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Monday, Sep 29, 2003

Tickets Go On Sale Saturday, Sept. 27, For Ufc 45: Revolution; Mega-star Event Will Be Nov. 21 At Mohegan Sun Arena Ultimate Fighting Championship To Mark Its 10th Anniversary With An 8-fight, All-star Card Live On Pay-per-view

From UFC/Zuffa:

UFC banner

Ultimate Fighting Championship To Mark Its 10th Anniversary With An 8-Fight, All-Star Card LIVE on Pay-Per-View

Matt Hughes, Tank Abbott, Phil Baroni, Robbie Lawler To Compete In UFC’s Return To One Of Its Most Popular Arenas in Uncasville, Conn.

      LAS VEGAS, NEV., September 22, 2003….Tickets, $300, $200, $100, $60 and $30, will go on sale this Saturday, September 27, at the Mohegan Sun Arena box office in Uncasville, CN, and at www.tickets.com, for Ultimate Fighting Championship 45: Revolution, an eight-fight mega-star card that will be held Friday, November 21, at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Tickets also may be ordered by telephone by calling 1-800-477-6849 or 860-862-8499. All ticket purchases are subject to transaction fees.
      UFC 45: Revolution, which will celebrate the UFC’s 10th anniversary, also will be available LIVE on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. EST on iNDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu, TVN, Echostar and Viewers Choice Canada. The suggested retail price will be $29.95.
      The all-star card will feature UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes defending his title for the fifth time, legendary heavyweight Tank Abbott meeting Hawaiian power puncher "Cabbage" Corriera, middleweight knockout artist Phil Baroni and welterweight star "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler. The entire card will be announced.
      The UFC’s first fight event, UFC 1: The Beginning was held November 12, 1993, at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colo. That night, Royce Gracie defeated Gerard Gordeau in the final match with a tap out by rear naked choke at 1:42 to become the first UFC champion. Other fighters on that first card included Ken Shamrock, Kevin Rosier, Art Jimmerson, Teila Tuli, Patrick Smith, Zane Frazier, Jason DeLucia and Trent Jenkins.

From Dream Stage Entertainment:

Pride FC logo
Three More Matches Announced for Bushido

LOS ANGELES, California – Today Dream Stage Entertainment announced three additional matches for the PRIDE Bushido show.

German striker and Golden Glory team member Chalid "Die Faust" Arrab will face Rodney "Golden Glory Hunter" Faverus … Japanese vale tudo expert Eiji Mitsuoka will go head to head with UFC veteran Chris Brennan … and in the main event, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic will face Mexican MMA/Pro Wrestling superstar Dos Carras Jr.


"Team Japan versus the Gracie Family"

Renzo Gracie vs. Carlos Newton
Ryan Gracie vs. Kazuhiro Hamanaka
Rodrigo Gracie vs. Daiju Takase
Daniel Gracie vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura
Ralph Gracie vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Dos Caras Jr.
Sergey Kharitonov vs. Jason Nobunaga
Akira Shoji vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
Alexander Emelianenko vs. Assuerio Silva
Chalid "Die Faust" Arrab vs. Rodney Faverus
Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Chris Brennan
(Card Subject to Change)

The live event is scheduled for October 5, 2003 from the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. Bushido will be available on U.S. pay per view (delay) on December 21, 2003 at a special reduced rate of $19.95. Don’t miss the show!


Premiere date: Sunday, December 21, 2003
Premiere time: 9:00pm EST, 6:00pm PST
Count Down show: 8:30pm EST, 5:30pm PST
PPV price: US $19.95
Run time: 3 hours (approximately)
Availability: iNDEMAND, DirecTV

By Eduardo Alonso

Brazil Super Fight Review:
Great Organization as Minowa is Crowned Champion!

