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Thursday, May 09, 2013

“The Daily Takedown”: Jon Jones Punch Drunk If He Thinks He Could Be Competitive With A Boxer

A victorious Jones (photo via UFC / FUEL TV)

By Joshua Molina

Jon Jones, you are too young to be so delusional.

Jones said on a radio show recently that a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather would be “a competitive match.”

When did Jones start hanging out with Nick Diaz?

Regardless of a 50-pound weight and six-inch height difference, Jones would stand a better chance of beating Novac Djokovic in a tennis match than he would beating Mayweather.

Jones would have a better chance hitting a Matt Cain fastball than hitting Mayweather.

Jones shows an incredible amount of disrespect toward boxers by suggesting he could hang in a match with the greatest boxer around today. He then says that boxing isn’t real fighting because you can’t tell someone at a bar to punch only.

Apparently, Muhammad Ali ain’t much to Jones. He wasn’t a real fighter.

If we take Jones logic even further, a fight ain’t real unless you allow everything. You can’t say at a bar fight, no eye gouging, hitting below the belt, scratching or kicking an opponent’s head while they are down.

Wouldn’t that be real fighting? Anything goes in a real fight.

Jones should forget about Mayweather and fight an MMA fighter his own size.

Victories over Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen in the last year hardly gives him room to call out Mayweather.


posted by FCF Staff @ 8:33 pm
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