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Friday, Sep 30, 2005

The Name Game:

The Name Game:
Bushido Europe "Rotterdam Rumble" Not PRIDE Event, But Fedor Free to Fight
By Loretta Hunt

Fedor Emelianenko

Although the recent addition of PRIDE Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko, along with advertisements donning PRIDE’s insignia might point to otherwise, October 9th’s Bushido Europe "Rotterdam Rumble" event is not under the direction of Japanese mega-promotion Dream Stage Entertainment in any way, Vice-President Yukino Kanda clarified today.

Emelianenko, who recently added the 2005 PRIDE Heavyweight Grand Prix title to his list of hefty accomplishments by defeating killer kickboxer Mirko "Cro Cop" Filopovic one month ago, will be facing Bob Schrijber in the Holland show that has adopted a similar name to PRIDE’s successful spin-off event.

Although Kanda voiced PRIDE’s concern in having their champion run the risk of injury outside their own promotion’s plans, she said it was fully in his contractual rights to do so at this time. Explains Kanda, one of the "exceptions" PRIDE allows its fighters under contract is the option to fight in their own promotions.

"Fedor is fighting, but the promoter of that show is the manager of Fedor," Kanda explained. "It has nothing to do with us as a promoter. We are not involved [in] any way financially."

As for PRIDE logos appearing on initial posters for the event (which the Japanese promotion did not give permission for), Kanda says they contacted Bushido Europe to have them removed, although some advertisements could not be pulled from publications in time. However, various websites are still displaying the PRIDE logo on distributed posters.

Regardless, Kanda says the relationship between the two promotions has been amicable.
"We talked to that promoter because they requested PRIDE fighters, just like other events around the world that always want to associate with PRIDE," Kanda says. "So we sent Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. They’re gonna use our fighters. They offered our fighters [fights], so we are cooperating."

Royce Gracie’s future, Sakuraba back to Japan, New faces training at Chute Boxe, New shows coming up in Brazil, Minotauro awaiting winner, Wanderlei and the Rua brothers full of plans, and More.

The Brazilian Beat:
      After some weeks traveling through the most diverse landscapes and countries in Europe, this reporter is finally back, safe and sound, in Brazil, following the MMA scene in the country, as many subjects are constantly popping up, as always. In recent days many important things took place, mostly with Pride Bushido brining us the early, and not so early, stages of their Grand Prixes, new fights for the next Pride shaping up, many rumors about the New Year’s eve Pride show, and of course, the traditional training news, and other shows rumors and facts. Needless to say, there’s plenty to be told and it’s better to jump ahead with the news and get updated with some of the latest from the land of Samba! As sometimes it isn’t all good news, this writer would like to take a chance to leave his best wishes for the soul of one more warrior that left us. Although he wasn’t a top MMA star, our young sport has been evolving and growing thanks to many pioneers, who ignore the odds and insist on brining fighting and martial arts to new grounds, so everybody can benefit in the long run, and God knows who big MMA can be in 20 years from now. Magnus Decio was one of those heroes, who didn’t make money, didn’t have many fans, but were brave enough to battle for their dreams, even as utopic as they could be, and break ground so others could establish in future years. When someone leaves us, mostly in dramatic fashion, it leaves us wondering if things are really worth it, but most definitely his effort was worth it, as a part of Brazil will always own him something for brining our sport to new places. May his soul rest in peace, and enjoy the news here at FCF…

  • MMA legend Royce Gracie will indeed fight in the K-1 New Year’s eve show. Although rumors have been indicating that Royce could be negotiating with the UFC, this won’t affect Gracie’s appearance at the most important show of the year for the K-1 organization, where K-1 and Pride compete for TV ratings in their annual "New Year’s eve battle". As of now no opponent was announced to be facing Royce, and it’s not impossible that the three-time UFC Champion may return to the Octagon next year, as his manager and Zuffa seem to be having some talks. FCF will keep you posted.
  • After staying in Brazil training for little more than a month in the Chute Boxe headquarters, Pride superstar and Japanese idol Kazushi Sakuraba has returned to Japan. During his stay Sakuraba trained hard in daily basis, in disciplines such as Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and of course, MMA. During his stay in Curitiba, all the Chute Boxe members were more than pleased to say that Saku was well liked by everybody, very friendly and making jokes most of time. The Japanese fighter said that he intends to come back to Brazil to train again in the future, and now it’ll be interesting to see what kind of new weapons he may display in his next fight in Pride.
  • Still on the Chute Boxe subject, one new addition to the team that may happen soon, is Jungle Fight veteran and Muay Thai stylist Helio Dipp! Dipp has arrived a few days ago in Curitiba, and is training in the Chute Boxe academy, with the likes of Mauricio Shogun, Murilo Ninja, Wanderlei Silva and many others. Although Helio’s style is already pretty simmilar to the Chute Boxe style, and him joining the team at this point would seem natural, it’s still not clear or decided if he will stay with Chute Boxe or just train for a little while as part of the new interchange program going on in the world famous academy. Also training in Chute Boxe right now, are Jiu Jitsu players Rodrigo and Carina Damm! Both have been training in Curitiba for close to two weeks, and seem to be looking forward to stay in the team.

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