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Monday, Apr 15, 2019

The Rising Trend of Online Sports Betting Within the Full Contact Sports Industry

If you haven’t already noticed the imminent rise of online sports bookies you may have at least seen the recent increase within the online casino industry. As countries around the world are beginning to evolve and with them their laws too, we have begun to notice how online casinos are being allowed to operate within the soil of their lands. This has caused the sudden increase in sports betting bookies as the same online casinos are expanding their reach within their communities and attracting new punters as they grow. As a result, in competitive league with these already established online casinos sports books, new sports bookies are seeking out operating licenses and so we see the imminent rise of a new genre of betting online.

With that being said, we wonder what this means for the FC sports industry and whether or not this has a negative effect on our already well-established community of fans. So we did the only thing we knew would determine all the facts. We looked into the matter and researched from both the fans side and the bookies. Here is what we discovered.

Finding a Reliable Bookie

So if you bet on sports at NoviBet you are in the clear, if you bet at an untrusted site you know your opponent is going to take you down for the win. Be sure you watch your footwork and find yourself a legitimate bookie which allows you to bet on the sports of your choice. Finding a reliable bookie is easy enough, just do what we did. Look for a legitimate license which is usually displayed on the site. Follow up by asking some questions which you can do by joining chat forums for FC sporting fans. Usually sports bookies advertise predictions and odds on sports such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Make sure your legitimate one offers sporting bets on boxing, MMA, wrestling or FC contact sports.

Our Own Future Predictions

Just as sports books can run their own algorithms and project their odds, we have the right to predict ours. Judging from the rise in trend and players being satisfied with being able to wager on their favourite teams or on the underdog, we can safely say that our predictions are in favour of the success of these famed sports books. Some of the biggest online casinos are expanding and along with it so is the database of members. Players are loving live play or live sports betting and as FC fans ourselves we can fully comprehend the enthusiasm of fans watching their sports live, placing wagers and changing odds in heavy excitement.


If you find a reliable and trustworthy sports bookie, one that commits to delivering fair odds and frequent payouts upon wins, make that your home. Trust no one unless you see the licensing and if you have questions ask. Unless you find a reliable online bookie we recommend you do your research before signing.


posted by FCF Staff @ 6:57 pm
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