left) vs. Tibau

From left to right: Cuban trainer Eugenio Fuentes, Fernando Terere and Vitor Belfort
Fuentes, Terere & Belfort

From promoter T. Jay Thompson:

May 9, Championship Super Brawl
Another Confirmed Fight:

On Friday, May 9, thousand of fans will pack the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii to witness the belt unification bout between Super Brawl Champion Egan Inoue and Shooto Champion, Masanori Suda. The first official additional bout to this card has been added.

Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto (Purebred, Japan)
Bao Quach (Next Generation, California)

Bitetti Combat 2
Just a Few Hours Away!

By Eduardo Alonso

      A few hours separate the local fans here in Natal, a beautiful city located in the Brazilian Northeast, from the much anticipated NHB action. Bitetti Combat 2 is now officially ready to happen today, now that the weigh-ins are done and all fighters made weight. Due to some problems with the weather in Brazil, some fighters arrived late yesterday in Natal, and that postponed the weigh-ins. Although the weigh-ins occurred later than initially planned, no problems were registered, only the rules meeting caused some discussion. The fights will consist of three 5-minute rounds with no overtime, kicks and knees to a downed opponent in all fours are not allowed, and yellow cards for stalling are in effect for this edition of Bitetti Combat.
      A noisy crowd of local fighters’ supporters followed the weigh-ins and created a huge atmosphere of rivalry, this however didn’t faze the experienced fighters such as Johil de Oliveira and Claudionor Fontinelli. Vitor Belfort, who will act as a referee in at least two fights, was one of the main attractions today here in Natal, as lots of fans were requesting pictures and autographs. Overall all the fighters seemed relaxed and ready to go, and all in good shape. NHB veteran Johil de Oliveira told FCF he is excited with this chance and he is now feeling ready to perform at his best again, since he is free of injuries. Johil is looking at this event as a chance to get his career back on track and fight in bigger events again. Fernando Terere is also relaxed and confident, and promised a good performance in his fight against Tibau. Now it’s just a matter of opening the gates and starting the fights! Don’t miss the results and details soon here on the FCF website.

From the event’s promoter:

Ring Of Fire 7

As of tonight at 8:00 on Wednesday, the RING OF FIRE 7 show has been officially postponed until next Friday, March 28th. The venue is still the Hyatt Regency, all tickets for the 21st will be honored on the 28th.

The obvious reason is the BLIZZARD. With the road closures and Airport shutdown, we were just not able to get enough of the out of town fighters here in time for weigh ins or in some cases even to the event at all. On top of that, logistically it would be very hard to meet the production schedule deadlines due to road conditions on Thursday here in town.

90% of the fighters have been in constant contact with me throughout the day, and the fight card is still intact for next weekend!

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Sven Bean
FY Fight Productions, INC.
303-400-1756 fax

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