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Sunday, Sep 17, 2000

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*   PRIDE 10   *
Return Of The Warriors

*   Mecca II  *
Vanderlei KOs Medina In 38 Seconds

*   WEF: New Blood Conflict   *

*   RINGS Millennium Combine III   *

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*   International Masters And Seniors
Jiu-Jitsu Championship II   *

Live from Brazil

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Free Style Wrestling
State Competition   *

*   Vengeance At The Vanderbilt   *

*   Results from NAGA’s Battle At the Beach   *


Catching up with Allan Goes
The Brazilian Top Team member talks aboout Pride,
the Carlson Team controversy and more!

BJ Penn
Meet the first American Black Belt to win at the Mundial

Phil Baroni
The New York "BadAss" chats with "The Mouth of NHB"

Kirik Jenness
Meet one of the creators of The Fighter’s Notebook

"Dangerous" Dave Beneteau
Back in action in UCC 2

David Loiseau

"The Sambo Kid"
Dean Lister


Physical Therapist Cindi Prentiss
talks about
Gym Injuries Waiting To Happen

Kickboxing champion Derek Panza discusses
The Lead Hook
in the Punchers’ Corner

Olympic Roll To Arm-bar
in Matt Hume’s Techniques

FCF Columnist Michael Onzuka talks about his
Brazil Adventure – his trip to the Mundial

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BAMA’s Fight Night XI
Held September 16, 2000
South Plainfield Middle School
South Plainfield, NJ
Colin O'Rourke

  • Mike Fusco def. Mathew BermanArm-bar 7:00
  • Denise Curtiss def. Cathy RecioJudges’ decision (grappling only)
  • Jimmy Mor def. Chito AniceteJudges’ decision
  • Mike Lewchuck def. Ron WexlerTriangle Choke 4:00
  • Chris Scanlon def. Angel LonisJudges’ decision after OT (grappling only)
  • "Bear" def. Tom LarrisonHeel-hook 2:00
  • Carl Massaro def. Stephen HaighJudges’ decision after double OT (Quarter finals of MMA 8-man tourney)
  • Eddy Rolon def. Burke WardRef stoppage 9:30 (Quarter finals of MMA 8-man tourney)
  • Colin O’Rourke def. Peter LaValleHeel-hook 3:00
  • Paul Marrinaccio def. Andrew StaigerRear-naked choke 2:00
  • Mike Hampson def. Blair KettlerTriangle choke 1:45
  • Brian Cheverie def. Gino KellyKnee-bar 2:55
  • Tony Rizzolino def. Chris LiguoriJudges’ decision
  • Billy Craparo def. Gary SpencerArm-bar 5:30
  • Bill Scott def. Dave WomackJudges’ decision after OT (Quarter finals of MMA 8-man tourney)
  • Pierre Guillet def. Mark DapolitoAmericana arm lock 4:25 (Quarter finals of MMA 8-man tourney)
  • Jose Rodriguez def. Pete IsbergKO (Muay Thai)

BAMA’s next event will be held in December of 2000, also in South Plainfield, NJ.
The December show will include the semi-finals and finals of the 205 lb.-and-under MMA 8-man tournament as well as Shootfighting, Muay Thai, and grappling matches.
For more info and finalized date, visit http://members.aol.com/shootfyter or call (908) 352-0622

Full coverage in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter.

From the event’s promoter:

Rhode Island Vale Tudo 5 Results

  • Mike Green def. Bob Cassidyby decision
  • Rage Ng def. Dave Salisburyby decision
  • Dawson Walton def. Roger Boninby armbar
  • Steve O’Brien and Andy Doe fought to a draw
  • Nate Buchanan def. Kevin Millerby guillotine
  • Tim Wagner def. Brad Nelsonby triangle
  • Eric Zychowski def. Vinney Thomasby guillotine
  • Ed Carr def. Vinny Paolinoby split decision
  • Gunnar Olsen def. Tim Bruceby split decision
  • John Weidler def. Keith Walshby verbal submission

From the event’s promoter:

IFC Logo

Classic matchup pits a grappler against a striker!