      One more top MMA show was added to the now quickly growing Brazilian scene, as Mario Sperry’s promotion Brazil Super Fight debuted this past September 19th. That Friday, in the city of Porto Alegre [the capital located most to the South of the country] seven MMA fights and one Muay Thai bout brought teams such as Brazilian Top Team, Ruas Vale Tudo and Gold Team, among others, to grace the ring of the new show in matches that showed a variety of skills to those who attended the show. The most impressive thing about the first edition of Brazil Super Fight [BASF] was its organization. The event showed top-notch organization and structure, with every little detail being taken care of, and hopefully setting a new standard in Brazilian shows. From its weigh-ins and press conference, to the actual days of the fights everything ran smoothly and fighters were treated as they deserve.
      When the crowd started to get impatient, and the actual time for the show to start finally arrived, two guitar players dueled playing the Brazilian National Anthem, in what couldn’t suit better the appeal of the spectacle, considering the event’s name. This got the crowd going, however the first fight of the night would capture even more of the public’s attention as local fighter and BTT member Marcelo Alfaia entered the ring to face another Jiu-Jitsu stylist in Jose Ricardo "Dragao". Having the crowd on his side Alfaia had no trouble in controlling Jose during the three rounds of five minutes each, getting the better of stand up action and scoring takedowns numerous times. In the end he earned a fair judge’s decision much to his fans delight. The second match of the night brought the show’s first international combat, showing a trend that promoter Mario Sperry wants to follow in his next shows, as Ruas Vale Tudo fighter Aloisio Barros faced Australian fighter Luke Piclum, also out of the BTT. The fight was somewhat even, with Luke getting some takedowns and good strikes on stand up, however as the fight progressed Barros got more confident and in the 3rd round ended up connecting with a solid knee strike that opened a nasty cut on the Australian fighter’s eyebrow, causing the doctor to call the fight giving Aloisio the win.
      The next fight of the card would prove to be one of the most exciting outings of the show, as fighting veteran Haroldo Cabelinho Bunn entered the ring to face newcomer and underdog Leonardo Souza. Before the fight started few gave any chance to Souza, who is going to be at the HEAT FC 2 card, as Bunn had the Brazilian Top Team on his corner and tons of experience. Both fighters came in trying to win, and that led to an exciting match. Haroldo kept trying to take the newcomer down, but much to his surprise Leonardo showed good Wrestling skills and was able keep the fight standing, creating danger for the BTT member in the stand up exchanges. As the match got in to the second round, Bunn started to get tired and Souza managed to take him down a couple of times, landing dangerous strikes from inside his guard, until he finally knocked him out with a huge punch to his chin, giving lights out for Cabelinho. Following this combat Ruas Vale Tudo team scored another win, as Eric Tavares found no difficulty in dominating Andre Lagrende, taking him down and working to mount position, unleashing a series of strikes until his opponent submitted verbally. However, if Lagrende let Gold Team down in his losing effort, his teammate Luis Azeredo would prove to be probably the scariest man in that event in the next bout. Facing Ruas Vale Tudo fighter and UFC veteran Rodrigo Ruas, Azeredo showed why he has wins over the likes of Anderson Silva, Cristiano Marcello and others. He simply took no prisioners as he ran over Rodrigo Ruas in an amazing effort. After a brief stand up action Azeredo took the fight to the ground and begin to punish Ruas from inside his guard. Rodrigo quickly tried to go for a ankle lock, but showing amazing quickness Azeredo escaped and unleashed a ferocious series of punchers from the top sending his opponent to dream land in a matter of less than two minutes of fight.
      After the brief intermission, the show resumed with a Muay Thai bout where Paulo Nikolai’s student Gerson Silva dominated the clinch position, using his superior reach, and scored a KO over STORM veteran Zeli Ferreira in the 1st round, just to warm up the fans for the rest of the MMA action coming next. Gracie Barra fighter Rodrigo Durok stepped into the ring to show the amount of work his master Vinicius Draculino has been putting on his dojo, as he also took easy work of Muriez Linke from Poland. Durok controlled the clinches as well as the ground work, and ended up scoring a guilliotine choke to get the tap out near the end of the 1st round. In the main event of the evening, HEAT FC fighter Silmar Rodrigo and PANCRASE veteran Ikuhisa Minowa battled for the BASF belt in an very exciting fight, giving a perfect ending for the show. Minowa was very aggressive in his submission attemps, proving dangerous from all positions and going from one submission to another during the whole match! However, Silmar matched Ikuhisa’s quickness with his usuall calmness, as well as dominating the takedowns and slowly punishing the Japanese fighter from the top, with small punches to his face from inside his guard. As the fight went on Silmar was being able to defend all of Minowa’s submission attempts, whether they were key locks, tirangle chokes or amrbars, and the fight was seeming to get on his side, as a major uspet as begining to take shape! But dangerous as always, Minowa had other plans, and from a stand up clinch, where Silmar was getting his back, he impressively rolled into a kneebar that got no choice to the HEAT FC fighter but to tap out in the second round. In dramatic fashion Minowa was crowned the champion, and now let us all wait for BASF 2 this coming December!

