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Friday, Apr 22, 2011

The Ultimate Fighter Review, UFC 129 Preview and Ivan Menjivar Interview


of The Ultimate Fighter, where Brock Lesnar is in the running for worst coach in the history of the show.  Who is the only man keeping Lesnar out of first place for last place?  Listen and find out.  Hint: it involves hard sparring and birthday cake.  Who would play the role of Lesnar if The Ultimate Fighter was a movie?  What about Junior Dos Santos?  Hint: someone is played by Zak Galifinakas.  As you can guess, we go off on a few tangents this week, but it is all highly relevant, we promise.  Has Lesnar done enough to warrant nearly an hour of chatter about his poor coaching skills and bizarre usage of seemingly out-of-date and mildly insulting catch-phrases?  Did he learn how to speak by watching Al Pacino movies and hanging out with old farmers?  It’s an interesting possibility.  Speaking of possibilities, what is going to happen when Georges St. Pierre clashes with Jake Shields next weekend?  Or what about Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami at the UFC in Rio De Janerio, Brazil?  Which country is more likely to riot if their hometown hero loses?  The answer might shock you.  Hold on, home slice.  We’re just getting warmed up as we welcome Ivan Menjivar to the show to chat about his upcoming fight in the UFC.  Hear all about “The Pride of El Salvador” and his upcoming match, plus get his opinions on the rest of the card.  For someone so nice, he sure is opinionated!  But that’s good, because so are we, dammit.  All this, plus a passing reference to cats watching the Northern Lights.  If that’s not enough, you’re just unpleasable.

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