Two huge experienced warriors collide in the center of the 24 foot steel cage on September 30th at IFC BATTLEGROUND 2000 when Canada’s "Bad" Brad Gabriel meets "Giant" Gan McGee for the World Super Heavyweight Championship. Both men are undefeated in extreme mixed martial arts fighting where just about anything goes. These two goliaths will try to punch, kick, choke, and throw each other into submission or unconsciousness. Gan, the current World Champion outweighs the smaller Gabriel by nearly 60 pounds. This is one of those battles that will help decide the age old question about which fighting discipline is best – the punching knockout artist or the wrestler. McGee is a world class wrestler while the heavy handed Gabriel has beaten the stuffing out of just about everything that’s crossed his path.

Gan McGee is known as "The Giant," and for good reason. He stands 6’10" and weighs 305 lbs. But it is not just McGee’s size that has propelled him to world championship fame, it is his incredible quickness and athletic ability.

McGee is a former NCAA Division I wrestler who won the California State Wrestling Championships in 1999. He has put that wrestling experience to good use in Mixed Martial Arts by taking down every opponent he has faced, and forcing them to submit to his massive "ground and pound" attack.

McGee looks to extend his winning streak when he puts his title on the line against Brad Gabriel, a Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing expert who is known for his devastating knock out power. "I know that Gabriel is good at stand up, and is a tough fighter," said McGee. "But I am training like I always do – hard."

A member of the Mohawk Nation, Brad Gabriel is an international Tae Kwon Do competitor who has stepped out of the ranks of that sport and into the spotlight in Mixed Martial Arts. Gabriel, who represented Canada in Tae Kwon Do at the Goodwill games in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1994, also racked up an impressive record in boxing and kickboxing before he got his first opportunity in Mixed Martial Arts. "Mixed Martial Arts was an opportunity that was presented to me, I liked the sport, I am a warrior, so I went for it," said Gabriel.

"Went for it," may be an understatement. At the International Fighting Championship ("IFC") show last January, Gabriel showed the crowd an incredible display of punching power in beating Mixed Martial Arts Veteran and pro boxer and champion kickboxer Kevin Rozier by devastating knock out in the first round.

Gabriel, who is 6 feet, 245 lbs., will need every bit of that power as he takes on the 6′ 10", 305 lbs., Gan McGee for the IFC United Super Heavyweight World championship. "I know that Gan is really big, but this is the biggest fight of my life and I’ve hit big guys before," said Gabriel.

We’ll find whether it’s the striker or the grappler on Saturday, September 30th at IFC BATTLEGROUND 2000 at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. Tickets are on sale at all Ticketmaster locations or by calling 1-800-736-1420.

It’s the IFC, it’s in Atlantic City and it’s real!

For further event information please see IFC-USA. com or contact: D. Benjamin Brown Productions at 609-449-9100 or Maureen Siman at the Tropicana at 609-340-4507.

From the event’s promoter:

November 1 – Table Mountain Casino

It’s here! The toughest fighting sport on two feet – IFC EXTREME COMBAT! The fighters can punch, they can kick, they can throw their opponents to the mat, but they’ve got to win standing up. It’s the roughest fighting sport in a ring. It’s all the excitement of boxing, karate, kickboxing, kyokoshinki, and muay thai in one ring in a single elimination tournament style format. Fighters are matched in weight classes and fight until there is only one fighter undefeated in that weight class. It’s none stop action from bell to bell!

It all comes to Table Mountain Casino on November 1 at 7:30 pm. This isn’t any toughman contest. These fighters have trained for years to be toughest and hardest hitting fighters in the world. IFC EXTREME COMBAT will feature 12 great fights and it all begins on the first day of November.

Check it out!

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