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Wednesday, Apr 28, 2004

The Banter Before The Battle

The Banter Before The Battle
The K-1 "Battle Of The Bellagio II" Pre-Fight Press Conference Experience
Written By Michael Afromowitz

A press conference with Bob Sapp wouldn’t be a typical press conference if some kind of altercation failed to break out. Following in suit, though, this afternoon’s pre-fight press conference for Friday night’s Pay-Per-View televised "Battle At The Bellagio II" K-1 mega-card erupted with physical fireworks courtesy of Sapp and his Superfight opponent, Tommy Glanville.

After being handed the stage by K-1 USA CEO and head promoter, Scott Coker, Glanville, accused 2000 K-1 USA tournament champion, Maurice Smith, of betrayal. Smith, who had trained and cornered Glanville for a period of time, has been Sapp’s mentor since the 6’7", 375-pound former NFL lineman became a giant hit in martial arts fighting’s most prestigious fighting circuit. Following an exchange of words between the two former allies, Sapp chimed in by insulting Glanville.

An all-out tussle commenced following a trading of shoves between Sapp and Glanville. Several event officials quickly pried the fighters off one another after a couple of tables were turned over during the melee.

With the exception of world champion Cung Le, who was held up in traffic, the remainder of superstars slated for "Battle At The Bellagio II" action were present and offered their thoughts on Friday’s event.

Here’s a re-cap of the more memorable comments that were offered by several of the participating athletes:

Michael McDonald: "I’ve still got a young heart and a good spirit and I plan on being around for a few more years, so these guys here better watch out because this man here might be getting old, but age is just what’s underneath. I’ve trained hard for this fight and I feel good."

"Mighty Mo:"

On how he obtained his nickname:

"The main reason why they call me "Mighty Mo" is because of my strength. I used to do construction work and, one day (on the job), a building fell. I had to climb out of it. I got my way out of it – a couple of cuts, but I was still walking on two feet."

Dewey "The Black Kobra" Cooper:

"I’ve just got to do what I do – just kind of flow. I’ve got to be free. I’m prepared, I’ve had great training. Mentally, I’m matured. There won’t be any mistakes on my behalf, so I’m ready to win the whole damn tournament. It’s as simple as that."

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