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Saturday, Aug 18, 2001

The Danger Zone Presents:

From the event’s promoters, Dan Severn & Becky Levi:


Danger Zone logo
The most exciting mixed martial arts event in the midwest is back! 

The Danger Zone is holding an all amateur card at Broadripple Place in Ft. Wayne, IN. The date is Sunday Nov. 11, 2001 at 6 pm. This bar venue will hold 1200. Tickets will be available through ticketmaster in Sept.

There will be two single amateur bouts with 7 amateur 4 man tournaments. Go to http://www.the-dangerzone.com/ and fill out an application to fight and follow the directions to confirm your spot.

Please contact us for more information 517-278-4908 or severndd@cbpu.com


The August 2001 issue of FCF is here! 

FCF New Issue
In this issue…

Aaron Crecy takes us to Japan for Pride 15 as Herring adds Kerr to a growing list of victims;Sak is back; Nogueira impresses with slick submission.

Interview With Royler Gracie: Eduardo Alonso does an in-depth interview with the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu legendVegas Baby, Vegas: The UFC comes to Vegas, we take you to the historic Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting where MMA was sanctioned.

IFC: Castillo-Marquardt highlights Warriors Challenge 14

West Virginia Good Ol’ Boys Prevail: MMA KO’d by Commission–for now.

Ortiz Vs. Belfort: Josh Gross previews The Showdown for the Ages

Marc Scott covers King Of The Cage 10 from the Soboba Indian Reservation in San Jacinto, California

Marcelo Alonso brings us to Brazil for the 6th World Jiu-Jitsu Championship as Margarida proves himself to be The New King of Jiu-Jitsu

Jeremy Horn Headlines Mass Destruction III

More on the Brazil Scene: Carlson Gracie’s MMA event, Heroes: Luta-Livre Wins 10 Years Later

HOOKnSHOOT Showdown: Edwards Out-Guns Riley in Unforgettable Fight

Off to Hawaii with Chris Onzuka for SuperBrawl’s 5th Anniversary: The Road To The Rematch

We speak with Marcelo Tigre after his controversial fight With “Cabbage” Correira

Derek Panza: On the verge Of an ISKA World Title Shot

Mario Sperry Talks About Managing, Fighting & The Top Team

Monte Cox BioFile: Learn everything about the promoter/manager, from his obsession with food to the time that he was playing softball and “my jock broke and my kidmaker started bouncing all over and popped out of the pantleg of my shorts.” This is possibly the funniest thing you’ll ever read!

Fight fans talk about their thoughts on who will win some of the fights the upcoming UFC 33

In our monthly columns…
In Matt Hume‘s techniques, Bas Rutten and Matt Hume demonstrate Bas’s Neck Crank/Chest Crunch technique; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses the Making Space.

Every issue of Full Contact Fighter is jam-packed with fight news from the U.S. to Brazil to Japan. FCF travels the globe to bring the fights to you. Get yours today! Available at Tower Records stores around the world or by subscription…

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From the event’s promoter:

4-Man Superfight Tournament
at The Grapplers Quest Nationals!!!

Grapplers Quest logo
Here is how the 4-Man Superfight Absolute Division is matching up at The Grapplers Quest National Championships, Sunday, September 23rd, 2001 in New York City.
The 4-Man submission grappling tournament will feature:
3X Grapplers Quest Champion and Yamasaki Prodigy, Todd Margolis, has been added as the fourth and FINAL competitor in the 4-Man Superfight Absolute. Margolis won the Grapplers Quest in March and April of 2000, and March 2001, plus his first match against Alliance Black Belt, Roni Cardoso. Who can stop our #1 Ranked Grapplers Quest competitor and champion.
Marcio Corletta, 214 lbs., 2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sylvio Behring and 2001 World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Champion. Corletta soundly defeated Marcio “Pé de Pano” da Cruz for the Black Belt Heavyweight World Championship this past July. Marc Laimon vs. Chris Brennan
He joins Nova Uniao Black Belt and 2000 Grapplers Quest West Superfight Absolute Division Champion, Marc Laimon.
Marc Laimon, Nova Uniao Black Belt from Las Vegas, Nevada was crowned the Grapplers Quest’s First Superfight Absolute Divisonal Champion impressively defeating Chris Brennan (former King of The Cage Champion), Jeff Monson (Abu Dhabi Champion), and Dean Lister (2001 Abu Dhabi Competitor). Marc is looking to add another GQ title to his record…who will stop him??
Rodolfo Amaro da Silva, New York City Machado Brothers, Rodolfo Amaro da Silva
Black Belt under Marcos Santos has many titles under his belt including a recent clean sweep of Battle at The Beach in New Jersey. Amaro’s major titles are as follows: 

  • IV Copa Itaiba – Campeão Marrom Absoluto
  • II Etapa Circuito FESP – Vice-Campeão Marrom Absoluto
  • II Etapa Circuito FESP – Campeão Marrom Super Pesado
  • I Etapa Circuito FESP – Campeão Marrom Absoluto
  • I Etapa Circuito FESP – Campeão Marrom Super-Pesado
  • Bi-Campeão Paulista Pesado & Absoluto
  • Bi-Campeão Carioca Absoluto
  • Bi-Campeão Mineiro Super-Pesado
  • Campeão I Itoror&oactute; Chevrolet Super-Pesado
  • Campeão I São Paulo Open Pesado
  • 3rd Colocado Brasileiro Absoluto
  • Bi-Campeão Copa Axe Rio de Janeiro – Pesado & Absoluto
  • Bi-Campeão 1st & 2nd Copa Fitness Fit São Lourenço – pesado & Absoluto categories
  • Campeão Copa Leão Dourado – Super-Pesado
  • Campeão do Vale do Para&iactute;ba – Absoluto & Pesado
  • Campeão da Copa Clube Barra Rio de Janeiro – Absoluto & Pesado
  • Campeão da Copa Itaguar&aactute; – SP – Super-Pesado
  • Campeão da Copa Divin&oactute;polis – MG – Pesado & Absoluto

Stay tuned to: http://www.Grapplers.com

Mega-Superfight Signed – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Match
The Grapplers Quest National Championships to feature a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mega-Superfight between, National Judo Champion, Edson Carvalho and Gracie Barra Black Belt and Mundial Star, Flavio Almeida!
This should be a very interesting battle of styles. Carvalho, 34 years old, is simply a master of stand-up judo, mixing in an array of BJJ and Judo ground skills, walks into this match with an arsenal of grappling tools.
Flavio “CACHARRINHO” Almeida walks into this fight after an impressive performance at this year’s Mundials.

Grapplers Quest National Championships
Sunday – September 23rd, 2001
City College of New York New York City 


Download The Grapplers Quest National Championships Tournament Package NOW at http://www.grapplers.com/article_images/gqpack.doc

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