Event’s results:

Muay Thai:

Gerson Silva defeated Zeli Ferreira by KO in the 1st round

Mixed Martial Arts:

Marcelo Alfaia defeated Jose Ricardo "Dragao" by judges’ decision after 3
Aloisio Barros defeated Luke "The Duke" Piclum by doctor stoppage in the 3rd
Leonardo Souza defeated Haroldo "Cabelinho" Bunn by KO in the 2nd round
Eric Tavares defeated Andre Lagrende by TKO in the 1st round
Luis Azeredo defeated Rodrigo Ruas by KO at the 1st round
Rodrigo Durok defeated Muriez Linke by gulliotine choke in the 1st round
Ikuhisa Minowa defeated Silmar Rodrigo by kneebar in the 2nd round

From Pancrase:

Pancrase 2003 Hybrid Tour
Saturday, October 4, 2003
Doors Open/ 5:30pm
First Fight/ 6:30pm
Grand Cube Osaka(Osaka, Japan)

Amateur Match#1/Pancrase Gate Featherweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Takashi Hasegawa(Pancraseinagakigumi) Vs Yutaka Nishikawa (MMA Musousenjutsu)

Amateur Match#2/Pancrase Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Koichi Hioki(Wajutsu Keishukai Hyogo) Vs Yujin Kawamoto (Riroots Conan)

Amateur Match#3/Pancrase Gate Featherweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Naoji Fujimoto(Pancrase Inagakigumi) Vs Yasuhiro Kaneyama (Tenri MMA Newaza Kurotokai)

Pro-Match#1/Featherweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Daichi Fujiwara(Pancrase Inagakigumi) Vs Yoshinobu(Shiojuku)

Pro-Match#2/Lightweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Kenji Takeshige(Pancrase Inagakigumi) Vs Takumi Yano(Ugokai)

Pro-Match#3/Open-Weight(68kg And Under) 2×5 Min Rounds
Yoshiro Maeda(Pancrase Inagakigumi) Vs Satoshi Watanabe (MMA Dojo Cobrakai)

Pro-Match#4/Catch Wrestling 2×5 Min Rounds
Koji Oishi(Welterweight 1st Ranked/PANCRASEism) Vs Takefumi Hanai (Twist)

Pro-Match#5/Light Heavyweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Keiichiro Yamamiya(Light Heavyweight 8th Ranked/PANCRASEism) Vs Keith Jardine(U.S.A./Jackson Fight Training)

Semifinal/Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Nathan Marquardt(3rd Middleweight K.O.P./U.S.A./Colorado Stars) Vs Yuji Hisamatsu(Tiger Place)

Main Event/Welterweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Takafumi Ito(Welterweight 2nd Ranked/PANCRASEism) Vs Daisuke Hanazawa 13 (MMA Dojo Cobrakai)

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